Save for Big dreams, little at a time!


Make your wishes come true. Set an iWish to plan for your higher education, vacations, wedding, buying a gadget or anything you dream of. Start saving now!

Set an amount and a completion time to save it. You can choose to put any amount, anytime or set up automatic savings.


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Save up for your dreams with iWish

Save up for your dreams with iWish

Save up for your dreams with iWish

Looking for a dream vacation, new bike or some jewellery? iWish will help you save for any wish.

Start saving and investing every month or whenever you have extra funds.

Also, earn interest rates like Recurring Deposits (RD) or Fixed Deposits (FD).

Compare FD Vs RD Vs iWish

FeaturesFixed DepositRecurring DepositiWish Flexible RD
Wish Focused Saving
Track Wish Progress
No penalty for missed payments NA
Can I save for multiple wishes
Deposit Amounts Fixed One-Time Amount Fixed Monthly Amount Any Amount
Deposit Dates One-Time Deposit Fixed Monthly Deposit Date Any Time



Customer Reviews

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Very helpful for starters
by RameshKannan G on Sep 07, 2018

Usually I dont like commitments to give a money every month. This feature really helps a lot to save money as you wish. Some months I dont need to deposit. Certain months I can. It is very helpful who has the thought of starting savings.

iWish is my personal money saving motivation.
by Anjali Sharma on Sep 07, 2018

I save small amounts but I do it very often so, I barely notice it on a daily basis, but over the period of 1 year I am proud of what I achieve. Whether its for a trip, insurance premium or just emergency having some cash aside has always helped me.

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