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"I recently had a very unique experience of banking with someone who has no bank account!

Thanks to ICICI Bank for their Cardless Cash Service service! I needed to send cash urgently to my mother’s care giver, who does not have any bank account, and lives far away from my house. I came across this service while surfing the net and thought of trying it since she had ICICI Bank ATMs near to where she stays. All I needed was her mobile no to send her 5000 rupees! . This service from ICICI bank helped me immensely and I hope many like me will get benefited from the same "



Amrita Chaudhuri, IT professional, Behala, Kolkata



"I am a very old ICICI Bank customer and very recently had an experience which made me very happy that I chose my banking partner right! Almost a month back, my husband was in Goa and had unfortunately lost his wallet and all his cards with that. He had no cash and was very worried about what to do and how to get some cash immediately. The bank had closed and there was no way he could get money before next 2 days. I had heard about the service of sending cash to someone without a card internationally and surfed the net to check if any of the banks I am a customer with has that service. I read about Cardless Cash Service- the exact service i was looking out for and decided to try it immediately!

Thanks to ICICI Bank I could transfer some cash to my husband using only his mobile no, address details and he could withdraw using the codes sent to his mobile phone! The only grievance that he had was that he had to try 3-4 ATMs before he could find one which had the service working or available! But that is nothing considering he got the money when he needed!

Hope ICICI Bank continues developing many such thoughtful services for customers in future!"


D. Pereira, Advertising professional, Andheri, Mumbai



"Few days back, I had forgotten to refuel my car and had also forgotten to give money to my driver for the same. When he called me up in the middle of the day asking for money for petrol refill,I suddenly remembered my friend telling me about a service which his bank had for sending Cash to people who had no ATM card. My driver has a bank account but had no card with him so I wanted to check whether my bank i.e. ICICI Bank had any such facility. I surfed the net for instant cash without ATM card with ICICI Bank and came to know of Cardless Cash service. All I needed to do was just use my driver's mobile no, address etc basic details to send cash to him using my internet banking and he could withdraw cash from nearby ATM( thankfully an ATM was nearby!) using the codes that was sent to him. My work was done without breaking a sweat! Thanks ICICI Bank for keeping up with times.

But one thing, after few days i wanted to use the same service to send money to one of my staff members and he had a hard time finding an ATM which had the facility. Hope you guys are getting the service available across all ATMs soon!"


Chitra Balakrishnan Thevar, Business Owner, Mulund, Mumbai