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2 mins Read | 2 Years Ago

The benefits of goal-based saving with iWish

The benefits of goal-based saving with iWish

This pandemic has taught us many lessons. One of them being, that hope, dreams, desires and goals are what truly sustain life. They need to be cherished and carefully planned for. In this blog, let us examine some of the key benefits of an iWish Account, by ICICI Bank.

More often than not, we tend to put our goals on the back-burner in lieu of other pressing matters. And when the opportunity does present itself, we are rather unprepared, both mentally and financially. Whether it is wanderlust that beckons you towards an exciting vacation, buying a new car or planning for your parent’s milestone anniversary, money can be easily secured for such goals, using ICICI Bank’s iWish.

What is iWish:

iWish is a type of special Recurring Deposit product, offered exclusively by ICICI Bank. It is primarily a goal based offering, which allows the user to contribute any amount at any time, as per their convenience.

You can create several goals based on your needs and desires, for a tenure anywhere between 6 months and up to 5 years. Furthermore, you track the progress with your online devices through the iMobile pay app or through ICICI Bank Internet Banking, to ensure a transparent and convenient experience. It is available to all those who avail ICICI Bank’s Net Banking facility.

Why iWish:

The interest rates offered by ICICI Bank’s iWish, makes for its immense popularity. The current rate of interest starts at 3.50% for the general category, for a tenure of 6 months, and goes all the way up to 5.35% for a maturity period between 37 months to 5 years. For senior citizens 0.5% extra is offered, as compared to the general category, for certain duration slabs.

Another remarkable feature is that there is no penalty on missing your deposits, since you can make a deposit anytime, and any number of times. In fact, you can set Auto Debit instructions for deposit, directly through your account and still maintain the ability to change these instructions at any given point in time, as per your financial situation and appetite at that time.

A big benefit of having clearly defined goals is the ability to monitor progress. You can easily track how soon you will be in a position to accomplish your goal. Not just that, you can share your goals with family and friends, who can also contribute towards the realisation of it.

ICICI Bank’s iWish vs RD:

Retail banking is abundantly infused with various kinds of deposit schemes, (fixed and recurring) offered by almost all banks. However, ICICI Bank iWish has been attracting a large amount of popularity, due to its flexibility and innovative offerings. It is not common to come across such a banking financial tool, which offers so much freedom, transparency and accountability. Once your goals and tenure are set, you can easily monitor the progress, which equips you to make your present and future financial decisions at peace.

What’s more, you can set multiple goals, with varying tenures based on your requirements and desires. This uniqueness offered by iWish is not available in most FDs or standard RDs.

Here is a summary of the features, as discussed above, that makes iWish a superior option, when compared to the standard RD:

  • Goal based financial planning
  • Minimum deposit amount of just Rs 50
  • No penalty for missing the next deposit
  • Next deposit can be made any time
  • Deposits can be made multiple times, in a month
  • Tenure starting as low as 6 months, up to a period of 5 years, with increasing interest rates
  • 0.5% extra interest rates for senior citizens
  • Others can help you achieve your goals
  • Easy tracking, through ICICI Bank’s iMobile Pay or Internet Banking.

In summation, the benefits of iWish by ICICI Bank are plenty. The flexibility and comfort offered is highly appealing for the doers and go-getters, who wish to pursue their different life goals and aspirations.

Life has a lot to offer. To experience it fully, carefully organised, goal-based decisions are the best way to ensure a healthy mix of hedonism, while securing the long term financial future.


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