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Travel in style with complimentary lounge access 

Complimentary access to international airport lounge access*
Complimentary access to domestic airport lounge access*
Complimentary access to domestic railway lounge access*

Alumni credit card FAQs

What is the rate of interest?

Please refer the MITC on the ICICI Bank website link https://www.icicibank.com/managed-assets/docs/personal/cards/mitc_cc.pdf

Is this a contactless card?

Yes the Sapphiro Credit card is a contactless credit card. Anywhere that the Contactless payment POS Machine is available, the card can be used to tap and pay. If the POS machine has a contactless symbol displayed on it, then it is enabled for contactless payments.

Is there is any additional fees associated with this card?

The Sapphiro card under the Alumni Programme is a lifetime free card and there is no additional fees associated with the card. For the Interest charges, Late payment charges and other charges please refer the MITC.