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Bank Accounts

What is NRI Premia Program?

NRI Premia program is a premium offering for global citizens like you. Enticing offers such as preferential remittance rates, Domestic & International airport lounge access, family banking benefits and much more....



What are the eligibility criteria for opening an NRI Premia Program Account?

You are eligible for the ICICI Bank NRI Premia Program if you:

  • Hold atleast one NRE or NRO Savings account, singly or jointly operated, with ICICI Bank and
  • Minimum monthly average balance of INR 5 Lacs (effective Sept’2021) in your Current & Savings (CASA) accounts
  • Or INR 25 Lacs in CASA + FD
  • Or INR 50 Lacs in your CASA + Deposit + Loans* + Demat**+ Credit card Spends***
  • Or INR 100 Lacs in Home Loan~

*ICICI Disbursed value of Auto loans, Education Loans, Personal Loans, Loan against Securities, Loan on Mutual Funds, Business Loans,

~ICICI Disbursed value of Home Loans

**Only equity portfolio.

***Average spends of credit cards of last 12 months.

CASA level: Cumulative minimum average balance in all Saving/Non-interest bearing accounts under same customer ID.


How can I upgrade my account to NRI Premia Program? If so, will I get a new ATM-cum-Debit Card when I become an NRI Premia Program customer?

To become a Premia customer ,

If you already hold the requisite balances in your account, you can upgrade your account by placing a request at your nearest ICICI Bank branch or call our Customer Care.

If you don’t hold the requisite balances in your account , fund your account to ensure required balances and then, place the request at your nearest ICICI Bank branch or call our Customer Care.

You have an option to continue with the existing card or alternatively the new ICICI Bank World Debit Card will be sent to you on your specific request only. You can apply for the ICICI Bank World Debit Card through any of the following ways:

  • Call our Customer Care
  • Place a request through your Internet banking account
  • Walk into any ICICI Bank branch in India and submit your request

I have a relationship with ICICI Bank of more than Rs. 25,00,000 but I do not hold any savings account account with the Bank. Am I eligible for an NRI Premia Program account

To be eligible for an NRI Premia account, you need to have either NRE or NRO savings account relation with ICICI Bank.

To open a savings account- Customer needs to place a request to open NRE/NRO account, which can be done thorough -

  • Call our Customer Care
  • Walk into any ICICI Bank branch in India and submit your request.

Can I use my debit cards linked to NRE and NRO account for online transaction?

Yes debit cards linked to NRE and NRO account are enabled for online transaction. However debit cards linked to NRO accounts can be used only for domestic online transactions initiated on merchant website(s) based in India

Please note Silver debit card linked to NRO account is not enabled for online transactions.


Should I apply for the insurance cover separately or do I get enrolled for it automatically?

Insurance cover is a part of the product and will be available to you without any extra cost. However, you will be required to give an undertaking to accept the insurance cover. You can enjoy the insurance benefits as long as you maintain an NRI Premia status.


What is the process for insurance claims?

For lodging a claim, customers need to call ICICI Lombard Customer Care on 1800-209-8888. The Customer needs to indicate his NRI Premia status and quote his Customer ID/ Account number which will be the identifier for all insurance covers.

Alternatively, the customer can also write to:

Retails Claim, ICICI Lombard GIC,
4th Floor, Interface 11,
Malad Link Road,
Malad (W),
Mumbai – 400 064.

On receiving the customer request, ICICI Lombard will intimate the customer on the documents required and on the claim process.


Am I required to sign any declaration before signing for the product?

Yes. All NRI Premia customers are required to accept the general and product associated Terms & Conditions. In addition to this, the customer will also have to sign an undertaking to enable ICICI Bank to share his / her information with the insurance provider. This will be used to verify the customer identity in case of any claims.


What is ICICI Bank NRI Family Banking?

NRI Family Banking is a product in which an NRI Premia customer can link the ICICI Bank Savings account of his family members in India to his NRI account and thus, group their respective relationships (Savings Account, Term Deposit, Recurring Deposit), i.e. their Customer IDs with ICICI Bank, under a single ID called the 'Family ID'.

Which accounts are eligible to be grouped under the NRI Family ID?

Only Savings Account holders, with the exception of the No Frills, HUF and current Account holders are eligible to form the Family ID. Account holders who have only Term Deposit or Recurring Deposit Accounts are not eligible to form a Family ID under NRI Family. Only Savings Account, Advantage Woman Savings Account, Senior Citizen Savings Account and Youngstars Savings Account are eligible to form the Family ID, under Savings Family.


Can two Savings Accounts be linked under a NRI Family ID?

Yes, two Savings Account holders can form a Savings Account Family ID. However,  the NRI Premia customer ID has to be the primary customer ID in NRI Premia Family ID.


What are the banking relationships with ICICI Bank that can be linked under the Family Banking relationship?

Members of a family can group their deposit relationships with ICICI Bank under a single Family ID which includes the Savings, Term Deposit and Recurring Deposit Accounts.


Who can place a request to add members in the Family Banking relationship?

Only the primary member ie the NRI Premia account holder can add a new member in NRI Premia family ID.


Which account holder can I nominate as the Primary Customer ID?

It is mandatory that the NRI Premia account holder be the Primary Customer ID in NRI Premia family ID.


Which of my family members can be grouped under the same NRI Family ID?

Family members including parents, spouse, children, grand parents, grand children, in-laws and siblings of the NRI Premia account holder can be linked under the same Family ID.

What are the minimum and maximum number of members who can form a Family ID?

A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 members (including the NRI primary holder)of a family can form a Family ID. NRI Premia account holder has to mandatorily be Primary Customer ID holder in the NRI family ID.


What are the variants under which Family Banking is available?

NRI Family Banking is available in the following 2 variants:

  • NRI Pro family
  • NRI Premia family

What is the minimum Monthly Average Balance required to be maintained by the family?

Only NRI Premia applicant needs to maintain the requisite Monthly average balance (MAB). Other family members don’t need to maintain monthly average balance.


Can a new member be added to a NRI Family ID at a later date?

Yes, a new member can be added to the NRI Family ID at a later date. The Family Banking Application Form is to be filled-in and signed by the Primary Customer ID holder ie NRI Premia customer.


Can members of a Family ID close the Family ID?

No, only Primary customer ID holder ie NRI Premia applicant can close the Family ID relationship with ICICI Bank.

What is a concierge service?

A concierge service is a speciality service designed to provide assistance in managing your daily personal and professional tasks, or "to do" lists. It operates as your very own personal assistant and offers specific services depending on your needs.


Why do I need a concierge?

It helps to save time, eliminate stress and help you relax while we take care of the finer details. We aim to service your requests to your satisfaction using our extensive network of vendors and professionals.

What are the services that concierge can help me with?

We offer a range of services. These are listed below:

  • Dining Referral and Reservation Assistance
  • Hotel Referral and Reservation Assistance
  • Airline / Car Transfer/ Rail Reservation
  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Flower and Gift Delivery Assistance
  • Golf Course Referral and Reservation Assistance
  • Special Events and Performance Assistance
  • Spa, Fitness Center and Sports Center Information and Referral Assistance

What are your service hours?

The concierge team is available 24x7, 365 days a year.


How to avail concierge services?

Concierge is a complimentary service available to only NRI Premia customers. Contact at +91 11 40608652 or send an e-mail to

How much do you charge for your services?

Being NRI Premia customer you do not pay any extra costs for our services and referrals. In case you choose to make a booking or place an order through concierge, you need to pay only towards the cost of the purchase/ order.

What methods of payments are accepted?

In case your request involves a payment, you will be asked to enter your card details on our IVR service. This RBI authorised mode of payment is completely safe and secure.

How will I know in case of any charges?

We provide the complete details of the applicable charges for any bookings/ purchase through concierge prior to initiating the payment process.