PAYBACK Programme FAQs

About PAYBACK Programme

What is PAYBACK?

1) PAYBACK is India's largest multi-brand loyalty programme that lets you earn points on your everyday spends like travelling, shopping, eating out, watching movies, and a lot more. It allows you to earn points not only your on ICICI Bank Credit and Debit Card spends but also across various other participating partner brands. 2) You, of course, earn PAYBACK points when you use your ICICI Bank Credit Card to make a purchase. 3) Points earned can be redeemed against a wide array of reward options in the PAYBACK rewards catalogue or at PAYBACK’s partner brands in-store and online. 4) You may also be familiar with the 'i-mint' programme, which was re-branded as PAYBACK in July 2011

What are the benefits of PAYBACK?

1) As PAYBACK is a multi-brand rewards programme where several businesses have come together to reward customers for their continued relationship, you can accumulate points at a faster pace. PAYBACK has a huge network of partner brands at national, regional and local levels that cover a majority of your everyday as well as occasional purchases. 2) Earn points on your ICICI Bank Credit Cards as well as from the enrolled partner for the same transaction allowing you to earn more points for each purchase. This membership is valid across all the enrolled partner brands. 3) Accumulated points can be redeemed against an extensive reward catalogue with a variety of gifts to choose from. 

What is the eligibility criteria to become a member of PAYBACK?

As an ICICI Bank Credit Card member, you are automatically enrolled in to the PAYBACK programme.

Who are the other PAYBACK partners?

The PAYBACK partner network includes HPCL,, Big Bazaar, Brand Factory, Central, Ezone, Food Bazaar, Home Town, bookmyshow and many more, helping you earn PAYBACK points faster on one account.


To get the complete list of PAYBACK partners,please visit

Account Management

What is a PAYBACK Card / membership and how can I get the same?

  1. The PAYBACK Card is your membership card to the PAYBACK loyalty programme.
  2. It uniquely identifies every member with his/her membership number.
  3. It is not a payment instrument like a Credit Card.
  4. It also enables you to earn points from other PAYBACK partner brands.

How long is my PAYBACK Card valid?

Both PAYBACK and i-mint Cards have a lifetime validity.

How will my PAYBACK Card look and what information does it have?

Your PAYBACK Card will be blue in colour and will contain the following information:

  1. 16 digit card number
  2. PAYBACK Contact Center details
  3. Barcode

In addition to the PAYBACK Card, PAYBACK also offers partner branded cards. For more information, please visit 

I am already in enrolled in i-mint on my existing ICICI Bank Credit Card. Will I get a new PAYBACK card and number?

i-mint Card is valid across all PAYBACK partner brands. You need not enroll again for a PAYBACK Card. However, if you wish to get a new PAYBACK Card, please call the PAYBACK Contact Center (1860-258-5000). 

If I have multiple PAYBACK accounts do I have an option to merge these?

Your multiple PAYBACK accounts can be merged based on defined guidelines at PAYBACK. To know more about this, please call PAYBACK Contact Center (1860-258-5000) 

Can I transfer my PAYBACK account to another person’s name?

Once PAYBACK membership is issued to an individual the same cannot be transferred to anyone. 

Why should I register my PAYBACK Card?

You should register your PAYBACK Card to avail all the benefits of the programme. Once registered, you will be able to check your points balance and redeem your PAYBACK Points for rewards. 

How do I register online?

  1. Visit the following link:
  2. Provide your card number details and you will be taken to the relevant form
  3. Fill in the details required
  4. The password will be generated and sent to your registered e-mail ID within 24 hours

What is the benefit of using the online account?

The online account allows you to do the following:

  1. View and manage your PAYBACK points online
  2. View and edit your personal details
  3. Access the PAYBACK rewards catalogue and place your redemption order online
  4. Contact PAYBACK directly via the PAYBACK website
  5. Shop with PAYBACK online partner brands directly from the PAYBACK website
  6. Learn all about the latest promotions that PAYBACK has to offer you

How do I login to my new PAYBACK account?

Log on to and enter your 16 digit PAYBACK Number / Username and password. After the first login, please change your password. If you do not know your password, please click on the “Forgot Password” link or call PAYBACK Contact Center (1860-258-5000).

How can I get a new online login password?

You may login to PAYBACK website and follow the simple steps to get your new password:

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on "Forgot Password" option
  3. Key in your details and click on 'Submit'

An password will be sent to your registered email Id within 24 hours. If you are unable to get a password through the above option, please contact PAYBACK Contact Center (1860-258-5000).

Earning Points

How do I earn PAYBACK Points?

You earn PAYBACK Points by using your ICICI Bank Credit Card for purchases. To understand the exact earn rate on your Card, please refer to your Card page at or call ICICI Bank 24-hour Customer Care. We will be happy to provide you all the necessary details.


Use your PAYBACK Card along with your ICICI Bank Credit Card at PAYBACK partner brands to earn more PAYBACK Points for the same transaction. PAYBACK partner brands such as Big Bazaar, Home Town, Futurebazaar, HPCL, Central,,, and many more across the country gives you the opportunity to earn PAYBACK Points on almost every purchase easily on one points account.


Earning PAYBACK Points at PAYBACK partner brands is easy. After you get your PAYBACK membership number/Card:

  1. Spot the PAYBACK logo at the transacting outlet or visit PAYBACK online partner brands to earn points by quoting your PAYBACK card number. You can always check for PAYBACK partner brands before shopping by using the partner search functionality on the PAYBACK
  2. Your PAYBACK Points against valid transactions will reflect in your PAYBACK account and ICICI Bank Credit Card account in the subsequent monthly statement cycle. sdfsdf sdfssdfsd

How can I keep a track of my PAYBACK Points?

  1. You can call the 24 hour ICICI Bank Customer Care or login to your ICICI Bank Internet Banking account to know your points balance. Your PAYBACK Points summary earned on your ICICI Bank Credit Cards is included in your monthly statement.
  2. You can also find your PAYBACK Points balance by sending an SMS. SMS, PBBAL last 4 digits of PAYBACK card number to 92121 26468 from your mobile number registered with PAYBACK. Please note that the SMS should be sent from the mobile number registered with PAYBACK and the PAYBACK account should be linked to the Credit Card account of which the last 4 digits are being used.
  3. You can track and manage your PAYBACK Points by registering at the PAYBACK website or by calling the PAYBACK Contact Center (1860-258-5000)
  4. PAYBACK also sends the point balance in your account every month through SMS and e-mail on the mobile number and e-mail ID registered with PAYBACK. To register you mobile number and e-mail ID with PAYBACK, please call the PAYBACK Contact Centre (1860-258-5000) asdas asdasd

When will my PAYBACK Points expire?

PAYBACK Points expire in 3 years from the date they are earned. asdasd asdasd

Is there a limit on earning Points?

There is no limit on the number of PAYBACK Points you can earn. Just ensure to use your ICICI Bank Credit Card every time you shop.

Redeeming Points

How can I redeem my PAYBACK Points?

  1. All you need to do is identify the product and then you can either redeem your PAYBACK Points by registering on the PAYBACK website, by calling the PAYBACK Contact Center (1860-258-5000) or by contacting the ICICI bank Customer Care.
  2. To redeem your PAYBACK Points in cash, please call the the dedicated number 080-40146444 (Standard call charges apply). Please note that the option to convert into cash is available only on certain Cards.
  3. Redemption at partner brands in your city: You can redeem your PAYBACK Points to make payments at Big Bazaar, Central, Brand Factory, ezone, Home Town, Megamart (delete Megamart) and many more partners in your city
  4. Redemption at online partners: You can redeem your PAYBACK points to make payments at,, and many others

What are the reward redemption options under the PAYBACK programme?

You can choose rewards from the PAYBACK rewards catalogue for a wide variety of categories and products. Each reward requires a certain number of points available to redeem it. You can choose the reward corresponding to the points in your account to place the redemption order.

How long will it take to receive the product after placing the redemption?

PAYBACK endeavours to ensure that the products ordered reach your registered mailing address within 10 working days, unless the delay is due to conditions beyond our control or unless otherwise specified.

What if in case I receive a wrong or damaged product?

PAYBACK commits to always delivering the right product. In the unlikely event that this happens, please call the PAYBACK Contact Center (1860-258-5000) within 7 days from the receipt of the product and PAYBACK will ship the right product to your mailing address.

I am a Jet Privilege Miles member. Can I convert my PAYBACK points to Jet Privilege Miles?

Yes you can convert your PAYBACK points to Jet Privilege Miles. Please call the PAYBACK Contact Center (1860-258-5000) to place the redemption order.

I am an Amway member. Can I convert my PAYBACK points to Amway points?

If you have an Amway Membership and hold the ICICI Bank Amway Credit Card, please call the PAYBACK Contact Center (1860-258-5000) to place your redemption order.

Can I cancel my redemption order?

Orders placed through PAYBACK can be cancelled only by calling the Contact Center (1860-258-5000) within 24 hours from cancelling the order. The Contact Center operates from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., all days of the week. The cancellation has to take place on the same day.

Should I pay the octroi or entry tax or any other charges when the product is delivered?

The product is shipped to your mailing address free of cost. There is no need to pay any charges for the product at the time of its delivery. If you are asked to pay any extra charges, please do not accept the product and call the PAYBACK Contact Center (1860-258-5000)

Can I request the product to be shipped to an alternate mailing address?

You can login to the PAYBACK website or call the PAYBACK Contact Center (1860-258-5000) to update your mailing address. You can place a redemption order once your profile has been updated.

What should I do if I face any difficulty in redeeming my points through the PAYBACK in-store redemption or PAYBACK online redemption option?

Please call PAYBACK Contact Center (1860-258-5000) for further assistance.

Customer Service

What is the the PAYBACK Contact Center number and working hours?

The PAYBACK Contact Center number is : 1860-258-5000 (call rates apply as per your tariff plan)
The PAYBACK Contact Center is open from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., all days of the week.

What should I do in case I do not receive my PAYBACK Card?

You may not have received your PAYBACK Card due to either of the following reasons:

  1. The Card is returned to PAYBACK due to incorrect address or your unavailability at the address.
  2. Your complete address details are not available with us.
  3. Please call up either the ICICI Bank Customer Care or the PAYBACK Contact Centre and PAYBACK will do the needful to the get your PAYBACK Card delivered to you. 

What happens if I lose my PAYBACK Card?

  1. Please report the lost card details to the PAYBACK Contact Center (1860-258-5000). Once a card is reported lost, it will be blocked and under no circumstances will it be unblocked.
  2. A fresh card can be issued to you when you authenticate the details of your account by calling up the PAYBACK Contact Center (1860-258-5000).

Can I get a replacement Card if my Card is damaged?

You can place a request for a new Card by calling the PAYBACK Contact Center (1860-258-5000). This is issued absolutely free of cost.

How do I update my contact / other information at PAYBACK?

You may update your information through any of the following channels:

  1. Register yourself on the PAYBACK website and get access to update your information instantly.
  2. You may also call the PAYBACK Contact Center (1860-258-5000) and place a request for updating your information. Your information will be updated within 2 working days.

What should I do if my PAYBACK Points are not credited?

Please write to PAYBACK through the 'Contact Us' page at the PAYBACK website or you may call the PAYBACK Contact Center (1860-258-5000) to register your request. Your query will be addressed within 15 working days.