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Rates & Charges
Rates & Charges
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*Interest rates at 4% per annum for end of day balances equal to or above INR 50 lacs and 3.50% per annum for end of day balances below INR 50 lacs
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Add a mandate in my Account

Important Things to know

1. Signatures of all the account holders are mandatory for mandate addition.

2. Signature of account holders on mandate addition form must match the signature as per bank records. In case of mismatch in Signature, fill the Signature Change related details

3. Mandate Addition request can be submitted only at an ICICI Bank Branch.After filling in the mandate form, send it to the person you wish to appoint as mandate holder who needs to visit the branch to submit the relevant documents and mandate form. To refer to the updated list of our branches please, Click here.

4. None of the applicants can be the mandate holder. Only a resident individual can be a mandate holder. The Mandate holder option is extended to NRE savings & NRO savings accounts.

5. Mandate holder need to submit a recent photograph and a copies of relevant Identity and Address proof along with the form.The photocopies of the documents should be self-attested and signed by the customers also. Mandate holder should also carry original documents for verification.

6. Once the mandate is registered, a cheque book and an ATM card will be sent to the mandate holder at his / her communication address.

7. Corporates cannot be registered as Mandate Holder for the NRI.

8. Mandate facility is not permitted for minor accounts

9. Multiple Mandate holders are not permitted.

Refer Table Below for Acceptable Identity and Address Proofs

Proofs to be submitted in the name of Mandate holder. Please submit any one of the Identity proof and any one of the Address proof from the list below.Please submit any one if your selected proof is applcable as an identity as well as address proof.

List of Valid Proofs Criteria of Validity Applicable as Identity Proof Applicable as Address Proof
1) Passport copy   yes yes
2) Bank Passbook with photograph issued by SBI and its subsidiaries or nationalized banks   yes yes
3) Arms License issued by State/Central Governments   yes yes
4) Freedom fighter’s pass issued by Ministry of Home affairs, Government of India with photograph of applicant   yes yes
5) Pension payment order/book/Card issued by State/Central Government of India of any dept of State/Central Government   yes yes
6) Printed Ration Card with Photograph of applicant   yes yes
7) Household Card with photograph issued by Government of Andhra Pradesh   yes yes
8) ID card with photograph issued by Government of Jammu and Kashmir   yes NA
9) Photo Social Security Card (Smart Card) issued by Central/State Governments or Union territories   yes NA
10) Driving Licence Book type or laminated & embossed (With or without the signature of the applicant ) NA yes
11) Voter Identity Card   NA yes
12) Employee Identity Card ID cards of Public Ltd Co or Private ltd Co or Central / State government departments / bodies/ defence / Public Sector Units / Banks. NA yes
13) PAN Card Issued by Income Tax authorities NA yes
14) Defence Dependent’s card Issued by Commanding Officer of Station Head Quarters NA yes
15) Ex-Service Man Card Issued by Zilla Sainik Boards NA yes
16) Bar Council/ Indian Medical Association Card/ Senior Citizen Card Issued by respective Councils / Associations yes NA
17) MAPIN card Issued by authorized agents of SEB yes NA
18) PIO Booklet for returning NRIs verified pages with details of customer, photograph & validity to be taken.   yes NA
19) Latest electricity bill Bill not older than 3 months. NA yes
20) Certificate from the post office confirming address of the applicant Either on letterhead or under office seal and signed by Post Master/Assistant Post Master NA yes
21) Original letter from the employer certifying the residential address of applicant. Signature of the employee has to be attested on the letter. Letters from Public Ltd Co or Private ltd Co or Central / State government / departments / bodies / Defence Department or Public Sector Units / Banks. The letter should be either on letterhead or issued under office seal/stamp and signed by the head / officer-in-charge. NA yes
22) Telephone bills from any telephone service provider Bills not older than 3 months NA yes
23) Consumer gas connection card / book / pipe gas bill Receipt for gas supply not older than 3 months or with due entry for gas supply NA yes
24) Certificate from the ward / equivalent rank officer, maintaining election roll, certifying the address of the applicant Either on letterhead or under office stamp/seal and signed by the officer NA yes
25) Lease / Leave and Licence Agreement only registered and valid lease or leave and licence agreement along with a utility bill not older than 3 months in the name of the landlord.   NA yes
26) Certificate by Village Extension Officer (VEO) / Village Head or equal rank officers issued either on letterhead or under office seal   NA yes
27) Statement of account with address or passbook of a scheduled commercial bank with entries in at least last 3 months   NA yes
28) Domicile certificate with communication address and photograph   NA yes
In case Address Proofs not available in the name of Mandate Holder, Address Proofs of Blood Relative can be accepted as follows
Valid Proof Criteria of Validity Declaration
A) Annexure / Format of declaration for blood relative to be filled by Mandate Holder Blood Relatives includes spouse, father, mother, sister, brother and child Print Blood Relative
B) Proof of relationship of that person with Mandate Holder Any One of the following
a) Passport
b) Birth Certificate
c) Marriage Certificate
d) Ration Card
e) Matriculation Certificate
f) School Leaving Certificate
g) Court Affidavit
h) Driving License
i) Life Insurance Policy
j) PAN Card
C) Any one of the above address proofs in the name of the Blood Relative Refer Above


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