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Key Features

  Pre-filled request form: Generate a Wire Transfer instructions online with our pre-filled forms


  Submit online details/declaration: Submit required details/declarations online while initiating a Wire Transaction request for
smooth processing.


  Option to block exchange rates: Block exchange rates in advance for your Inward Wire transactions and stay a step ahead


  Online tracking of the transaction: Track your Wire transaction online through Internet Banking anytime, anywhere


  E-mail request form to remitter to initiate fund transfer: Share the Wire Transfer Request Form with complete details to the
Remitter to initiate fund transfer.

How it works?

  Step 1: Login to Internet Banking Go to ‘Payments & Transfer’ tab Click on ‘Inward Remittance’ tab.


  Step 2: Select the Account Number where funds are expected/to be credited and click on ‘Generate request’


  Step 3: Select the appropriate mode of payment and provide the remittance details.
For NRI customers you can also place a request to book a deposit (FCNR/NRE/NRO)


  Step 4: Fill up the declaration (if any) and generate the pre-filled wire transfer request form.

A pre-filled form along with the complete details will be sent to the Account holders registered e-mail ID.
Account holder has to share these details to the remitter for initiating the money transfer.


  Step 5: Now remitter can instantly transfer the funds from overseas bank as per the pre-filled form.





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