About Money Coach

Money Coach: Your Personal Finance Guide


Money Coach, helps you manage your money for life!

Empower yourself financially

Money Coach from ICICI Bank is a personal financial management platform that guides you on your financial health, assists you in achieving your financial goals and manages your mutual fund investment. Thus, helping you manage your money for life, free of cost.

Stay financially healthy

Money Coach analyses your financial transactions with ICICI Bank and generates your financial health report. It measures your readiness in case of emergencies, monitors your income and expenses, keeps an eye on your credit card usage and evaluates your capability to repay loans. Start routing all your financial transactions through ICICI Bank so that you get richer information on your financial health.

Set goals, achieve them

Setting financial goals and chalking-out ways to achieve them is important to move ahead in life. With Money Coach you can define your goals, get unbiased investment suggestions and reach your goals faster by tagging existing investments. What’s more? You can track them real-time and action on automated rebalancing suggestions whenever your goal goes off-track.

Boost your investments in Mutual Funds

Interested in Mutual Fund investments? Money Coach is here to help you. It lets you know your risk profile, provides automated and unbiased mutual fund suggestions and monitors your portfolio 24X7 by triggering rebalancing suggestions whenever your portfolio goes off-track.