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NRI Pro is a unique savings account designed for customers like you who are on their path to success. It is packed with features like priority service that add convenience to your financial transactions so that you can focus on achieving success in your professional space.

The account also provides special benefits for your family in India and gives you access to preferential rate offers on loans and money transfers

You are eligible for the ICICI Bank NRI Pro account if you:

  • Hold atleast one NRE or NRO Savings account, singly or jointly operated, with ICICI Bank and
  • Maintain a minimum Monthly Average Balance (MAB) of INR 1,00,000 at CASA level or INR 5, 00,000 at Customer ID level.


CASA level: Cumulative minimum average balance in all Saving/Non-interest bearing accounts under same customer ID.


Customer ID level: Monthly average balance in NRE Savings / Non interest bearing account + Monthly average balance in NRO Savings / Non interest bearing account + Month end balance in Fixed deposit/s and Recurring deposit/s within the same customer ID.


If you already hold the requisite balances in your account, you can upgrade your account by placing a request at your nearest ICICI Bank branch or calling our 24x7 Customer Care.

If you don’t hold the requisite balances in your account, fund your account to ensure required balances and then, place the request at your nearest ICICI Bank branch or call our 24x7 Customer Care.

You can continue with the existing card after account upgrade.

Alternatively, you can apply for a new card through any of the following ways :


  • Call our 24-hour Customer Care.
  • Place a request through your Internet banking account.
  • Visit you nearest ICICI Bank branch in India.

To be eligible for an NRI Pro account, you need to hold either an NRE or an NRO savings account with ICICI Bank.

To open a savings account, you can place a request in any of the following ways : -

  • Call our 24-hour Customer Care.
  • Place a request for opening subsequent NRE/NRO savings account through your Internet banking account.
  • Walk into any ICICI Bank branch in India and submit your request.

High cash withdrawal limit of Rs.1 lac per day, transaction limit of Rs.1.5 lac per day for usage across the world and Rs.2 Lac per day for usage in India. The cash withdrawal and POS limits are subject to the availability of funds in your account.

You can customise your Debit Card limits by walking into any ICICI Bank branch and filling and submitting a simple request form. Also, you can request for customisation of limits by sending a form to NRI cell, Mumbai.

There are no annual charges applicable on your ICICI Bank Platinum debit Card.

To register for 3D Secure click here.

Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code is a service that allows you to protect your online purchases through a personal secure 6 digit numeric 3D secure password.

No. It will be asked only for those merchants that have enrolled for this service. As per RBI mandate, all merchants located in India have to be mandatorily registered for this service for online transactions.

You can re-register and create a new password by logging on to clickhere. If you forget your 3D Secure password when making an online purchase, you can quickly reset your password by clicking on the “Forgot your 3D Secure Password” link in the payment authentication screen during the purchase.

Yes debit cards linked to NRE and NRO account are enabled for online transaction. However debit cards linked to NRO accounts can be used only for domestic online transactions initiated on merchant website(s) based in India.


Please note Silver debit card linked to NRO account is not enabled for online transactions.

For all remittances done through, NRI Pro customers will get a preferential rate benefit.
Kindly note that the offer is valid only on USD, GBP, SGD, AUD, CAD and CHF currencies and only in those countries where is available.

NRI Pro customers already registered on will be automatically enabled for the preferential rate. An e-mailer communicating this information will be sent to their registered e-mail IDs.

NRI Pro customers not registered on will get an e-mailer with a promo code on their registered e-mail ID. The customer needs to register on with the promo code to get enabled for the preferential rate benefit.

Please send an e-mail to specifying the promo code and your existing M2I login ID and the preferential rate will be activated on your existing M2I login ID.

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