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Pre-Owned Car Loan

ICICI Bank also offers pre-owned Car Loans. With faster processing, the ICICI Bank Pre-Owned Car Loan makes it possible to own a wide range of certified/pre-owned cars, conveniently


  • Insta Car Loan customers can avail a loan with up to 100% of the offer amount

  • Loan tenure can be up to 7 years

  • Attractive rate of interest

  • Only KYC documents required


Refinance Car Loan

Refinance refers to granting a loan on an existing car, which is not hypothecated to any bank/financial institution or is hypothecated but has zero outstanding. Maximum refinance that can be availed, is up to 140% of the car’s valuation.


  • Easy documentation
  • You get an attractive rate of interest
  • Your loan gets processed faster


Top-Up Car Loan

Existing Car Loan customers of ICICI Bank can also avail additional top-up loans. These loans can be used for any other requirements such as business development, wedding, personal engagements, home renovation, etc.


  • Easy documentation
  • You get an attractive rate of interest
  • Your loan gets processed faster


Upgrade your Car Loan

As technology advances, car models get better and better. Existing ones get remodelled and new variants are launched quite frequently, making it difficult to resist the temptation to upgrade to a model with the latest technology.

These new models are complemented by various financing schemes offered by ICICI Bank Car Loans, making it easier to upgrade to the car of your choice at an attractive rate of interest.

So when should you upgrade?

  • Warranty of your existing car: Cars these days are pretty good and if you take care of your car properly, then there should not be a need to take advantage of the warranty. However, few people like to have that safety net in place at all times. In this case, they might look to change their car before their coverage expires
  • The finance: With the availability of ICICI Bank Car Loans, upgrade to your favourite car even if your current loan is functional.


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Check your eligibility for either a new Car Loan or a pre-owned Car Loan with our easy-to-use eligibility calculator

Instantly calculate your monthly payments

Find service charges for an ICICI Bank Car Loan

Quick, easy and minimal documentation required

Insta Car Loan Products
Personal Loan

Two Wheeler Loan

A Two-Wheeler Loan is an accessible financial solution designed to help you own the bike of your dreams, providing easy repayment options and making mobility affordable.

Credit Cards

Pre Owned Used Car Loan

Our Pre-Owned Used Car Loan empowers you to own a quality vehicle with flexible terms and competitive rates, whether it's your first car or an upgrade.

Debit Card

Loan Against Car

Unlock the hidden value in your car with our Loan Against Car, offering quick funds, while you retain possession and leverage your vehicle's worth without selling it.


Pre-approved Auto Loan

ICICI Bank Pre-approved Auto Loan offers up to 100% on-road funding without any income documentation and a flexible tenure of up to 84 months.


Car Loan Dealer Disbursement

ICICI Bank direct Car Loan dealer disbursement provides convenient financing options for vehicle purchases through authorised dealerships.

Car Loan Top Up

Car Loan Top Up

ICICI Bank Car Loan Top Up offers attractive interest rates and faster processing which allows customers to access additional funds conveniently.

Car Refinance

Car Refinance

Car Refinance option includes easy documentation, loan tenure of up to 7 years and attractive interest rates for a seamless refinancing experience.

Used Car Loan

Used Car Loan

ICICI Bank Used Car Loan provides competitive interest rates, flexible repayment options and quick processing for easy financing of pre-owned cars.

Car Loan FAQs

Car Loans are extended for the purchase of a passenger four-wheeler, new car or a pre-owned car. Car Loans can also be used as a Cash Loan through products like Refinance, Top-up on an existing Car Loan or to carry out a Balance Transfer.

There are two types of application processes when applying for a Car Loan - one is manual and the other digital.

The manual process:
1. Customer walk-in
2. Probing is done
3. Scheme and IRR is shared
4. Documents are collected
5. Lead is generated on the Sales CRM
6. Case is introduced through MCAS
7. For pre-approved customers, the case moves directly to the operations tray. For non-pre-approved customers, the case is moved to the credit tray
8. Credit team approves the case
9. Post-approval docs are submitted
10. The Loan is disbursed.

 Digital applications can be submitted online by both pre-approved and non-pre-approved customers. Click here to apply now!

Yes. Pre-approved customers can avail 100% of the on-road price. However, the on-road price should be equal to or less than the Offer amount.
For non pre-approved customers, 100% on-road funding is possible basis parameters like income, stability, FOIR, CIBIL and internal checks.

As no upper limit is prescribed for the maximum Loan amount, it will depend on the cost of the vehicle. E.g. if the on-road price of a car is Rs 20 lakh, a customer can avail Rs 20 lakh depending on the merits of the case.

The Tenure ranges from 12 to 84 months to secure a Loan for a new car.

Anybody can apply for a Car Loan excluding customers below the age of 18 years, customers declared as defaulter by the RBI and applications from countries excluded by the OFAC.

Credit score is one of the key factors to get a Car Loan approved. However, it would also depend on other parameters and on the reason why the applicant has a low credit score.

The down payment would vary from car to car. However, before the disbursal of a Car Loan a margin money receipt is required from the car dealer.

2 sets of documents are required for a Car Loan:

  • Pre-approval documents
  • Post-approval documents

Pre-approval documents:

  • Photograph
  • Application form
  • Performa Invoice
  • KYC documents (Identification, Address and Signature Verification)
  • Banking documents (Salary Account documents for salaried customers and Current Account documents for entities and the self-employed)
  •  Income documents (Salary Slip/ITR/Form 16)
  • Relationship proof in the case of a co-applicant
  • Partnership deed in the case of partnership companies
  • MOA or AOA in the case of companies.

Post approval documents:

  • Agreement Kit
  • Insurance
  •  Partnership Authority letter in the case of partnership firms
  • Board resolution in the case of companies.

This would depend on the merits of the case. Generally, co-applicants are preferred in Auto Loan cases and the Guarantor can be taken if required.

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