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A first of its kind financial awareness initiative

Simplified and interactive video modules

Basic financial concepts for class 6 onwards

Practical examples

Simulation exercises to enhance learning

Awareness about digital frauds

Concepts designed to enable financially responsible behaviour

Enables better financial planning at a young age

Learning Modules

Customised to address the priority asks of the students, the programme has six major modules

Money and How to
Manage Money:

  • Concepts of earning and saving
  • Inculcate savings behaviour
  • Explaining the value of money
  • Maintaining a balance between savings and expenditure.


  • Banks and types of accounts
  • How to open a Bank Account
  • Benefits of Bank Account
  • Digital banking, its uses and different alternatives


  • Whether borrowing is good or bad
  • Concept of EMI
  • Credit Score
  • Types of loans and cost of borrowing

Basics of Investment and
Power of Compounding

  • Inflation and its effects
  • Investment and power of compounding
  • Traditional ways of investment and their benefits
  • Modern investment options

Risk Protection

  • Risks and preventions
  • Understanding insurance and its concept
  • Benefits of insurance
  • Types of insurance and its objectives

Responsible Digital Behaviour

  • Digital frauds and prevention
  • Grievance redressal
  • How to report cyber fraud
  • Do’s and Don’ts of digital behaviour

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For any queries, write to us at moneymanagement@icicibank.com

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Money Management Programme FAQs

The Money Management School Campus Programme is a first of its kind financial awareness programme by ICICI Bank, that strives to provide basic financial information to students from class 6 onwards, thereby empowering them with the knowledge about basics of earning, saving, budgeting, etc.

The programme can help students:

  • Understand the basics of money management

  • Set financial goals

  • Make informed financial decisions

  • Avoid financial pitfalls

  • Prepare for the future

  • Digitally responsible behaviour.

  • Exposure to basic financial concepts

  • Immersive learning experience through simulation exercises

  • Simplified and Interactive modules with regular knowledge checks to gauge the students’ understanding on financial concepts

  • Simple, easy and practical financial topics such as benefits of budgeting, savings, etc.

This programme is targeted at school students from class 6 onwards, as this will enable them to learn to plan their finances and manage money better.

The Money Management School Campus Programme consists of 6 video-based, interactive modules. 

The concepts included are as follows:

Module 1: Money and how to manage money

Understand the basic concepts of earning and saving, create a savings mind set by teaching the value of money and balance between saving and spending.

Module 2: Banking   

Elaborates on different types of bank accounts, digital banking and other alternatives of banking and associated benefits

Module 3: Borrowing

Explains how borrowing helps, cost of borrowing, concept of EMI, different types of loans and benefits of credit score

Module 4: Basics of Investment and Power of Compounding    

Talks about various investment options and benefits of compounding

Module 5: Risk Protection

Explains various types of risks and how to reduce it.

Module 6: Responsible Digital Behaviour

Simplifies the concepts of digital frauds - its prevention, steps to report cyber frauds and the do's and don’ts of Internet Banking.

Students will have to complete one module and then move to the next one. Once the students complete all the modules, the completion acknowledgement will be displayed, which can be downloaded and will also be sent through e-mail.


ICICI Bank Money Management School Campus Programme - ICICI Bank does not claim exclusive rights on any third-party intellectual property.