American Express ezeClick

What is ezeClick?

American Express ezeClick is a one ID online payment solution for cards on the American Express Network. It replaces the need to enter credit card details every time you shop online with just a single user ID. ezeClick simplifies the checkout process by eliminating the time consuming payment processes that require you to fill multiple fields of information such as card number, expiry date and security code before an online transaction can be completed. What’s more, this faster, smarter and absolutely secure online payment solution comes to you with the added protection of American Express® Safekey.

So all you need to do is create a unique ezeClick ID – a one-time process for all your future transactions and bid goodbye to those numerous forms and card details, every time you shop online at over 7,500 shopping partners.

To change the way you shop online, register for ezeClick now.

ezeClick benefits:

Easy: Online shopping with just one unique ezeClick ID. No need to refer to your card plastic for all your future online transactions.

Quick: Faster checkout at over 7,500 ezeClick merchants. Just select ezeClick, enter ezeClick ID and OTP/ 3D Secure PIN. You are done!

Safe and secure: ezeClick ensures that all transactions are authorised by you. All ezeClick transactions are secured by American Express Safekey, requiring you to enter an OTP/3D secure PIN every time you make a payment.


For more information on ezeClick, simply log on to

How ezeClick works:

You can choose to complete a one time registration for your unique ezeClick ID by clicking here or you can register the next time you shop at an ezeClick enabled merchant, by selecting the ezeClick icon at the payment stage. If previously unregistered, your ezeClick account registration will be completed along with the transaction itself.


Once your ezeClick ID is created, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:



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