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Open an NRI Account online today. Provide your contact details and get a call back at time convenient to you.

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Disclaimer: Please enter only valid Mobile / Land line number. Do not enter Skype / Internet numbers.

Rates & Charges
Rates & Charges
Savings Account
NRE Savings 4.00% Apply Now
Fixed Deposit & RD

Know more about interest rates

(390 days to 2 years)
7.00% Know More
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Online Account Opening Process

Now open an NRI Savings Account in just 2 working days!


ICICI Bank NRI Services launches 'Online Paperless Account Opening Process' - a first of its kind facility for NRI / PIOs in the US.


Account can be opened in a single web session using a complete online process in three easy steps.


Click here to compare Online Paperless Account Opening Process with the existing Online Account Opening Process

Steps to open an account

  • Fill up the Online Application Form Online and select “United States” in “country of residence”
  • Fill up all the required fields and accept the online terms and conditions
  • Upload the scanned images of photograph and signature in the pre-defined format and the required documents in the designated slots. To know the list of admissible documents, please click here.

Your account will be opened within 2 working days*.


In case of any clarification required, an email will be sent to you and our representative will get in touch with you.


*The account opened will be non – operational. You will have to fund the account to activate it. On the funds being credited and the same being authenticated, the customer can start using his account.