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One Plus Easy Upgrade

Offer period: Till Mar 31, 2025

Use your ICICI Bank Credit Card


Offer Description:

Buy now, pay later with 24-month No Extra Cost* EMI


OnePlus 12 & 12R

OnePlus Open

  • 65% of the transaction value will be converted into 24 EMIs

  • Balance 35% will be payable in the 25th month from the 1st EMI month

  • 35% Assured Buy Back Plan offer Cashify

  • 70% of the transaction value will be converted into 24 EMIs

  • Balance 30% will be payable in the 25th month from the 1st EMI month

  • 30% Assured Buy Back Plan offer Cashify


  • Offer is applicable on above devices only: OnePlus Open & OnePlus 12 & 12R

  • Offer valid at select OnePlus authorized reseller stores and select Partner stores of Reliance and Croma. Click here  for the list of participating stores.

  • Offer is also available on

  • Offer valid on all retail ICICI Bank Credit Cards only

Offer Period: January 1,2024 to March 31, 2025 (both days inclusive)


Steps to avail the offer:

  1. Visit any participating store or

  2. Buy any OnePlus device of your choice (valid on select models)

  3. Choose the scheme

  4. Use ICICI Bank Credit Card to avail the scheme

Terms and Conditions
  • "Card" shall mean an ICICI Bank VISA / MasterCard/American Express Credit Card issued by ICICI Bank, that is valid and subsisting during the Offer Period (does not include ICICI Bank EMI Card, Corporate Card, Business Card)

  • "Cardholder/s" shall mean such customer/s to whom a Card has been issued and who is authorized to hold the Card

  • "Instant EMI" refer to the conversion into EMI upon request by the Cardholder, of transactions performed using the retail Card on EDC (Electronic Data Capture) terminal installed at participating stores or payment gateway of online merchant/s.

  • "Primary Terms and Conditions" shall mean the terms and conditions applicable to the Card in addition to these Terms and Conditions.

  • Offer”: Avail of No Extra cost* EMI on select OnePlus models and get guaranteed fixed buy back price of OnePlus when Cardholder upgrades to next OnePlus.

  • Offer Period” shall mean period commencing from January 1, 2024 to March 31,2025 (both days inclusive)

  • Void Transaction” shall mean any transaction wherein the transaction has taken place but has been cancelled by the merchant prior to settlement with ICICI Bank.

Offer Terms & Conditions

A. Instant EMI facility – Terms & Conditions

  1. Offer is applicable on OnePlus Open and Oneplus 12& 12R models

  2. The device must be purchased from an OnePlus authorized reseller store or only

  3. Offer valid only on Card swiped on PayTM/Pinelabs POS/EDC terminal under Brand EMI option.

  4. The overall transaction amount will be divided into 2 parts as per the model selected i.e 65% & 35% of the transaction amount in case of OnePlus 12 & 12R and 70% & 30% of the transaction amount incase of OnePlus Open 12 & 12R

  5. Illustration for OnePlus 12 & 12R

    • 65% of the transaction amount (Loan amount) will be converted into equated monthly instalments of 24 month tenure.

    • 35% of the transaction amount (Deferred amount) will be billed to cardholder after the end of completion of EMI tenure of loan amount, i.e- in the 25th month Credit Card statement from the 1st EMI month

    • The Cardholder shall be responsible to pay the said amount of 35% of the transaction amount at once and in whole as outstanding amount on the card in the billing cycle immediately succeeding the completion of the EMI tenure of the offer

    • Entire interest amount @10% on overall transaction amount will be charged in the 24 months of EMI tenure.

    • Processing fee of 1% on 65% of transaction amount (Loan amount) will be charged in the month of EMI tenure

  6. The Cardholder may close the facility (prepayment of the outstanding amount) at any time by contacting ICICI Bank's Customer Care to avail of the foreclosure. Foreclosure charges equal to 3% on outstanding principal amount plus next month’s interest shall be levied to Card account. The Card Member necessarily has to call up the ICICI Bank Customer Care for complete prepayment of the facility

  7. Goods and Services Tax will be applicable on processing fee, interest and foreclosure charges

  8. This scheme is provided to cardholder as No extra cost* EMI. The benefit of No extra cost* EMI will be provided as Instant Discount equal to total interest charged by the bank over a period of 24-month tenure.  


Illustration for OnePlus 12

  • Customer buys an OnePlus 12 starting ₹. 64,999/-

  • Rs. 5909 will be given as discount to make the transaction no extra cost EMI for the customer.

  • 65% of ₹.64,999 would be converted into EMI for 24 month tenure. Interest would be charged @9.32% (Per annum reducing rate) on ₹.64,999/-

  • 35% of ₹ 64,999 would be taken as Deferred amount and the same will be billed in the 25th month from the 1st EMI month.


B. 35% Assured Buy Back Plan - Terms and Conditions by Cashify

Assured Buyback Plan is provided by Cashify for OnePlus Easy Upgrades, subject to terms and conditions mentioned below, assures buyback value for OnePlus Device.

  1. Offer applicable on Eligible Device : OnePlus 12, 12R, OnePlus Open

  2. Offer applicable on select devices only. This Offer is brought to you by Manak Waste Management Pvt Limited (‘Cashify’).

  3. This Offer is only valid on purchases of specific Phones made through ICICI Bank Credit Cards upon availing of an 24 - month Instant EMI with a Deferred Payment Facility.

  4. The device must be purchased from OnePlus authorized reseller store or select partners stores of Croma and Reliance or on 24 - month Deferred EMI Payment Facility available on eligible ICICI Bank Credit Cards.

  5. The Cardholders may avail the Assured Buy Back Plan, whereby they will be eligible for a 35% assured return price on the purchase value of the Phone, at the time of trade-in of the Phone device to Cashify enabled reseller stores and other points of contact between 24 months from date of purchase.

  6. The Assured Buy Back value offered to the Cardholder shall be subject to the condition of the device and availability of the original accessories of the particular device being traded in by the Cardholder.

  7. The amount offered under the Assured Buy Back shall be subject to tests conducted by Cashify on the mobile phone device. For more details on how the Assured Buy Back/Trade-in value is calculated, please contact Cashify customer service email ID:

Program Terms &Conditions

  1. ICICI Bank and Brand assumes no responsibility and shall not bear any liability towards the Assured Buy Back facility provided by Cashify.

  2. Cashify assumes no responsibility towards ICICI Bank for underlying device purchase finance Facility taken by the Cardholder.

  3. The device must be purchased from a OnePlus authorized reseller store on ICICI Bank Credit Card with Deferred Payment Facility for availing the benefits under this plan. Upon purchase of the Phone under the financing scheme, the device will be automatically enrolled for this program basis the new Phone IMEI, last 4 digits of customer’s mobile number and customer’s e-mail ID  entered in Point Of Sale machine. The EMI with Deferred Payment Facility on your ICICI Bank Credit Card is independent of the registration for Assured Buy Back/Trade-in facility on the Cashify app/portal, and subject to Terms and Conditions of ICICI Bank.

  4. ICICI Bank does not hold any warranty or make any representation with respect to the availability, delivery, quality, merchantability or suitability of the services to be rendered by merchants. ICICI Bank shall not be held liable for the same in any manner whatsoever. Any dispute or claim regarding the services or Offers must be resolved by the Cardholder/s with the partner directly, without any reference to ICICI Bank.

  5. ICICI Bank has no role in Assured Buy Back and thus will not handle any query and complaints with respect to same. For any questions on Assured Buy Back , Cardholders will have to reach out to the reseller store, and for redemption to Cashify. 

  6. ICICI Bank and merchants reserve the right to add, alter, modify, change or vary all or any of these Terms and Conditions or replace, wholly or in part. 


1.     Declarations

  • The Buyback Services (“Services”) are provided by Manak Waste Management Pvt Ltd. (“Cashify”) at its sole discretion and you agree to the Terms of Use of Cashify before availing the same.

  • The OnePlus ABB Program is exclusively for end mobile customers only. Mobile retailers, mobile shop workers, and mobile dealers are not eligible to participate in the program or receive its benefits. If an ABB order is created with any such address, Cashify reserves the right to cancel the order.

  • You hereby give your consent that your personal information that you have provided in connection with this buyback program might be processed, transferred and retained by the retailer and other entities involved in managing the program for the purposes of validating the information that you provided herein and for the administration of the program.

2.     Definitions:

  • New Device means OnePlus Mobile purchased by consumer on which the ABB Plan is available (OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R)

  • Eligible Customer (“You”) means a new/existing OnePlus customer who has availed the ABB plan in accordance with this Customer T&C. ‘Eligible Customer is also referred to as You’, ‘Your’, ‘Customer’ and ‘Subscriber’ in this Customer T&C.

  • Assured Buy Back Value means the value of the Device at the time of redemption. The factors affecting the value are shared below –

Age of the device

Assured Buy Back Value

(i.e. the time period from OnePlus new device purchase date)

(% of Invoice Value after discount)




1 - 90 Days



91 - 180 Days



181 - 270 Days



271 - 360 Days



361 - 450 Days



451 - 555 Days



556 – 735 Days




 2. Buyback Value may differ from Assured Buy Back Value and will depend on the condition of the Device which are as follows.

  1. Users can opt for ABB of the above-mentioned new devices during the period of 12 months starting from January 23, 2024 till December 22, 2024 only.

  2. All devices covered under the ABB plan to accepted basis the days bracket only.

  3. ABB redemption request will not be accepted beyond the bracket days as mentioned above.

  4. This Plan is neither assignable nor transferable under any circumstance. The customers will be asked to show the copy of invoice of the device and government ID proof at the time of redemption. 

  5. Only functional devices are applicable for this program. Device should be in working condition. Device should be charged and the pickup executive should be able to validate the checks on the phone

  6. Devices will have to be in India for buyback.

  7. The Device must be switching ON and remain in the ON-condition for a minimum of 15 minutes without being connected to a charger.

  8. The Device must be fully functional (should pass Cashify functional diagnostic test)

  9. Screen lock must not be active (all forms of screen locks like pattern, pin, password, fingerprint, face recognition, smart lock, etc. need to be deactivated).

  10. The device shouldn't have any active finance lock.

  11. Devices with major faults, dents, scratches and damages will not be considered for Buyback.

  12. Phone does not switch on, or is unable to make calls/connect to the network.

  13. Phone and all of its components and parts should be genuine, original &  in good working condition.

  14. Brand/Model/Variant is different from what is mentioned in the ABB Plan at the time of purchase of the new device

  15. Phone is should not be rooted, cloned or software hacked.

  16. IMEI, on dialling *#06#, does not match with information already provided

  17. Body should not have: Cracks, Major Scratches (More than 2) and Major Dents (More than 2), Body Bent/Bulge/De-Shaped

  18. Battery should not be swollen, and No Parts and Components should be missing

  19. On Screen: Cracks, Major Scratches, Screen coming out of body, Touch-Screen issue, Discoloration. The display should not have any spots or dead pixels

  20. Device should not have water damage or be repaired from an unauthorized source.

  21. No parts, buttons, panels, components, accessories should be missing. Includes Brand Box, Charger, Earphones and any other accessories in the brand box in working condition.

  22. There should be no broken, cracked or damaged parts, including screen, body panel, buttons etc.

  23. Regular signs of usage, less than 3 minor scratches on body or screen are acceptable.

  24. The display screen of the Buyback Product is not broken, Internal display is not having damages, spots, lines or fading on the screen or screen is loose.

  25. Devices with hinge issues / folding issues or misalignment at the hinge will not be considered for Buyback.

  26. Unauthorised modifications to the Device will not be considered for Buyback.

  27. All the original accessories like charger and charging cable should be available and in working condition, without any body damages or missing parts. In case the Customer fails to provide the original box, charger, and other accessories for the Device under the conditions specified above, Assured Buyback Value shall be reduced accordingly.

  28. The whole process may take around 20-30 mins, you need to support the Logistics field executive during this time.

  29. In case the above conditions are not met, Cashify reserves the right to reject the Buyback Plan redemption.

Acceptable Device Conditions: Devices that are considered under Good and Average conditions in addition to meeting the above requirements will be acceptable at Assured Value. Devices in Below Average Condition are subject to vary at the discretion of Cashify.


Phone in working condition: Switches on, and is able to make calls.

The Phones should be free from any Functional Defect

Should have all the accessories in the working condition

Phone Body should be Free from Dents/ Cracks- Minor Scratches(1/2) are acceptable

The screen should not be Cracked/Chipped, line, or spots- Minor Scratches(1/2) are acceptable




Phone in working condition: Switches on, and is able to make calls.

The Phones should be free from any Functional Defect

Should have all the accessories in the working condition

Phone Body should be Free from Cracks- Minor Dents, Major Scratch/Dents are acceptable

The screen should not be Cracked/Chipped, line, or spots- Major Scratches, or spots (1/2) are acceptable



Below Average

Phone in working condition: Switches on, and is able to make calls.

The Phones should be free from any Functional Defect

Should have all the accessories in the working condition

Phone Body - Cracked or Broken, Missing/Loose Panel

Screen Condition: Cracked/Chipped, line, or spots


Plan Term

The Plan shall be effective for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase of applicable device.

Plan Activation

Activation will be initiated after the system generated billing (invoice) of your device. On successful activation of the Plan, an automated Email/SMS with the ABB activation confirmation will be sent on the registered contact details shared by you at the time of OnePlus device purchase. Plan will be linked to the mobile number used for purchase from OnePlus e-Store or exclusive retail store.

Scope of Service under the Plan

Subject to you handing over the device to authorized ABB partner Cashify along with the accessories subsequent to a buyback request made by you and that you have followed all the instructions and have submitted all the documents (if requested), you will be eligible to avail the benefits of the plan within the plan term.

Eligible Devices

 The below OnePlus devices activated under the OnePlus Easy Upgrades program will be eligible to receive an Assured Value from Cashify basis the Terms and Conditions.


Model Name



OnePlus 12

OnePlus 12 CPH2573 India 256GB 12GB Silky Black IN



OnePlus 12

OnePlus 12 CPH2573 India 512GB 16GB Silky Black IN



OnePlus 12

OnePlus 12 CPH2573 India 256GB 12GB Flowy Emerald IN



OnePlus 12

OnePlus 12 CPH2573 India 512GB 16GB Flowy Emerald IN



OnePlus 12R

OnePlus 12R CPH2585 India 256GB 16GB Cool Blue IN



OnePlus 12R

OnePlus 12R CPH2585 India 256GB 16GB Iron Gray IN



OnePlus 12R

OnePlus 12R CPH2585 India 128GB 8GB Cool Blue IN



OnePlus 12R

OnePlus 12R CPH2585 India 128GB 8GB Iron Gray IN




ABB Redemption

i. Customers can only redeem ABBs in the pin codes serviceable by Cashify.

 ii. Upon successful completion of checks and in app diagnostics, the device will be picked up.

 iii. At the time of Buyback valuation, in case there is:

a. No Discrepancies : Meeting Quality checks - the customer will get the ABB value as committed


b. Discrepancies: Not meeting Quality checks – Cashify shall provide the revised ABB value to the Customer or reject the ABB redemption request. In case the Customer accepts the revised ABB value, Cashify executive shall pick up the device. In case the Customer declines to accepted the revised ABB value, the ABB request/ Plan will be cancelled.

Transfer Of Plan

 i. The Plan is non-transferable.

 ii. The transfer of ownership of the Device to another party will render the Plan & its benefits null and void.

 iii. Plan will be linked to the mobile number used for purchase from OnePlus eStore or Exclusive retail store.

General Terms

  1. The Plan may be availed by Indian citizens of 18 years and above of age.

  2. By completing the opt-in process for the Plan, You also consent to the information such as Mobile Number, email ID, address, IMEI and IMEI activation date being stored in the servers of Cashify and allows it to be used by them for the purpose of Plan Activation, Redemption and associated communications.

  3. By agreeing to avail the Plan, You hereby represent, warrant and covenant that:

    1. You are the sole, absolute and lawful owner of the Device;

    2. The Device has been used by You in accordance with the applicable laws of the land.

    3. The Device along with all its accessories, wherever applicable, under the Plan is genuine and is not counterfeit, free from any and all encumbrances, liens, attachments, disputes, legal flaws or any agreement of sale etc.

    4. You will remove your data and reboot the device before handing it over to retailer. You shall be completely liable and responsible for any data present in the device handed over by you during the redemption process.

  4. Any documents as required for Plan activation / redemption shall be submitted by You, failure to do the same may result in cancellation of Plan for You at the sole discretion of Cashify & OnePlus.

  5. You shall indemnify and keep indemnified Cashify and OnePlus and their officers, directors, employees, customers, affiliates and agents harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, suits, proceedings, action, liabilities, damages, expenses and costs (including attorney's fees and court costs) which Cashify and OnePlus may incur, pay or become responsible as facilitator as a result of breach or alleged breach of the representations or obligations under the T&C hereunder, any failure to comply with applicable law and any third party claims Cashify and OnePlus shall have the right to defend themselves, pursuant to this Clause, at Your cost. Cashify and OnePlus or their respective affiliates shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive or consequential damages, including loss of profits, incurred by the You or any third party, in connection with the Plan. It is expressly provided that transaction shall be between You and Cashify only.

  6. You acknowledge and agree that all copyright and trademarks and all other intellectual property rights in the SMS content, WAP/APP, Platform and all material or content related to the Plan shall remain, at all times, owned by Cashify & OnePlus. All material and content contained is made available for your personal and non-commercial use only. Any other use of the material/content on the platform and/or any information disseminated by SMS or any other means of communication is strictly prohibited.

  7. Subject to any applicable law (a) All warranties of any kind whatsoever, whether express or implied, are hereby expressly DISCLAIMED including, but not limited to, meeting of Your requirements or aspirations, timeliness, security, the results or reliability of the Plan, delay in sending or receiving the SMS for participating in the Plan, or the delivery, pick up, quality, quantity, merchantability, fitness for use or non-infringement in respect of any goods, Plan, benefits or awards acquired or obtained through the Plan or any transactions effected through the Plan; (b) You expressly agree Your availing the benefits under this Plan, is at Your sole risk and is governed by the T&C herein; and (c) No advice or information whether by representations, oral, written or pictorial derived from the platforms including but not limited to Platforms/SMS, shall be construed to mean the giving of any warranty of any kind.

  8. Cashify and OnePlus shall not be responsible for any loss, injury or any other liability arising out of availing of the Plan.

  9. Cashify shall not be liable for any loss, delay or damage due to act of God, governmental actions, other force majeure circumstances and shall not be liable to pay any amount as compensation, or otherwise, for any such loss, delay or damage.

  10. This Plan is neither assignable nor transferable under any circumstance, unless specifically provided hereunder.

  11. You providing any incorrect information or concealing/withholding any information from Cashify and OnePlus with intent to avail the Plan will automatically be barred from availing the Plan.

  12. Cashify reserves the right to extend, cancel, discontinue, prematurely withdraw, change, alter or modify this Plan or any part thereof including the eligibility criteria, the T&C at their sole discretion at any time during its validity as may be required including in view of business exigencies and/or changes by a regulatory authority and/or statutory changes and/or any reasons beyond their control and the same shall be binding on You.

  13. Failure by Cashify or OnePlus to enforce any of their rights at any stage does not constitute a waiver of those rights. Further, Cashify may assign any of its rights within the Plan to any party without prior intimation to You.

  14. This Plan and T&C are subject to Indian law. Any dispute arising out of this Plan and T&C shall first be attempted to be resolved amicably through negotiations. The Courts at Delhi shall have the exclusive jurisdiction in respect of all the subject matter with relation to the Plan and/or this T&C.


a) Terms and conditions prescribed ICICI Bank Card Holders


  1. ICICI Bank holds out no warranty or makes no representation about the quality, delivery or otherwise of the goods and services or the assured gifts / prizes offered by the Alliance Partners. Any dispute or claim regarding the goods, services and assured gifts / prizes must be resolved by the Card Holder/s with the Alliance Partners directly without any reference to ICICI Bank.

  2. ICICI Bank does not guarantee and make any representation about the usefulness, worthiness and/or character of the discount / benefit or of the Products/Services under the Offer provided by the Alliance Partner.

  3. ICICI Bank shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for any loss/ damage/ claim that may arise out of use or otherwise of any goods/ services / assured gifts / prizes availed by the Card Holder/s under the Program/Offer offered by the Alliance Partner/s.

  4. All issues / queries / complaints / grievances relating to the Offer, if any, shall be addressed to Alliance Partner without any reference to ICICI Bank.

  5. ICICI Bank reserves the right to disqualify the Alliance Partner/s or Card Holder/s from the benefits of the Program if any fraudulent activity is identified as being carried out for the purpose of availing the benefits under the Program or otherwise by use of the Card.

  6. The cash back/ discount /assured gift / prize is sponsored by the Alliance Partner and the Card Holder/s shall be bound by the terms and conditions stipulated by the Alliance Partner in this regard.

  7. ICICI Bank shall not be held liable for any delay or loss that may be caused in delivery of the goods and services or the assured gifts / prizes.

  8. The Program/Offer is not available wherever prohibited and / or on merchandise / products / services for which such programs cannot be offered for any reason whatsoever.

  9. The Offer is not available wherever prohibited and / or on products / services for which such offers cannot be made available for any reason whatsoever.

  10. ICICI Bank/Alliance Partner reserve the right to modify/ change all or any of the terms applicable to the Offer without assigning any reasons or without any prior intimation whatsoever. ICICI Bank also reserves the right to discontinue the Offer without assigning any reasons or without any prior intimation whatsoever.

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