Manage your Mortgage Relationship

Manage your Mortgage Relationship:

Mortgage customer service solutions are now available, at your fingertips! Access a host of mortgage services, such as rate conversion and part payment, all contactless, without the inconvenience of visiting any branch. Moreover, our services online are safe and secure, so you can be stress-free, while carrying out all your transactions.


Manage your Mortgage Relationship:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Pre-Payment: What do you mean by pre-payment of a loan?

Pre-Payment is a facility available to the customers to pre-close the loan, any time during the loan tenure, before the normal maturity of the loan, by paying the principal outstanding plus applicable charges, as on the customer request date.

Foreclosure: If I foreclose the loan, how will you return the original property documents to me?

Property documents will be dispatched to the branch where you have submitted the closure request or to the preferred branch, as confirmed by you. All the property owners have to visit the branch for collecting the documents, with a valid ID proof. If the property owners are not available to collect the documents, then the Power Of Attorney (POA) holder can come and collect the original documents, personally; the POA holder has to carry his ID proof. PAN card issued in India is no longer considered a valid proof of identity.

Foreclosure: Can I sell the property during the tenure of the loan?

Yes, you can sell the property, even if the loan is running.

Part Payment: Can I make part payment of my mortgage loan?

Yes, you can make a part payment on your loan account.

IT Certificate: From where can I get the Interest Certificate?

You can get the Interest Certificate through ICICI Bank Internet Banking, iMobile Pay or by visiting the nearest Loan Servicing Branch.

Statement of Account (SOA)/Amortisation Schedule, Foreclosure Statement: From where can I get the Statement of Account, Amortisation Schedule & Foreclosure Statement?

You can visit the nearest Loan Servicing Branch for the Foreclosure Statement, Statement of Account and Amortisation Schedule.

Pre EMI: Currently I am paying a pre EMI, however, I want to start the EMI. Can I do that?

You can start the EMI before the full disbursement of the loan. You will have to contact your Relationship Manager for the same.

Applicant Name, DOB and communication address updation: My name, DOB & communication address updated in the SOA is incorrect. Whom should I contact and what are the documents I need to submit?

Please visit the nearest Loan Servicing Branch and submit the request. You need to submit your ID and address proof, with the correct details. PAN card issued in India is no longer considered a valid proof of identity.

Repayment Mode: I want to change the repayment mode to some other bank account. Can I initiate a request online for a change in the repayment mode?

Yes, you can initiate the request through Internet Banking and follow the E-NACH process.

For registering a swap request, click here.

Post the completion of all mandatory details on the NACH E-Mandate form, you will have to click on ‘Authorise mandate’ and tick the check box for terms and condition.

  • Account information for mandate creation
  • Debit Account details, from where the funds get debited
  • Mandate information (Collection, Maximum collection (EMI) amount, etc).

Part Payment: Can I make part payment on my loan through the online mode?

Yes, a customer can make a part payment through ICICI Bank Internet Banking.

Insurance Funding Cancellation: What is the process for insurance funding cancellation?

Within 11 months from the date of insurance funding, a customer can call the ICICI Bank Customer Care or visit the nearest ICICI Bank Loan Servicing Branch and submit a request for the insurance loan cancellation.

Wherever an insurance funding is done for the Parent Loan (i.e. Mortgage loan), the insurance cancellation amount will be adjusted against the Mortgage loan, as a part payment and the effect of the part payment will be given on tenure.

EMI Cycle Change: Can I change the EMI cycle date?

The cycle date that is currently available is the 1st and 5th of the month. Customers can change the cycle date, post disbursement of the loan.

To change the cycle date from 1st to 5th or 5th to 1st , a customer has to visit the nearest Loan Servicing Branch. The customer will have to pay the differential interest of 4 days, if the cycle date is getting changed from the 1st to 5th. Differential interest is not required, if the cycle date is changed from the 5th to 1st of the month.

E-mail ID and Contact Number Updation: How can I change my mobile number and e-mail ID?

You can update your mobile number and e-mail ID through Internet Banking or by visiting the nearest Loan Servicing Branch.

General: What is the loan amount and disbursement amount?

Amount for which the loan has been approved is called the Loan Amount. Total Amount of disbursement made for a loan is called the Disbursement Amount. Disbursement amount can be fully disbursed or partly disbursed, depending upon the disbursement amount being less or equal to the Loan Amount.

General: What is the last instalment date?

It is the date on which the last instalment is payable, based on the current monthly instalment amount.

Rate Conversion: What is rate conversion?

Rate conversion is converting a loan from the customer's existing rate of interest to a new rate of interest, with changes in margin. A customer can also opt for a conversion of the interest rate type from Floating to Floating, Fixed to Fixed, Floating to Fixed or Fixed to Floating.

Part Payment: What is Part Payment?

Part Payment is a facility available to the customers to make the payment of their outstanding loan in lump-sum, as and when he has excess funds with him, without pre-closing his loan.

Part Payment: What is the minimum part payment amount?

The minimum part payment amount should be 1 EMI.

My loan has already matured. How will I receive the original property documents?

Customers will have to visit the Loan Servicing Branch to give a request for the preferred branch location, for document collection.

E-Nach: Where can I apply for E-NACH online?

Click here to apply now.

E-Nach: What is E-Nach?

The NACH e-Mandate system facilitates issuance and confirmation of mandate by customers, through alternate modes to paper based mandate.

Important Notice

With effect from May 1, 2021, the following charges shall be applicable for the services mentioned below:

Description of ChargesAmount*
Charges for List of Documents Rs 250
Charges for Disbursement Cheque Re-issuance Rs 250
Charges for Disbursement Cheque Re-validation Rs 250

Click here to refer the RBI Circular.

*Goods & Services Tax and other Govt. taxes, levies, etc. applicable, as per the prevailing rate will be charged over and above the amount specified here.

  • With effect from May 1, 2020, the turnaround time for the list of documents issuance for Mortgage Loan has been revised from existing 7 working days to 15 working days
  • With effect from Dec 1, 2019, Mortgage Loan prepayment statement issuance TAT has been revised from existing 7 days to 15 days
  • RBI through its guideline dated Aug 2, 2019 has clarified that banks shall not charge foreclosure charges/pre-payment penalties on any floating rate term loan, sanctioned for purposes other than business, to individual borrowers, with or without co-applicants.

Hence the foreclosure charges/pre-payment penalties will be applicable on the floating rate term loan, sanctioned for business purposes to individual borrowers.

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