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Low Interest EMI Credit Card

Discover the world of low interest EMI Credit Cards and unlock a world of convenient and affordable shopping with ICICI Bank. Our low interest EMI Credit Cards allow cardholders to pay for their purchases in Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs), making big ticket shopping more manageable.

EMI On Call

With ICICI Bank EMI on call, you can enjoy the flexibility of converting purchases of Rs 3000 and above into 3, 6, 9 or 12 month EMIs. This feature is designed to provide an extended payment option ensuring you can spread the cost of your shopping over a period that suits you. 

Instant EMI

The instant EMI option lets you shop now and pay later in instalments. It enables you to convert transactions into EMIs upon request, enhancing your buying power while maintaining financial flexibility. ICICI Bank has partnered with leading brands to offer you the best EMI deals, ensuring hassle-free and convenient EMI conversions. 


In case of immediate cash requirements, ICICI Bank Personal Loan on Credit Card (PLCC) is your financial lifeline. This quick loan service, available on your Credit Card, supports you during emergencies, providing a swift solution to your financial needs. 

Balance Transfer

With ICICI Bank Balance Transfer feature, you can save on the interest paid on outstanding balances from Credit Cards of other banks. It is as easy as transferring the balance due to an ICICI Bank Credit Card with a Balance Transfer. This feature empowers you to manage your credit more efficiently and cost-effectively

At ICICI Bank, we understand the importance of providing low interest EMI Credit Cards that cater to your financial needs. Our Cards offer convenient EMI options, allowing you to enjoy your shopping experiences while ensuring affordability and flexibility.

Discover the world of ICICI Bank Credit Cards with the lowest interest rates and experience their benefits to your financial life. Enjoy shopping like never before while keeping your budget intact.