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NRI Loans against Fixed Deposits

NRI Loans against Fixed Deposits
Convenient loans for all your unique needs against Fixed Deposits

Get a loan facility against the security of your following deposits:

Features and Benefits
  • Loans available to self as well as third party individuals (Any individual / Corporate).
  • Loans available up to 90% of the principal amount of the deposits (maximum INR 100 lakhs).
  • Disbursed either as Loan or Overdraft against Deposit.
  • Repayment to be made either by adjustment of the Fixed Deposit or by fresh remittances from outside India through normal banking channels.
  • Loan can also be repaid out of the funds in the NRO account of the borrower.
  • In case of loans to third parties, the same can be repaid out of the local rupee account of the borrower.

Overdraft against Deposit: Overdraft against fixed deposits offers you the liquidity without compromising on the returns on your fixed deposits. An overdraft is a current account that allows you to overdraw up to a pre-arranged limit, for personal and business use.