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Low cash balance stopping you from making purchases? How about you purchase now and pay later?

No more borrowing from friends and family. With ICICI Bank PayLater, you can get up to 45 days zero interest digital credit with just a click. Pay your bills, shop online and make payment to any merchant Unified Payments Interface (UPI) ID easily and instantly.



How do I apply for PayLater?

How do I apply for PayLater?

With the Paylater facility, we are offering you a safe and secure way to deal with your outstanding payments.

It’s time to bury your worries and take you through the steps of how to use PayLater? It’s as simple as opening an account!

How do I apply for PayLater?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for PayLater

What is PayLater?

PayLater is a digital credit product, similar to a Credit Card. With it you can make your purchases today and make payments within 45 days of the transaction date and no interest is charged.

Where can we use PayLater?

PayLater is available as a payment option at ICICI Bank payment gateway for making online purchases, in addition to the standard options like credit card, debit card and Pockets Wallet. For making a payment, simply choose your PayLater Account in the checkout page

How does PayLater work?

You get upto 45-day zero interest digital credit. You can pay your bills, shop online and pay to any merchant UPI ID instantly.

Benefits of paylater?

PayLater provides an interest free credit up to 45 days which helps you manage your routine expenses without using your Savings Account balance. Hence, it helps you maintain a higher balance and earn more interest amount.

How can I pay the Paylater dues?

The PayLater dues will be debited automatically from your ICICI Bank Savings Account.

Can I have multiple PayLater accounts linked to the various products of ICICI?

No, you can have one Paylater account whose details will be reflecting in all eligible payment options.

How can I get the PayLater facility?

PayLater by ICICI Bank is available to a set of customers on an invite- only basis. The customers for which the facility is available will receive the invite pop-up when they log into Pockets wallet, iMobile or Internet Banking.

Are there any charges involved in using Paylater?

Customer shall be charged penal interest based on daily total outstanding post the ‘Pay by Date’. Additionally, customer shall also be levied fixed late payment charges, in subsequently generated bills until dues cleared.

Where can PayLater not be used?

PayLater cannot be used for making Credit Card payments, or to transfer funds to other bank accounts or do any person to person funds transfer.

How can I get rid of lengthy account statements using PayLater?

PayLater debits your account once a month consolidating all of your routine small ticket expenses and hence helps you to keep a track on your gross monthly expenses.

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