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Make NFC Payments through Pockets ‘Touch & Pay’ Feature

ICICI Bank introduces a new mobile payment solution 'Touch & Pay' that enables you to make secure contactless payments at retail stores using your smartphones. This Touch & Pay feature on Pockets app simply lets you tap your smartphone at a NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled merchant terminal and make the payment through your linked ICICI Bank Debit/Credit Card. Now get 20% cashback on using ‘touch & pay’ to pay at stores. Know More

How does it work?
  • Login to Pockets app
  • Click on touch & pay icon on Pockets home screen
  • Select any one of your ICICI Bank Debit or Credit Card activated on the App
  • Just hold your phone near the merchant terminal
  • Your payment is done
What do you need?
  • An Android 4.4 OS and above NFC-enabled smartphone
  • An existing ICICI Bank Debit or Credit Card
  • Pockets app downloaded on your phone
How to activate your ICICI Bank Debit/Credit card to use this feature?
  • Download Pockets by ICICI Bank app from Google Play
  • Login to Pockets app using your mPIN or ICICI Bank Internet Banking User ID and password
  • Click on touch & pay icon on the Pockets App home screen
  • Add a card to touch & pay from the list of ICICI Bank Debit/Credit cards in your account
  • A virtual card will be created which can be used for quick NFC payments
  • Speed: Payments are done instantly by just tapping the phone against a POS terminal.
  • No physical card required: Forgot your physical card at home? Don't worry! Just make the payment using your smartphone with touch & pay feature on Pockets
  • Security of card details: Your actual card details are never shared with the merchant at the time of payment. For every payment done at a merchant store using this service, a one-use unique token is created by the Bank's server, which is sent via encryption to the merchant, thereby protecting the information of the original as well as the virtual card.
  • Card block facility incase of lost mobile device: If you lose your phone, you can call our customer care and block your card and even lock your Pockets App on the lost mobile device
Participating Merchants

You can use the touch & pay service at more than 60,000 Merchants (NFC-enabled terminal accepting Debit or Credit Cards). Watch Video

View Merchants List

Download Pockets by ICICI Bank from Google Play