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Getting a home loan from ICICI Bank is quick and easy. Variety of products depending on your unique needs such as buying a house, building a house or purchasing property in India, and more. Whatever be your unique need, ICICI Bank has a loan product just for you. We offer higher eligibility and lower EMIs at attractive interest rates.


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  • Attractive interest rates.
  • Choice between fixed and floating interest rates.
  • Minimal processing fees
  • Flexible loan tenure
  • Free personal accident insurance cover to first applicant subject to total loan amount up to to Rs 25 lakh.*
  • Doorstep service in India till disbursement
  • Higher amount of eligibility
    * The amount is to the extent of outstanding principal amount and as per the applicable conditions


  • Attractive interest rates.
  • Choice between fixed and floating interest rates.
  • Minimal processing fees
  • Flexible loan tenure
  • Free personal accident insurance cover to first applicant subject to total loan amount up to Rs 25 lakh.*
  • Doorstep service in India till disbursement
  • Higher amount of eligibility
    * The amount is to the extent of outstanding principal amount and as per the applicable conditions


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  • Not applicable for person being a citizen of or residing in (even with local co-applicants) the countries such as Iran, North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea), Cuba, Syria, Sudan, and Cremia Region of Ukraine
  • Not applicable for person being a citizen of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, China, Iran, Nepal, Macau, Hongkong or Bhutan.


  • Minimum age of applicant should be 25 years.
  • For NRI applicant,maximum age limit is 60 or retirement age (whichever is earlier), at the time of loan maturity.

Work Experience

  • Salaried: Minimum 1 year of employment overseas.
  • Self-Employed: Minimum 3 years in current business overseas.

Number of dependents

  • Not to exceed 5 persons


  • Property age maximum 35 years at time of loan application


Tenure & Minimum Qualification:

  • For Salaried- Loan tenure up to 10 years, minimum qualification to be  Graduate/ Diploma. Loan tenure between 11 to 15 years, for Middle east minimum qualification is Post Graduate/ professional degree.
  • Loan tenure 11 to 15 years,  for USA and all other countries minimum qualification is Graduate/ Diploma with minimum 3 years of employment abroad/ professional degree  with min 1  year of employment abroad.
  • For Self-Employed- SSC or it's equivalent.
  • Maximum tenure: Maximum tenure for Home Loan and Home Improvement Loan is 20 yrs / Maximum tenure for Land loan and Home equity loan-Residential is 10 yrs. No Office Premises Loan is allowed

Minimum Income:


Country/Employment TypeSalariedSelf-EmployedMerchant Navy
USA & Other Countries 42000 USD 42000 USD 42000 USD
GCC 84000 AED* 48,000 AED 42000 USD
  • *72000 AED if accommodation is provided by Employer. 
  • Amount mentioned above or equivalent. 

Interest Rate

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Processing Fee: 1% of the loan amount+ Applicable Tax

Administrative Charges: ₹ 5000+ Applicable Tax or 0.25% of the loan amount + Applicable tax whichever is lower (*The Administrative charges are a one-time non- refundable charges collected by the Lender for the purpose of appraising the valuation and legal verification of property to ascertain suitability of accepting the property for mortgage and the same is independent of the outcome /result of such appraisal. Please note that the administrative charges are payable at the time of disbursement of the Facility)



Personal Documents and Declaration

  1. Duly filled Application form and photograph of all the applicants with signature across
  2. Valid passport copies for all the applicants.
  3. Valid Visa copies for all the applicants.
  4. Cheque / Draft in INR for processing fee (as per applicable rate) and the date must be in dd/mm/yyyy format*
  5. Power of Attorney document as per our format duly signed by all the applicants
  6. Copy of PAN Card for the Ist applicant OR Form 60 as per our format attached here with
  7. Self attested Overseas Address proof
  8. Self attested Indian Address proof
  9. Age Proof: Any one of the following documents:
  10. Passport, Driving Licence, Aadhaar Card, Life Insurance Policy, Birth Certificate, Election ID, School leaving certificate, PAN Card, SSC/HSC admit card/Mark Sheet, School/College passing certificate, Domicile Certificate and Ration Card.
  11. Non-Solicitation declaration form to be signed by the applicants if home loan is applied when customer is in India


Financial and other Documents
Salaried Individual**

  • Copy of current appointment letter OR Copy of salary certificate clearly mentioning the date of joining, current salary earned and designation held in the company
  • Copy of previous appointment letters
  • Last 3 months’ salary slip for fixed salary and last 4 months for variable salary
  • Last 6 months’ bank statements clearly mentioning salary credits in the account
  • Proof of continuity of employment: Employment Letter/ Employment Contract Copy
  • Own contribution receipt


Self-Employed Individuals**

  • Copy of Incorporation of business letter
  • Income Proof -
      • Middle East: Last 2 years audited/ Chartered Accountant (CA) certified P&L accounts.
      • US and Canada: Last 2 years Certified Public Accountant (CPA) compiled/reviewed/audited P&L accounts.
      • Others: Last 2 years CA or equivalent certified/audited P&L accounts.
  • Last 6 months’ bank statements in the company's name
  • Last 6 months’ bank statements in individual's name
  • Proof of existence: Partnership or its equivalent with registration certificate with appropriate authority, Memorandum of Association (MOA) and article of association or its equivalent, Certificate of Incorporation with appropriate authority, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Agreement and Certificate of Incorporation in case of LLP.
  • Ownership Pattern:For Partnership Firms: Partnership deeds/Latest list of partners along with their profit sharing ratio certified by all partners For Corporate applicant: Latest list of director and shareholding pattern certified by statutory Auditor/ CA/ Company Secretary (CS) or equivalent.
  • Office Address Proof: Utility bills, telephone bills, electricity bills or its equivalent and Tax ID certificate.
  • Business Profile: Must be on the letterhead and should contain details like nature of business activity, number of years in business, product/services, distribution, suppliers, clients, infrastructure, number of employees, market, branches if any, group company if any, assets, future business plan, ownership/equity stake-in case of promoter/director.
  • Own contribution receipt
  • Divorced Applicant: Child support papers/copy of divorce settlement as applicable are required to be collected.

For balance Transfer/Takeover of loan from other bank/financial institution**

  • Bank Statement for 12 months showing EMI/ Pre-EMI Repayments of the loan being taken over with latest outstanding principal statement.
  • Submit a declaration-cum-undertaking of legal documents submitted to the Home Finance Company (HFC)/Bank/State Government department/ Central Government department.
  • Original list of documents from previous financer.
  • Letter to builder/society/development authority, undertaking from customer, Letter of Authority, Irrevocable power of attorney as per ICICI Bank format.

**Please note these are basic documents. Additional documents may be required on case to case basis


NRI Personal Guarantor documents

If you have opted for a NRI Personal Guarantor on your loan, arrange to send the following documents

  • Passport & visa copies of the NRI Guarantor
  • Current overseas address verification proof of the NRI Guarantor. (Driving license or bank statement showing overseas address or latest insurance premium receipt or utility bill)
  • Current income documents of guarantor


Co-applicant's income can be considered for enhancing your loan eligibility or increasing your loan amount. Please ensure that all financial documents of co-applicant(s) are attached with your India Home Loan Application. In case, you have opted to not consider your co-applicant's income for loan eligibility, you may send across the declaration form for your blood relative(s) / spouse coming in as co-applicant(s).


In case there is no co-applicant, an NRI Guarantor is required compulsorily along with his / her identity and address proof.


Repayment mode can be done through the following options:

  1. Location where ECS facility is available: Electronic Clearing Service (ECS)/ National Automated Clearing House (NACH) or Auto Debit
  2. Location where ECS facility is not available: Post Dated Cheque (PDC).

Under the extant Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulations, the repayment of loan should be either by inward remittance from outside India or by debit to NRE / NRO / FCNR(B)/. The amount must be payable in Indian Rupees only.


Modes of Repayment


Before availing full disbursement of loan


Where you have availed only a part of the loan, you would be required to pay us only the interest on the amount disbursed till the full loan is availed. This payment would have to be made every month-end. This payment would have to be made by you by post-dated cheques.


After availing full disbursement of loan


After you avail full disbursement, you have the convenience of setting up a standing instruction in your bank account with us, for monthly repayments of your home loan installments. For this, you need to execute (Direct Debit) Mandate in our favor and also give us four postdated cheques from the account. For the format of the (Direct Debit) mandate please click here.




You can make part-prepayments during the tenure of the loan at no cost. We would reduce the outstanding balance of your loan to the extent of the prepayment made by you. The interest on your loan would therefore be calculated only on the balance loan outstanding. This would help you in either reducing the tenure of the loan or reducing the monthly instalment that you would be paying.



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