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Intelligent Investing. Anytime, anywhere with iWealth

Presenting a futuristic version of iWealth that gives you intelligent insights on mutual fund investments.

How does iWealth help you?

  • Understands your risk profile: Analyses your answers to 5 questions, related to risk appetite and risk taking capacity
  • Suggests mutual fund investments: Uses intelligent software for suggesting a mutual fund portfolio that suits your risk profile
  • Assists in real-time portfolio re-balancing: Every time you make an investment, the intelligent software triggers rebalancing suggestions to keep your asset allocation on track
  • Diversifies your risk: Allocates your investments across asset categories
  • Gives accessibility: Helps you track progress of your investments 24X7
  • Provides flexibility Allows you to make changes to the suggested portfolio or invest in mutual funds of your choice

Access iWealth only on ICICI Bank iMobile app:


Login to iMobile App > iWealth, Insurance & Tax Payment > iWealth


Please note that the account should be registered for online mutual fund services to transact on iWealth. Visit the nearest ICICI Bank Branch to complete the registration process.



Terms and Conditions of ICICI Bank and third parties apply. ICICI Bank is not responsible for third party products.


Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.


Terms and conditions of ICICI Bank and third parties apply. The use of this information is subject to the terms and conditions governing such products and services as referred herein above and the users shall be deemed to have read, understood and consented to these terms and conditions. Nothing contained herein shall constitute or be deemed to constitute an advice, an offer, invitation or solicitation to sell/purchase any securities of any entity and is not intended to create any rights or obligations. Nothing in this document is intended to constitute legal, tax, securities or investment advice, or opinion regarding the appropriateness of any investment, or a solicitation for any product or service. The tax related information provided herein is merely for a general understanding and reference. The user needs to verify all the facts, law and contents with the text of the prevailing statutes and seek appropriate professional advice before acting on the basis of any information contained herein as the taxation implications may vary depending upon the facts in each case/interpretation by tax authorities. Please note that the tax laws are subject to change from time to time. ICICI Bank expressly disclaims any liability to any person, in respect of anything done or omitted to be done by any such person by placing reliance upon the contents of this write-up. The use of any information set out in this document is entirely at the recipient's own risk. ICICI Bank does not accept any responsibility for any errors whether caused by negligence or otherwise or for any loss or damage incurred by anyone in reliance on anything set out in this document. The information set out herein may be subject to updation, completion, revision, verification and amendment and such information may change materially.


ICICI Bank will not be liable or responsible for any loss or shortfall resulting from the operations of the Mutual Funds. ICICI Bank is acting merely as a distributor/corporate agent/point of service of third parties, affiliates and group companies. Any investment in such third party products/services shall constitute a contract between the investor and the third party. ICICI Bank shall not be liable or responsible for any loss resulting from third party's products. The contract with regards to the Mutual Fund is between the asset management company and the investor, and not between ICICI Bank Limited and the investor. Participation by ICICI Bank's customers is on a purely voluntary basis and there is no direct or indirect linkage between the provision of the banking services offered by the Bank to its customers and their usage of the product or participation in the scheme. For more details on coverage, terms and conditions, please read the policy / offer document carefully before buying/ investing in a product. Please click here for important information on Mutual Fund investments