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Money2World Available on iMobile !!

International money transfer abroad from India, now available on iMobile Pay app.

Money2World is now available on ICICI Bank’s iMobile Pay app, providing the comfort of safe overseas money transfer anywhere, anytime, right from your mobile phone. Experience convenient, fast and on-the-go international money transfer for ICICI Bank Savings Account holders, using Money2World from iMobile Pay app.

Customers can send money abroad in 21 different currencies for payment like education fee, family maintenance, health related expenses more conveniently, through the iMobile Pay app, now.

Simple steps to initiate transfer

1. Log in to the ICICI Bank iMobile Pay app

2. Click on the ‘‘Send Money’ option, go to the ‘Transfer Overseas’ tab, select the a/c number (incase of multiple a/c)

3. Enter - Destination country as India from dropdown, mention INR amount and click on Next

4. Select your "Purpose of Remittance"

5. Select "Source of funds" and accept the “T&Cs and Declarations”

6. Upload self-attested documentary proof of source of funds and Form 15CA/15CB, as applicable

7. Authenticate the transaction using: Debit Card grid values and an OTP sent on the registered Mobile Number.

A NRI customer can hold Non-Resident External (NRE) account as well as Non-Resident Ordinary (NRO) Account. Customer can remit the funds from his NRO account to either his overseas account or to his NRE account, simultaneously he can also remit from his NRE account to his overseas account.

Below are the steps to transfer

  • Log in to icici bank internet banking
  • Click on ‘payments & transfer’ and choose ‘fund transfer’
  • Choose the option ‘overseas transfer via money2world’ and click on one of the options mentioned to remit from nro/ nre/ nre fd.

The Outward Remittance limits from NRO Savings Bank Account is up to:

  • USD 25,000 (twenty-five thousand) and equivalent per transaction
  • USD 1,000,000 (one million) and equivalent per financial year

NRE account balances are freely repatriable. There is no limit specified for outward remittances from such accounts.

S No. Source of Funds Supporting Documentation  
1 Gift from Relative No Document Required  
2 Income Tax Refund IT Refund Receipt OR credit in the Bank Statement clearly reflecting a narration indicating income tax refund.  
3 Insurance Policy Claim or Maturity Proceeds Copy of the policy document OR Advice from the Insurer regarding Maturity/Claim Letter OR Warrant from the Insurance Company  


Interest on Loan No Document Required  
5 Interest on NRO Account No Document Required  
6 Interest on Other Securities Interest warrant(s) OR Form 16A (TDS Certificate).  
7 Maturity of Debentures/Bonds Maturity Certificate OR the Demat Statement OR Letter from the issuing company  
8 Post Office Savings Post Office Savings Account passbook  
9 Public Provident Fund (PPF) Balances PPF passbook (if other than ICICI Bank Ltd)  
10 Rental Income Rent agreement OR rent receipts OR Form 16A (TDS Certificate) OR Form 26AS   
11 Salary/Gratuity/Provident Fund (PF)/Final Settlement by the Employer Salary slip OR Gratuity/PF/Final Settlement Letter by the employer.  
12 Inward Funds including NRE transfers to NRO account In case, funds are remitted from an overseas to other bank account, then the FIRS (Foreign Inward Remittance Statement), along with the other bank statement for the period, will be required.  
13 Sale of property purchased from funds remitted from an overseas OR NRE/FCNR Account Copy of the registered Sales Deed for the sale of property
If the documents are in the vernacular language (apart from English/Hindi), then a translated copy, attested by a notary/authorised translator/advocate, is required
14 Sale of property purchased from a Rupee Source (while resident in India) Copy of the registered Sales Deed for the sale of property
If the documents are in the vernacular language (apart from English/Hindi), then a translated copy, attested by a notary/authorised translator/advocate, is required
For the case of Agricultural property, NRI remitter can only remit the sale proceeds if :-
1. Remitter (NRI) has purchased the agricultural property through rupee source when he/she was Resident Indian (Proof of Residency will be required)
2. Remitter (NRI) NRI has acquired the agricultural property as a gift when he/she was Resident Indian  (Proof of Residency will be required)
15 Sale of property acquired through inheritance Copy of the registered Sales Deed for the sale of property
If the documents are in the vernacular language (apart from English/Hindi), then a translated copy, attested by a notary/authorised translator/advocate, is required
If the details of the inheritance are not clearly mentioned in the Sales Deed, please provide any one of the following:
*Copy of the Will
*Succession Certificate
*Legal Heirship Certificate
*Partition Deed
*Settlement Deed
*Court Order
*Share Certificate of the Co-operative Housing Society showing transfer of the share to the seller
*Mutation Deed/Certificate
*Jamabandhi/7-12 Document (Saat Baarah)
Copy of the Death Certificate of the deceased person, on whose demise the succession document came into operation (not required in case of a Partition Deed or Court Order)  
In case of Agriculture land, the sale proceeds can be remitted if the land was acquired through inheritance (Supporting documents will be required)  
16 Funds from Cancellation or Compensation/Buyback of Property by builder Please provide any one of the following:  
Valid documentary evidence for cancellation of the deal, like cancellation agreement or correspondence between the parties  
  If the remitter has assigned the rights to another person, copy of the tri-partite agreement between the seller, remitter and such third party or No Objection Certificate from the builder, supported by an agreement between the parties.  
Note: If the documents are in the vernacular language, the customer has to provide a translated copy, attested by a notary/authorised translator/advocate.  
17 Sale of shares OR Mutual Funds For listed shares - For shares sold through the Stock Exchange – copy of the Demat Statement from the Depository Participant, showing the amounts credited to the account (should match with the account statement) OR contract notes for the sale of shares
For Unlisted Shares - agreement of sale
For Buy back of Shares - buyback letter from the comapny
For Mutual Funds - mutual fund statement
18 Repayment of loan from individual No Document Required  
Repayment of loan from entity (pvt ltd) Board Resolution AND Loan Agreement AND Non Convertible Debentures  
20 Dividend income Dividend Warrant OR Intimation OR Entry in bank statement showing receipt is on account of dividend OR Form 16A (TDS certificate)  
21 Fixed Deposits (Maturity of Debentures/Bonds) For the cases where FD was matured in other bank and then transferred to ICICI bank, then we will require FDR receipt and bank statement from the date of FDR maturity till the date the funds were transferred to ICICI Bank NRO account.  
22 Inheritance or Deceased claim (Gift from close relative) Inheritance proof:-
*Copy of the Will
*Succession Certificate
*Legal Heirship Certificate
*Partition Deed
*Settlement Deed
*Court Order
*Mutation Deed/Certificate
Bank Statement with details of registered nominee and Death Certificate/Deceased Claim settlement letter from the bank  
23 Sale of Vehicle/Jewellery Sale receipt/Invoice