What is iWish flexible recurring deposit?

iWish is a unique online Flexible Recurring Deposit (RD) where you can create goals to save for your dreams. It works like a recurring deposit which gives you the added flexibility of depositing any amount at any point in the tenure—all you have to do is set a goal amount and decide on the amount you have to deposit every month in order to reach that goal. You can earn similar interest rates, just like in a recurring deposit or a fixed deposit (click here for interest rates).

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Why choose iWish flexible recurring deposit?

Convenience to choose when and how much to save

It gives you the same interest rate as an RD/ FD

Multiple deposits can also be made in one month

Online tracking of recurring deposits made

No penalty for missed payments or deposits

Popular Goal categories on iWish Flexible recurring deposit

Know More on iWish

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Calculate how much you need to save

Find out how much you can save by making either regular or lump sum deposits as per your convenience, with iWish flexible recurring deposit.

How is iWish flexible RD different from RDs and FDs?

iWish is a flexible recurring deposit which allows you to save for your goals as and when you have the funds, and lets you earn better interest rates just like a regular RD or FD. So with iWish, an RD can also be flexible. There is no penalty for missed payments with iWish. For more details & comparison, click here.

Can I close my goal mid way? Is there any penalty?

Yes, you can close the Iwish account at any time. However, pre closure charges applicable.


If a iWish RD Account is prematurely closed, then the interest on it will be earned for the period it is held with the bank minus the premature closure charges and is 0.5% if original tenure is less than 1 year and 1% for more than 1 year.

What if I achieve the goal early?

You can continue to keep the amount into your goal till the end of the period for which the goal was originally targeted to be achieved. Moreover, you will continue to get higher rate of interest for the rest of the period.

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Perfect goal planning tool!
by Vaibhav Shetty on Apr 06, 2018

I dont go for a regular RD because only some months I manage to save out of my salary. But with iWish I can deposit money the months I have a little extra without being penalized for the months I dont. iWish has now become my goal planning and saving tool

Nice Features
by Prakash Patne on Mar 23, 2018

Nice Features

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