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What is an international transaction?

  • Any transaction made at Point of Sale (POS) overseas
  • Cash withdrawal at ATM overseas
  • E-com transactions on all global websites like: iTunes, Netflix, payments for GRE, GMAT, Airbnb, Agoda, Emirates and many more


Are these transactions secure?

Yes, it is secure to use your card globally.

  • ICICI Bank issues Europay Mastercard and Visa (EMV) Chip Credit & Debit Cards for international usage. These cards have all card data encrypted in a microchip, which is difficult to duplicate. Hence, it protects your card from skimming.
  • Second factor authorisation is not mandatory on international transactions i.e. OTP


What are the charges?

The following charges apply:

Mark up fee - 3.5% + Goods and Services Tax (GST)

ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee overseas – Rs. 125 + GST

Balance Enquiry overseas – Rs. 25 + GST

Always make your international payments in local currency of country of travel to avoid excessive surcharge.


Charges in foreign currency:

If a transaction is done in a currency other than Indian Rupees, that transaction will be converted into Indian Rupees. The conversion will take place on the date the transaction is settled with ICICI Bank, which may not be the same date on which the transaction was done. If the transaction is not in US Dollars, the conversion will be made through US Dollars, by converting the charged amount into US Dollars and then by converting the US Dollar amount into Indian Rupees.

Unless a specific rate is required by applicable law, the conversion rate from US Dollar to Indian Rupees will be at the rates provided by Visa, Mastercard or Amex, as the case may be, on the settlement date, increased by a Currency Conversion Factor assessment (currently 3.50%) on such transactions.