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2 mins Read | 3 Years Ago

Low On Capital But Want To Invest For The Long Run iWish Has You Covered With Recurring Deposits


For the average individual wanting to invest their hard-earned money, there’s absolutely no dearth of investment options. Right from Stocks and Mutual Funds to Fixed Deposits and Recurring Deposits, there are a host of them readily available. 

But then, what if you’re low on capital? What kind of an investment option do you opt for? If you’re looking to invest for the long-term, investing in the Equity Markets through the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) mode is a great option. However, the risk that you would be subjecting your investment to may be far higher too.

Safer and more traditional options like Fixed Deposits aren’t that better. With Fixed Deposits, you need to invest a significant amount of capital in order to be able to enjoy moderate returns. For investors with low capital investing capacity but with a long-term view, Recurring Deposits seem to tick all the right boxes. 

However, not all Recurring Deposits give you the same degree of freedom and flexibility. The iWish flexible RD from ICICI Bank does, though. You’re now wondering what exactly this iWish RD is, and how it is better than the other options in the financial market, aren’t you? Continue reading to find out just how the iWish flexible RD can help you transform your financial situation.

How is the iWish flexible RD different from regular Recurring Deposits?

With regular Recurring Deposits, you’re required to deposit a pre-determined fixed sum of money at specific intervals without fail. In the event where you miss a deposit, you will be charged a penalty by the financial institution. Also, once you’ve opened a Recurring Deposit with an institution, you don’t get the option to change either the tenure or deposits that you’re required to make.

Here’s where the iWish flexible RD has an edge over regular Recurring Deposits. With this unique scheme from ICICI Bank, you can deposit any amount of money at any point in time. Additionally, there are absolutely no restrictions with respect to the number of deposits that you can make in a month. 

Since you’re allowed to make deposits at any time during the pre-selected tenure, there’s also no penalty that’s levied for missing your deposits. The icing on the cake is that iWish gives you all of these features at just about the same interest rate as regular Recurring Deposits. This makes it one of the most flexible deposit schemes ever.

Are there any other advantages of the ICICI Bank iWish deposit scheme?

Of course, there are. In fact, the iWish deposit scheme comes with a couple more advantages as well. While traditional Recurring Deposits have a minimum deposit amount of Rs 500, the iWish flexible RD has a minimum deposit amount of just Rs 50. Deposits can be made in multiples of Rs 50 as well.

In addition to this, ICICI Bank’s iWish RD also supports goal-based financial planning. All you have to do is choose your end-goal and select the target amount and tenure. You can also select the frequency of your deposits. Once you’ve made these choices, the one-of-a-kind iWish calculator tool will clearly show you just how much you need to save each month to reach your target goal along with the total maturity amount at the end of the tenure and the interest earned for the period. 


As you’ve seen already, the ICICI Bank iWish flexible RD is the perfect option for individuals who are low on capital but are keen on planning for their long-term future. With the option to make flexible contributions and zero penalty for missed deposits, even individuals who don’t have a steady source of income can make use of iWish to plan their finances. 

Thanks to the insightful iWish calculator feature, you can still make use of ICICI Bank’s iWish even if you’re unsure of your future financial requirements as long as you have a target end goal. The tool automatically does the calculations for you based on your inputs and displays the amount of money that you’re required to deposit each month to arrive at your end goal.

With so many exciting features and attractive interest rates, start your very own iWish flexible RD right now and enjoy building your finances.


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