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ICICI Bank Credit Card Benefits For Existing Customers

Avail Cash Anytime

With ICICI Bank services like ATM withdrawal, get cash on the go!

Pay Without PIN

Make instant payments by simply tapping your Credit Card on a cashier's POS terminal that supports contactless payment.

Easy Bill Payments

Use the auto-pay feature and never miss your Credit Card bill payment. Register your Credit Card on ICICI Bank Net Banking or iMobile Pay to enable this feature and pay faster.

Scan & Pay

Link your Credit Card with your UPI-enabled app and scan the QR code to make instant online payments.

IMobile Pay App

Register your Credit Card on iMobile Pay App and ensure timely bill payments every month. You can track your card status on the app.



Popular FAQs

The primary purpose of a credit card is to provide a convenient and flexible means of payment. It allows users to make purchases or access funds on credit, enabling transactions even in the absence of immediate cash. Credit cards also often offer benefits such as rewards, cashback, and the ability to build a credit history.

  • Convenient transactions
  • Helps to build a credit profile and boost credit score
  • Instant funds, whenever needed
  • Rewards like cashback or travel points
  • Safe transactions.

Credit Cards can help in maintaining a good credit score. When you make timely bill payments, it helps improve your credit score by showing good credit management practices.

Using your Credit Card to pay bills can make it easier to manage your finances and boost your credit profile. You may also be rewarded with cashback or reward points. Moreover, it can also protect your purchases against theft or fraud. It also simplifies tracking of expenses by giving detailed statements.

Credit Card rewards get perks such as cashback, travel miles or points redeemable for products and services at our partner merchants. These rewards also promote savings and better financial management.