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Rates & Charges
Rates & Charges
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ICICI Bank Hello Canada

Global Banking – Hello Canada is a product and service offered by ICICI Bank Ltd. specifically for customers moving to Canada with permanent residential, work or student visa. It allows you to open a Canadian Dollar account with ICICI Bank Canada on visiting any ICICI Bank branch in India along with the option to open an NRI account as well.


Features of Hello Canada Account

  • No minimum balance required without account activation
  • No monthly charges without account activation
  • Remit funds into your CAD account and carry a Certificate of Balance as proof of funds
  • Withdraw up to CAD 5,000 on arriving in Canada prior to account activation
  • Instant account activation on reaching Canada
  • Instant issuance of Debit Card on visiting ICICI Bank Canada branch

Features of Canadian Dollar Chequing Account include:

  • Easy access - Convenient online, phone, Automated Banking Machine (ABM) and in-branch banking
  • Money transfer service - Low cost Money Transfers to India and other countries
  • Free and unlimited access to over 3,300 ABMs - Free and unlimited deposits, withdrawals and balance inquiries at any ABMs at our branches or on THE EXCHANGE® Network.
  • Online bill payment - Free and unlimited
  • Free cheque book - First cheque book free with 20 personalized cheques
  • Earn interest - Competitive interest rates on Canadian Dollar accounts with a small balance
  • Option to choose from three different types (HiVALUE PLUS, HiVALUE or Basic) of chequing account.


Holders of a Canadian visa that is valid for more than 6 months, in any of the following categories:

  • Permanent Residency (immigration) visa
  • Work visa
  • Study visa

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Indicative list of documents which should be submitted as Address proof and Identity proof are given below. Please produce the original document(s) for verification and a photocopy of each document as required for specific account.

At ICICI Bank India Branch

  • Valid Indian Passport
  • Valid Student/ Work/ Permanent Resident Visa
  • Letter from University confirming admission/ Letter from Employer/ Landing Certificate (COPR)
  • Proof of address in India

At ICICI Bank Canada Branch

Indicative list of documents which are to be submitted within 180 days of account opening as Address proof and Identity proof are given below. Please produce the original document(s) for verification and a photocopy of each document as required for account activation.


The mandatory documents required to activate the account are:

  1. Permanent Resident card or one of the following Citizenship and Immigration Canada forms (IMM 1000, IMM 1442, IMM 5292 or IMM 5688)
  2. Indian Passport with immigration stamp
  3. Social Insurance Number letter issued by the Government of Canada



You may be required to provide any other address proof (e.g. telephone bill, internet bill)

Service charges and fees

No account opening charges


No Monthly Average Balance (MAB) requirement till the date of account activation


No interest is paid until the account is activated in Canada

Terms and conditions

Customer needs to select the type of account that he/ she wants to maintain, after reaching Canada. For more details, please visit