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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NRI EdgeTM?

A one-stop knowledge hub to help answer banking, personal finance, investment, taxation, legal and inheritance related queries in an easy to understand and comprehensive manner for Non-Resident Indians (NRI) across life stages. This platform will enable NRIs to plan their own finances and manage their family's finances from anywhere and at any time.

Who is NRI EdgeTM for?

NRI Edge enables you to choose the relevant life stage in your NRI journey through ‘filters’ on the platform. You can choose your life stage from the four options, ‘Moving abroad’, ‘Study abroad’, ‘Settled overseas’ and ‘Relocating to India’. Based on your selection, the knowledge hub will display relevant articles across topics including banking, remittances, NRI accounts, deposits, taxation, legal and inheritance, investment planning in India in assets such as immovable property, gold investments, mutual fund investment, PPF, foreign direct investment. 

You can additionally filter the displayed articles on the basis of the financial solution you seek, 'NRI Banking’, ‘Investments’, ‘Taxation and Inheritance’, ‘Real Estate’ and ‘Beyond Banking’.

What kind of queries does NRI EdgeTM help resolve?

NRI Edge allows you to choose the relevant solution through ‘filters’ on the platform. Based on your selection the knowledge hub will display relevant articles from the five options, ‘NRI Banking’, Investments’, ‘Taxation and Inheritance’, ‘Real Estate’ and ‘Beyond Banking’. You can further filter the displayed articles on the basis of your life stage, ‘Moving abroad’, ‘Study abroad’, ‘Settled overseas’ and ‘Relocating to India’. Hence, using the platform, NRIs can plan their finances whether they are planning to go abroad, have been abroad for a few years, or are planning to return and retire in India.   

What kind of products does ICICI Bank offer for NRIs?

ICICI Bank offers many products for NRIs. This includes NRO accounts to manage their earnings in India, NRE bank accounts, FCNR (B) fixed deposit accounts to manage foreign currency repatriated to India. The Bank also offers account variants for NRIs such as NRI Premia, NRI Pro, NRI Seafarer, Seafarer Premia account and many more. International bank accounts such as the Germany Blocked Account, Student GIC Account for students going to Germany, Canada respectively are also offered. Other financial products like NRI credit cards, NRI debit cards, NRI loans (including home loans, personal loans), Remittance products such as Smart Wire, Money2World, Money2India, Forex cards etc can also be availed.

Our products are available on the digital channels of ICICI Bank which include internet banking and our mobile banking app, iMobile Pay. Visit ICICI Bank NRI Services page to know more

I have a query regarding my NRI account, whom can I contact?

While overseas, you can reach out to non toll free number (from any country) - 91-40-3099 8025

For other queries, please click here to reach us.

When in India, you can reach out to your nearest branch or call our toll free no 1800 1080.