Credit Cards FAQs

I have applied for a credit card. When will I get it?

Processing of a new credit card may take up to 21 working days.

What should I do if my card is lost or damaged?

a. Inform our ICICI Bank Customer Care Centre. immediately. They will block your lost/damaged card instantly and a new card will be delivered to you within seven days.

b. SMS CCBLK <last four digits of card number> and send it to 5676766 from the registered mobile number. Response SMS to confirm that the card is blocked.

Can I retain my credit card if I emigrate?

Credit cards (including global cards) are issued to resident Indians only. Therefore, under RBI guidelines, you have to clear your outstanding and surrender your credit card to the issuing bank if you are proceeding abroad on employment or on emigration

Can I use my credit card for expenses on the Internet?

Yes, your credit card can be used for expenses on the Internet. However, the Reserve Bank of India prohibits its use for certain expenses on its banned list like football pools, sweepstakes and lotteries.

What do I do if my credit card is declined?

Please call us at our Customer Care Centre.

How do I protect my credit card against fraud or theft?

These tips are important and universal:

Sign your card as soon as you receive it!
When you use your card at an ATM, enter your PIN in such a way that no one can memorize your keystrokes.

Don't leave your receipt behind at the ATM. Your PIN and account number from a discarded receipt could make you vulnerable to credit-card fraud. Also, don't throw out your credit-card statement, receipts or carbons without first shredding them!

Never give your credit-card number over the telephone unless you initiated the call.

Even when you place the call to a legitimate merchant, never give out your card number over a cordless phone. One common scam is when someone calls you "back" right after you place an order, claims to be from the merchant and tells you that there was a problem with your card number, so would you mind giving it to them again? The safest thing to do is to ask them to read out the number they have, and then change any incorrect numbers.

Ignore any credit-card offer that requires you to spend money upfront or fails to disclose the identity of the card issuer.
Make certain you get your card back after you make a purchase (one good habit to observe is to leave your wallet open in your hand until you have the card back). Also, make sure that you personally rip up any voided or cancelled charge slips.

Always keep a list of your credit cards, credit-card numbers and toll-free numbers handy, in case your card is stolen or lost.

Check your monthly statement to make certain all charges are your own, and notify the card issuer of any not-errors or unauthorised charges immediately.

How do I use my credit card?

Please check out the Usage Guidelines for credit cards.

Query on Cash limit reduction

As a standard banking practice, we review our cash withdrawal policies on credit cards regularly. Based on the recent review, cash limits for all ICICI Bank Credit Card customers are being reduced. However, the overall credit limits remain unchanged.

How do I update my Mobile number/Email address?

Branch Banking- Customer need visit to Branch Banking to update Mobile number/Email address.

Want to know why interest charges are levied?

Interest will be charged if the Total Amount Due is not paid by the payment due date. Interest will be charged on the Total Amount Due and on all new transactions (from the transaction date) till such time as the previous outstanding amounts are paid in full. Also, interest will be levied on all cash advances from the date of the transaction until the date of payment.

Queries related to Insurance Policy?

For queries related to insurance policies, please contact ICICI Lombard on toll-free no.18002098888.

You may also write to:
ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd,
Customer Support Team,
4th Floor, Interface 11,
Office No 401 & 402,
New Link Road,
Malad (W),
Mumbai - 400064.

You may also login at and click on "Customer Support" and then on "Grievance Redressal" to communicate your complaint.

Query on Stop Bill Payment

To help us process your request, please call our Customer Care Centre.

To know the Customer Care number, please click here

What if I cross my credit limit?

If you make a transaction that exceeds your available credit limit, ICICI Bank will use its discretion and decide whether or not to approve the transaction. If the transaction is approved, an over-limit charge would be levied to the card account. The over-limit charge is 2.5% of the amount by which the credit limit is exceeded (subject to a minimum charge of Rs.500).

What is a temporary credit-limit enhancement?

There will be times when you feel the need for an increase in your credit limit to enable you to make increased purchases on your card. To avail of temporary credit-limit enhancement, all you need to do is call our Customer Care Centre and make your request. ICICI Bank can increase your credit limit at its discretion.

Please note that this facility is available only after 9 months of membership and based on credit history

What is a self-set limit?

You can pre-set the monthly spending limit on your supplementary/add-on credit card. Any transactions over the specified 'Spend Limit' will be declined.

What is the revolving credit facility?

When you receive your bill, you have the flexibility of selecting any of the following payment options:
Pay the total amount due.
Pay only the minimum amount due.
Pay any amount ranging from the minimum amount due to the total amount due.
Should you opt for either of the last two options, then the unpaid amount due is carried forward to the next billing period. This is referred to as the revolving credit facility

When do I start paying interest on new purchases if I am already revolving credit?

If you are revolving credit, fresh purchases attract interest from their respective dates of purchase.

Are there any interest charges?

f you make a payment for the Total Amount Due before the Payment Due Date, no interest charges are applicable. Thus you can enjoy interest-free credit from the date of purchase to the date on which the payment is due. Interest-free period could range from 18 to 48 days.

Interest will be charged if you do not pay back the Total Amount Due of the previous month statement by the payment due date. Interest will be charged on the Total Amount Due and on all new transactions till such time as the previous outstanding amounts are paid in full. Also, interest will be levied on all cash advances from the date of the transaction until the date of settlement.

The Minimum Amount Due shall be 5% of the outstanding amount or such other amount as may be determined by ICICI Bank at its sole discretion.

Installment amount due on the Card will be added to the Minimum Amount Due.

If there is some unpaid Minimum Amount Due of the previous statements, these will be added to the Minimum Amount Due of the current statement.

If the total outstanding is more than the credit/cash limit, then the amount by which the credit/cash limit has been exceeded will also be included in the Minimum Amount Due.

When will the interest charge stop?

If all outstanding charges are paid at any time, the interest charges will cease to apply immediately.

How are interest rates calculated on an ICICI Bank Credit Card?

Interest charges are applicable only if the cardholder chooses the part payment facility (revolver facility). It is governed by a rate of interest. The interest accrual is on the daily outstanding balance. The monthly application of interest happens on the statement date. An example of calculation of interest, where the customer has made all retail transactions and no cash withdrawals:

As the customer has made a part payment, interest is charged on transactions of the previous month from the respective transaction date up to the statement date; then on the TAD (total amount due) from the statement date up to the part payment date; and then on the balance amount (after deducting part payment made from TAD) from the part payment date up to the next statement date.

Finally, if there are any fresh purchases interest is charged on them from the respective transaction date up to the statement date.
If the customer makes a part payment he does not enjoy interest-free days on fresh purchases.

*Formula: Principal amount x rate of interest x number of days.

Statement of Mr. Ramesh Kumar, holder of a Sterling Silver Card


Statement Date 1-Aug Details Amt 1-Sep Detail Amt
Transaction Date 15-Jul BATA 600 3-Aug LEE 500
  30-Jul Cafe Day 100  
Payment Date   20-Aug Cash Paymt 600
  1-Sep Interest Charge 40.52
  MAD 100   MAD 100  
TAD 700   TAD 640.52  


MAD - Minimum amount due
TAD-Total amount due
The interest of Rs.40.52 has been calculated as follows:
The total outstanding for the month of August was Rs.700 against which the Mr. Ramesh Kumar has made a part payment of Rs.600. Therefore, interest is charged.
1. On transaction dated 15-July-02 (Rs. 600) from transaction date up to statement date of 01.08.2002.
2. Then on TAD i.e. Rs.700 from statement date of 01.08.2002 up to part-payment date of 20-08.2002.
3. Then on balance 100 (700-600) from part payment date of 20.08.2002 to next statement date of     01.09.2002.
4. Finally, on the fresh purchases from 03-08.2002 up to 01.09.2002.

Calculation part:
600 x 2.95% x 18/30 days = Rs.10.62
100 x 2.95% x 3/30 days = Rs.0.30
700 x 2.95% x 20/30 days = Rs.13.77
100 x 2.95% x 11/30 days =Rs.1.08
500 x 2.95% x 28/30 days = Rs.14.75
Total = (10.62+0.30+13.77+1.08+14.75) = Rs.40.52 

How do I read my monthly credit-card statement?

Please check out tips to read the monthly credit-card statement.

How do I pay my credit-card bill?

Drop your payment cheques in the 'drop box' facility at ICICI Bank branches and ATM centres. Cash payments are accepted only at ICICI Bank branches during banking hours.

ICICI Bank account holders can avail of the convenience of the auto-debit facility.

ICICI Bank account holders can also avail of the convenience of scheduling payments through ICICI Bank Internet Banking or pay their credit-card bills through Customer Care Centre.

If you are not an ICICI Bank account holder, you can still pay from your existing bank account via the Internet through Click to pay option.

What is the auto-debit facility?

Auto-debit allows ICICI Bank account holders to give standing instructions to pay their credit card bills (either minimum amount or total amount due) directly through their bank account. Simply give a written instruction to ICICI Bank, or inform ICICI Bank's Customer Care Centre. to debit the payment directly to your account every month. To know more, please click here.

What happens if my cheque gets delayed in the post beyond the payment due date?

If your payment is not received by the Payment Due Date, a late fee is applicable and the outstanding amount attracts interest for the number of days by which the payment has been delayed.

What happens if I pay more than the total amount due?

The excess amount shows up in your monthly statement and is adjusted against future purchases.

What is the credit period?

CardPayment dueMaximum interest free period available*
Gold 18 days 48 days
Silver 18 days 48 days
Blue 18 days 48 days


*This is applicable provided the Total Payment due shown in the previous statement is paid in full.

What happens in the case of a disputed card transaction?

In the case of a disputed card transaction, please click here to download the Card member Dispute Form (CDF). After downloading the form, fill it up and post it to the address indicated in the CDF. ICICI Bank will get back to you at the earliest with the status of your transaction.

What is the Process to generate One time password (OTP) for IVR/ mobile transactions on cards/ Register for Verified by Visa / MasterCard SecureCode?

To generate One time password (OTP) for IVR/ mobile transactions on cards, please click here.