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2 mins Read | 1 Year Ago

How to Make UPI Payments Using Credit Cards

How to Make UPI Payments Using Credit Cards


Do you want to make Credit Card usage more convenient? Simply add your Credit Card to an UPI app and experience convenience at your fingertips. Gone are the days when you could only use Credit Cards at POS machines. With RBI and the Government trying to make digital payments easier and swifter than ever before, UPI Paymentthrough Credit Cards is a significant step in that direction.

If you are yet to add your Credit Card to your UPI app, here’s how can carry out UPI Payments through Credit Cards.


Check whether your chosen UPI app allows payments using a Credit Card. ICICI Bank allows you to add any bank’s Credit Card on the iMobile Pay app, which is both a UPI-enabled Payments and Banking app. The process of adding a Credit Card to the app is the same as adding a Debit Card – given the Credit Card operates on either the MasterCard or VISA payment gateway. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Download & log in to the iMobile Pay app using your fingerprint, PIN or Internet ID & Password

Step 2: Select ‘Cards & Forex’

Step 3: Select 'Add a card' and enter the required details

Step 4: Authenticate the Card using the OTP sent on your registered mobile number.

Step 5: You can view and manage the Credit Card under the ‘Other Bank Credit Card’ tab.

Since you have other Cards already added to the UPI app, you will have to pick a Card each time you use the app to pay. You can choose the option of Credit Card Payments henceforth.

Advantages of paying using a Credit Card

Advantages of UPI payments using a Credit Card:

  • Convenience

There was a time when using Credit Cards meant using a POS machine. Then again, most of the POS systems supported a limited number of Credit Cards leading to added hassles. With the ability to use your Credit Card on a UPI app, it became convenient for users to carry out payments without the need to check their account balance before transactions.

  • Rewards and Offers

Credit Card offersare one of the best things about using these cards. Typically, you get rewards or cashbacks with each purchase on your Credit Card. For instance, you might get shopping vouchers, discounts at petrol pumps, etc. The idea is simple – the more you use your Credit Card, the more rewards you get.

  • Flexibility

Credit Card dues can be repaid later thus, providing you a significant window to arrange for the funds. Lack of funds in the present will not be a dampener in your purchase decision.

Bottom line

Have you added your ICICI Bank Credit Card to your chosen UPI app yet? In fact, if you use multiple UPI apps, then addition of your Credit Card details in all of them is a must for greater convenience and higher rewards. Go ahead and follow the steps mentioned above to add your ICICI Bank Credit Card right away.

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