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FD, RD & iWish
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iWish - Flexible RD

Have you been planning to own the latest gadgets or doing a lot of fun things for months, but find it difficult to save for it regularly? It's time you tried iWish - A fun and flexible way of saving online to fulfill your wishes. It is a flexible Recurring Deposit that lets you save for your goals as and when you have the funds and earn better interest rates just like a Fixed Deposit


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The freedom to choose when and how much to save! This is exactly what makes iWish different from a regular RD where a fixed amount must be saved every month.

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Better returns

This flexible Recurring Deposit gives you the same interest as a Fixed Deposit. This way your savings grow better. Check out the interest rates.

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Let your buddies know about your goals. With iWish, you can choose to share your goals on Facebook and let your loved ones cheer you.

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Receive contributions

Give an opportunity to your family and friends to surprise you. iWish lets your loved ones contribute to your goals and help you reach them sooner.

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