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Presenting iTrack, a convenient way to track the status of your deliverables like Cheque Book, Debit/ ATM Card, Bank Statements etc.


iTrack comes with a host of exciting features like :

  • Account Number or Courier Airway bill number based search.
  • Track the status of your deliverables like Cheque book, Debit/ATM card, Bank statements, etc.
  • Save the link to your Favorites search.


Important Note:

  • You can track the status of the deliverables dispatched in the past 90 days only.
  • There may be a lag in updating the delivery information from couriers. Most recent information available will be displayed to you.
  • Currently only Courier Airway bill number based search is available for tracking the status for Deposit Confirmation Advice (fixed deposit) and TDS ( tax deducted at source) certificate.




Stages in dispatch

Listed below are the various stages in the dispatch of a deliverable:


  • In-Transit, Awaiting Delivery information: Your deliverable has been dispatched by ICICI Bank through Courier and is in transit. Awaiting detailed information from dispatch agency.
  • Dispatched through Post: Your deliverable has been dispatched by ICICI Bank through Post, no further status will be available / updated.
  • Shipment Delivered: Your shipment has been delivered.
  • Attempted, Awaiting Delivery Information: First Delivery attempt made by courier agency was unsuccessful. Courier will attempt the delivery again
  • Undelivered, Returned to Bank: Delivery attempt(s) made by the courier agency were unsuccessful. Your deliverable has been returned to ICICI Bank. Kindly contact Customer Care or nearest ICICI Bank Branch to place a re-dispatch request.


For any further details of your deliverables, please contact 24Hour Customer Care.