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Special Bonanza New Customer Offer Terms and Conditions

Please refer to the terms and conditions applicable to Money Transfers and Direct Banking, which may be accessed by you at any ICICI Bank Canada (“Bank”) branch,, or through our Customer Contact Centre.
A New customer is someone who: (i) opens their first chequing or savings account with the Bank on or after April 01, 2023 or (ii) completes a new sign-up on Money2India. New Sign-up means customer should not be having any existing relationship with ICICI Bank and starts a new relationship through Money2India Sign-Up. Rupee 1 Bonus rate and no fees is applicable on 1st transfer of up to $1,000. On 1st single transfer of more than $1,000 get 30paise bonus rate and no fees. Special Bonanza New Customer Bonus rate and no fees is valid until March 31, 2024.
New Customers Offer* Get Re 1 extra & No fees on their 1st transfer of upto $1000 (PROMO CODE: GET100). Any amount above $1,000 on 1st transfer will get 30paise Bonus Rate and No fees for transfers successfully completed during the offer period (PROMO CODE: GET30). Extra bonus rates will be applied on day’s Money2India regular card rates for the day.
If you transfer below $1,000 on the 1st transfer, then offer will not be applied on the next transfer for the balance amount. Also, if you transfer more than $1,000 on 1st transfer, then you will get 30paise bonus rate on the entire amount of 1st transfer. For ex: If you transfer $1001 on your 1st transfer then you will get 30paise bonus rate and no fees on $1001
Offer will be automatically applied on eligible transfers during the offer period and Bank will display a promo code against the offer
Offer will not be applied to future dated or recurring transfers, which will be executed after the offer period, even if you will set up the standing instructions during the offer period.
The offer applies to money transfers made between Nov 09, 2023 to March 31, 2024, which do not exceed the transfer limits defined hereafter. Note: Transfer Limits are subject to change anytime, as per Bank’s discretion.
This Promotion is not valid with any other offer. No two offers can be combined on the same transfer.
Insufficient funding of your transfer will render you ineligible for the offer. The offer will not be valid for any otherwise qualifying transaction that is cancelled either by you or by ICICI Bank.
Through Money2India website or Money2India (canada) App, you can transfer upto C$ 30,000 per calendar day (EST) from an ICICI Bank account or C$ 6,000 per calendar day (EST) from any Canadian Bank Debit Card.
Instant money transfer from any Canadian bank account is allowed through Visa/Mastercard Debit Card only. Money2India transfers made through any Canadian Bank debit card are subject to Debit card transfer limits of the card-issuing bank. Please ensure that the Name and Address on your debit card should match with the Name and Address on Money2India, failing which the Bank will refund the payment to your debit card, which may take upto 10-15 business days. Before making a debit card transfer through Money2India, please check with your card issuing bank if there is any pre-authorization required for online debit card transactions made on your card.
Money transfers can only be sent to registered recipients.
Money transfers to recipient bank accounts that are not held with ICICI Bank Limited in India, will only be credited instantaneously if such recipient bank accounts are registered for immediate payment services (IMPS). If they are not registered for IMPS, money transfers will be processed via National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT). NEFT transfers may take up to 48 business hours to process.
All money transfers to India are subject to limits and restrictions imposed by IMPS, NEFT and other applicable laws and regulations.

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