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What is Pockets wallet?

Pockets is ICICI Bank’s e- wallet proposition through which you can pay anyone, shop anywhere and pay bills with ease. Your Pockets wallet is a virtual VISA card that comes with a CVV and expiry date which you can use to pay on any VISA credit card accepted website in India.

You may also upgrade to a physical card and swipe your card at stores to shop across retail outlets in India. Pockets is a prepaid payment instrument and must be funded before use.

Is there any charge for registering on Pockets Wallet?

There is no charge for registration and usage of the app. Standard charges for internet data as charged by your mobile operator will apply.

Where can I use Pockets card? Is it valid only on the app?

Pockets wallet comes with a 16 digit VISA pre-paid card which can be used for shopping online across websites in India along with the payment features built inside the app. You also have the option of getting a specially designed Pockets physical card that can be used at stores/outlets.

What are the services available on Pockets mobile app?

The below services are available on Pockets app:

  • UPI, Bill payments, Mobile recharges, Google play recharge & fund transfer.

How does Pockets Prepaid Card work?

The card issued to you is a prepaid card which works under the Pre-paid Payment Instruments guidelines of RBI which states that the card can be loaded up to a maximum limit of Rs 10,000 in a month for min KYC customers and Rs 1,00,000 for Full KYC customers. Also, at any point of time the balance in the card should never be more than Rs 10,000 for Min KYC customers and Rs 1,00,000 for Full KYC customers.  

The card can be used to make online transactions by entering card details in merchant website and can also be used in merchant outlets for POS transactions, if physical card is availed.

What are the eligibility parameters for registering on the Pockets app?

Any individual of Indian origin above the age of 18 years with an active mobile number can register on the app.

Pockets mobile app is available on which mobile devices?

The Pockets mobile app is available on Android as well as iOS devices.

How do I download the Pockets application?

Visit Google Play Store from your Android device or App store from your iOS device and search for Pockets by ICICI Bank. Click on install and accept all permissions.

How to activate Pockets Wallet for Non ICICI Bank customers?

Non ICICI Bank customers can create Pockets wallet through OTP verification and providing minimum details like Name, DOB, Gender, Nationality, PAN and Email. Download the app from your Playstore or Appstore today.

How to update your registered email address on Pockets app?

Now update your email address registered on ICICI Bank Pockets app from Update email address option under My Profile.

Can someone else use Pockets app to access his ICICI Bank account from my mobile device?

No. Other people cannot access their ICICI Bank account as mobile number linked to Pockets and ICICI Bank account should be same. 

NEVER SHARE your Card Number, MPIN, Internet Banking User ID, Password or URN with anyone, even if the caller claims to be a bank employee. Sharing there details can lead to unauthorized access to your account. 

What are the funding limits on pockets?

Full KYC Wallet customers have monthly limit for loading and spending is Rs. 1,00,000/- and Standalone Wallet customers have monthly limit for loading and spending is Rs. 10,000/-

*Full KYC customers: means wallets customer who have completed full KYC using Aadhaar Biometric KYC or existing ICICI Bank customers with savings or credit card have opted for Wallet.

*Standalone Wallet: customers means wallets customer who have availed wallet by providing minimum KYC details without biometric.

How do I Add Funds to my Pockets account?

You can add funds to Pockets through any Bank's Debit Card or Internet Banking or UPI. You can also add funds via NEFT or if you have an existing ICICI Bank account, you can add funds via your linked Savings account.

Through NEFT: You can transfer via NEFT transactions to your Pocket wallet. Just add your Pockets wallet as a payee in your internet banking account. IFSC code to do the NEFT transaction is ICIC0000104.

Through UPI : You can make payment to pockets.XXXXXXXXXX@ICICI using any app that supports UPI 

*Here “XXXXXXXXXX” represents your 10 digit mobile number

How can I change my MPIN in Pockets app?

You can change it from the ‘Settings’ section by choosing ‘Change MPIN’ inside Pockets application.You can change it from the ‘Settings’ section by choosing ‘Change MPIN’ inside Pockets application.

What is Pay Bills in Pockets?

Pay Bills is a Pockets facility that enables you to pay bills instantly without having to register for it.

Which are the billers for pay bills facility in Pockets?

The billers that you can pay with this facility are:

  • Postpaid, Electricity, Landline, DTH, GAS, Insurance WATER, LPG, Loan Repayment, Education Fee, FASTag, Tax, Cable TV, Clubs & Associations, Credit Card, Hospitals, Housing Society, Recurring Deposit, Rental, Subscription.

Is there any charge levied by Pockets Wallet for Bill Pay facility?

There is no charge levied for using the Bill Pay functionality in Pockets wallet.

When will my payment be updated at the biller's end in Pockets app?

It takes two business days from the date of payment to get your payment updated.

I am an existing ICICICan I access the Pockets app without creating a Pockets wallet?

No, you will not be able to access the Pockets app without creating your Pockets wallet.

Who all can I send money to from my Pockets wallet?

You can send money to your registered payees through NEFT. Alternatively, you can also send money to your contacts on their mobile number or send money to your payees UPI ID.

Will I get a cheque book linked to my Pockets wallet while opening Pockets Wallet?

Cheque book facility is not present for Pockets wallet. The Pockets wallet instantly comes with a virtual prepaid visa card, displayed on your dashboard. You can also request for a Physical prepaid card, which will be sent to your communication address.

Will I be able to register bills on Pockets for my recurring bills?

Yes. After your first payment to biller, you will automatically receive Due Bills from next billing cycle in 'Due Bills' section under Pay Bills.

How to activate PayLater on Pockets?

Currently, activation of PayLater is not allowed from Pockets application.

How to recharge your mobile with Pockets app?

Now use your ICICI bank Pockets app and recharge your mobile on the go - convenient, simple and quick. Just login to your Pockets wallet, enter mobile number and select a recharge plan - yes it is that simple!

How to pay for online shopping with Pockets?

Shopping online with ICICI bank Pockets is easy and quick. Just copy and paste Pockets card details in the credit card payment section of your favourite shopping platform and enter OTP received on your registered mobile number to experience faster and secure checkouts.

Can I access the Pockets app on desktop?

No, you can't access Pockets app on desktop.

Is OTP mandatory for creating an account in Pockets app?

Yes, OTP is a mandatory requirement for customers who do not have existing relationship with ICICI Bank. It is sent on your mobile number for your safety and security concerns.

What will happen if I enter incorrect mobile number while doing Mobile Recharge in Pockets?

You have to be careful while entering the mobile number for recharge. In case a wrong mobile number has been recharged by mistake, the amount will not be reversed to your account.

How can I fund my wallet using other bank account in the Pockets app?

On the home page of your dashboard and the menu, you have an option of ‘Add Funds’. Tapping on this you can Add funds to your wallet through Net Banking or Debit Cards, NEFT from other banks and UPI.

Selecting either Net Banking or Debit Cards will take you to the respective bank’s page.

How do I send money from my Pockets wallet account to another Pockets wallet account?

You just need to enter the recipient’s mobile number or Pockets wallet UPI ID and you can transfer money from your Pockets wallet to another Pockets wallet instantaneously.

What is Send to any UPI app in Pockets app?

Upon click to Send to any UPI app users have following options for transfers:

Pay to contact - Enter the recipient’s mobile number to transfer money from your Pockets wallet.

Registered Bank Accounts - Select the beneficiary and transfer money using NEFT using Pockets wallet/Linked ICICI Savings Bank account Send to UPI ID through UPI - Enter the recipient’s UPI ID to transfer money from your Pockets wallet.

How do I apply for Pockets physical card ?

The Pockets virtual VISA card can be upgraded to a physical card from within the app. You will need to share the address for the Physical card to be delivered to, and within 7 days, the card will be sent to your address. This card can be used across India at all stores where card payments are accepted.

How can I reset my MPIN in Pockets app?

You can use the ‘Forgot MPIN’ option on the login screen of Pockets app.

How to reactivate pockets wallet?

Reactivation can be done through below steps

Customer of ICICI Bank: Mobile number verification through SMS + Debit Grid card and PIN/ Credit card PIN authentication (of customer’s debit / credit card)

Non-customer of ICICI Bank: Mobile number verification through SMS + OTP sent to mobile number through SMS + DOB validation will be required.

What are the benefit of ICICI Bank Pockets app?

Following are the benefits of using Pockets - 

Pockets will help you declutter your accounts statements by shifting your small value payments to Pockets wallet. Pockets is a VISA-powered e-wallet that customer of any bank can use to recharge mobile, send money, shop anywhere, pay bills and much more.

Can I fund Pockets through Credit card?

You cannot recharge Pockets Wallet through a Credit Card.

However add funds to Pockets please use: Linked ICICI Bank Account, Debit Card, Internet banking, NEFT from other banks and UPI.

What will happen if I enter incorrect consumer details on Pockets?

When you submit your consumer details, the Pockets app accepts them for processing. If the details belong to a valid biller, the bill will be presented. If the consumer details are invalid, then your request will not be approved.

What is ‘UPI on Prepaid’?

‘UPI on Prepaid’ is a facility on the Pockets app, which enables the customers to make UPI payments using Prepaid Cards.

How can I add a new card for UPI payments?

You can add a new card through the path given below:

BHIM UPI > Manage UPI Profile > Manage Pockets UPI ID > Add New Card > Select Desired Card > Submit.

How can I change my default card for UPI payments?

You can change the default card by following the path:

BHIM UPI > Manage UPI Profile > Manage Pockets UPI ID > ‘Set as Default Card’.

What is the maximum number of cards that I can add for UPI payments?

You can add a maximum of 3 cards for UPI payments.

What types of transactions can be carried out through a PayDirect Card and a Multi Wallet Prepaid Card?

  The following types of transactions can be carried out through a PayDirect Card and a Multi Wallet Card:

 PayDirect Card – P2P (Peer-to-Peer), P2M (Person-to-Merchant), outward and inward transactions.

     Multi Wallet Prepaid Card – Only P2M transactions.

How to address my queries on Pockets App?

You don’t need to walk into our branches for any of your queries related to the app. We have built an entire section in our app called ‘Help’. Here, you would be able to get answers to your queries from our chat feature. Further, you also have the option of calling us or emailing us your query.

What if I have any other queries/concerns?

For queries or complaints related to Pockets, you may call on +9175698 67777 between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday or write at

Do I have an option to block my wallet?

Yes, you can block your card temporarily or permanently by calling our Customer Care on +9175698 67777 between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday or write at