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Farmer Finance / Agriculture Loan/ Krishi Loan

ICICI Bank offers a range of agriculture loans. You can use our overdraft facility to meet the cost of cultivation and working capital activities for farming and allied activities. We also offer term loans for buying cattle, purchase of equipment for irrigation and other agricultural requirements.

Visit our nearest branch and get an agriculture loan.


You can also approach us through an agribusiness co-operative, to which you supply your produce such as sugarcane, dairy products etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Farmer Finance

Farmer Finance supports you using a whole farm approach – support in all aspects of agriculture. Our agriculture loans meet your both short term and long term credit needs.

  1. Retail Agri Loan - Kisan Credit Card / Kisan Card
    Kisan Credit Card (KCC) is a specially designed credit card for farmers. This card gives you the facility of a hassle free and convenient credit to meet your day to day farming requirements. 
  2. Long term Loan for agriculture & allied activities (Agri Term Loan)
    You can get term loans to buy cattle or agriculture equipment as a part of the Agricultural Term Loan (Agri TL) scheme from ICICI Bank. Repay these loans over a period of 3-4 years in monthly/Half yearly/ Yearly instalments as per your convenience.
    You get multiple benefits with ICICI Bank Agriculture loans:

    • Simplified documentation
    • Easy and convenient loan
    • Flexible loan repayment options based on your income
    • Attractive interest rates
    • No hidden charges
    • Quick processing
    • Non-mortgage loans are also available

ICICI Bank Kisan Credit Card comes with a host of benefits, some of which are: 

  1. Convenient banking: You need not to compromise with your day to day work while banking with us. Experience the new age banking with ICICI Bank through large branch & ATM network with 24*7 customer care support
  2. Wide network: ICICI Bank Kisan Credit Card can be used at any bank’s ATM apart from ICICI Bank’s large coverage of 10,000+ ATMs across the country
  3. Card limit: The Kisan Credit Card limit is sanctioned for 5 years with one time documentation and shall be reviewed every year based on your farming requirements 

Following are the basic requirements to avail Kisan Credit Card from ICICI Bank:

  1. The applicant should be in the age group of 18-70 years
  2. Owns a piece of agricultural land
  3. Engaged in agricultural or Allied Agricultural Activities

You need to submit the following documents while availing the loan:

  1. Simplified application form
  2. KYC Documents
  3. Land documents
  4. Security PDC
  5. Any other document, as per sanction condition

Interest charges for Farmer Loans


Product Minimum Maximum Mean
Kisan Credit Card 9.50% 16.10% 13.24%
Premium Overdraft 9.50% 14.85% 11.32%
Agri Term Loan 9.50% 14.85% 12.38%



  1. The range of interest rate provided is with respect to individual loans disbursed between April 1, 2023 to June 30, 2023.
  2. Mean rate - Sum of rate of all loans/number of loan accounts.
  3. The rate of interest is dependent on credit assessment parameters of the bank.
  4. Data excludes lending done under the crop loan subvention schemes of the government.

Schedule of charges


Description of Charges Facility Type Charges / Fee Amount**
Service Charges
Processing Fees Kisan Credit Card Up to 2% of initial sanction at the time of disbursement and renewal
Processing Fee charges for Interest Subvention Cases will be 1.50%
Up to 0.50% of the sanction limit at the time of review with enhancement or upto 0.25% of the sanction limit at the time of review without enhancement of the account
Agri Term Loan Up to 2% of sanction limit at the time of disbursement
Premium Funding Overdraft Up to 2% of sanction limit at the time of disbursement and renewal
Stamp Duty and other statutory charges All At actuals as per applicable laws of the State at the time of loan processing
Legal Fees (All states except Madhya Pradesh)   KCC Limit upto ₹3 Lac - ₹ 1,750 
KCC Limit above ₹3 Lac - ₹10Lac - ₹ 2,500
KCC Limit above ₹10 Lac - ₹ 3,500
Legal Fees (Madhya Pradesh)   KCC Limit upto ₹3 Lac - ₹ 2,350 
KCC Limit above ₹3 Lac - ₹10Lac - ₹ 3,100
KCC Limit above ₹10 Lac - ₹ 4,100
Legal fees for all residential and commercial properties   ₹ 2500 for each residential or commercial property obtained as security
Valuation Fees   ₹ 2500 per case for cases where valuation of residential or commercial property and agriculture land is done
Switch from existing Benchmark Rate to external Benchmark rate   Administrative switchover fee of ₹ 1,000 plus taxes shall be charged.
Penal Interest
Penal Interest Kisan Credit Card 2% per annum on overdue amount at the time of loan regularization
Agri Term Loan 2% per annum on overdue amount at the time of loan regularization
Premium Funding Overdraft 2% per annum on overdue amount at the time of loan regularization
    Note  - For loans up to Rs 25,000/-  nil penal interest to be recovered for delayed payment
Penal Charges
Overdue Charges (31 DPD to 90 DPD) Kisan Credit Card ₹ 500 on non-repayment of interest post 30 days after interest debit.
Overdue Charges (90+ DPD) Kisan Credit Card ₹ 1000 on non-repayment of interest post 90 days after interest debit.
Overdue Charges (180+ DPD) Kisan Credit Card ₹ 1000 on non-repayment of interest post 180 days after interest debit.
Foreclosure Charges* Kisan Credit Card In case account closed within one year of account opening, 4% prepayment charges to be levied on the outstanding amount as on previous month end.
Agri Term Loan Nil
Bounce/Late Payment Charges   ₹ 500 per  per bounce or Late-repayment of interest on due date 


*#DPD : Days Past Dues

Penal interest, Processing fee and Other charges shall not be applicable for fresh loans sanctioned to KCC Borrower up to Rs 3,00,000/- 

Only applicable, if the total limit sanctioned (KCC+KCC variants+ ATL+ KSOD+ KSDLOD) is more than 3 Lakh

**Charges which are in nature of fees are Exclusive of GST.
GST and other government levies, as applicable, would be charged additionally.


Annual Percentage Rate:

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is a method to compute annualised credit cost, which includes interest rate and processing fee.

To calculate the same, please click here to download the APR calculator.


In the event of a change in your address, on account of relocation or any other reason, you should intimate the bank within 2 weeks of such a change. Any such intimation/request for change in address should be accompanied with a valid address proof.