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FCNR Fixed Deposit Account

What is FCNR Fixed Deposit Account
Reap good returns on foreign earnings and enjoy powerful benefits.

What are FCNR Fixed Deposits?

  • FCNR Fixed Deposits are an excellent investment option for NRIs looking to retain their money in foreign currency and earn good returns on foreign currency earnings.

Why choose FCNR Fixed Deposits?

  • FCNR Fixed Deposits earn higher tax free returns on your foreign currency than local deposits. Also, you can avoid any foreign currency exchange risk, ensuring the highest and guaranteed returns on your earnings

Features & Benefits

  • Flexibility in opening account in multiple currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, CAD, AUD, SGD, HKD and CHF.
  • Low Deposit amount : USD 1000, GBP 1000, EUR 1000, CHF 1000, JPY 200,000, HKD 10000, SGD 2000, CAD 2000 and AUD 2000*.
  • Multiple tenure options: ranging from 1 to 5 years.
  • Hassle-free renewal: automatic renewal of your principal and interest on maturity.
  • Easy movement: Principal amount and interest earned are fully repatriable.
  • Tax benefits: Interest earned is not taxable in India.
  • Attractive loan options: loans up to 85% of your deposit at attractive interest rates.
  • Quick processing: Electronic Deposit Confirmation Advise (E- DCA) on your e-mail ID within 1 working day (if you have subscribed for account statement via e-mail).

* The deposit would be booked with the net amount received after deducting appropriate charges / fees as may applicable at the time of remittance / clearance of the cheque.

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  • New account opening form for stand alone OR FD opening request form


Mandate Holder Applications
Nominee Applications


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Account opening

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Account usage

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Account closure

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Mandate facility

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Nomination facility

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Loan against deposit

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How do I register myself under “Do not call”
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Repatriable: Transferable (funds) from India to foreign countries
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