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Corporate Care

At ICICI Bank we are always committed to meet all your banking needs.

In Commercial Banking we have dedicated Account Managers (AM) and Customer Service Managers (CSM) to meet all your requirements.

You can reach our large network of branches for any queries. Click here to reach our Commercial branches.

In addition to above you can contact our Corporate Care Services phone banking officers for following queries: click here to speak to our Phone Banking Officer.

  • Email statement regeneration
  • Cheque book
  • Stop payment
  • Hotlisting of debit Card
  • Regeneration of Debit Card PIN
  • Demand draft
  • Fixed Deposit

Other services:

  • Product Information
  • Balance and Transaction Enquiry
  • Registration of email and mobile banking
  • Track cheque status

If you are not yet registered on Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) please click here to register now.

To place a request for Mark to market (MTM), treasury clients please click here.

For your queries you can write to or email Us

If you wish to convey your appreciation about our products, services or people, we would like to hear from you, click here.

Your suggestions for improvement are always welcome, click here.