Loan Against Securities

Loan Against Securities - Instant Liquidity At Your Disposal

Loan Against Securities or LAS is a loan availed against your pledged securities as collateral with a bank. So, why liquidate? Instead, get a Loan Against Securities to fulfil all your financial needs.

ICICI Bank's Loan Against Securities allows you to raise instant funds against shares, mutual funds, insurance etc., without selling them. Pledge your securities in favour of ICICI Bank and get an overdraft facility of up to a certain value.

What Qualifies As A Security

ICICI Bank offers LAS facility against the following securities

demat mutual-fund-units fixed-maturity-plans exchange-traded-funds insurance-policies savings-bonds

Demat Shares

Mutual Fund Units

Fixed Maturity Plans (FMP)

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

Insurance Policies

Savings Bonds

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