Documents Required

1.1 Mandatory documents for all Special Savings Accounts
1. Appropriate Account opening form.
2. Specimen signatures and latest photographs of all authorised signatories.
3. Copy of PAN or duly filled Form 60-with reasons of not having PAN.
Copy of duly acknowledged form 49A where the client has filled form 60 with the reason 'Applied for PAN'.
4. Self-drawn Cheque (Signature and stamp on cheque to match with that in Account opening form).
5. Certified copy of Resolution to open the account signed by Managing Trustee / Chairperson / Secretary / any two authorised signatories (for Trust / Association / Society / Club).
1.2 Documents specific for Trusts/Associations/Clubs/Society
1. For Trusts:
Certified "True and Updated" copy of Trust Deed signed by managing / authorised trustees.
For Associations / Society / Clubs:
Certified "True and Updated" copy of rules & bye-laws (for Association / Society / Club) signed by the Secretary.
2. Certified "True and Updated" copy of certificate of registration (for Trusts/ Association / Society / Club).
Certificate of Registration is not mandatory for opening accounts of Private Trusts. In such cases, proof of address is mandatory.
3. List of all office bearers / Trustees, to be obtained on the letterhead (of the Trust / Association / Society / Club), with their addresses and signed and dated by Managing Trustee / Chairperson / Secretary / two authorised signatories.
4. The following documents are required to establish the tax-exempt status of the applicant (if applicable):
i. Copy of the last acknowledged return of income / IT assessment order verifying that the income is exempt from tax.
ii. Registration certificate from Income Tax establishing that the income of entity is exempt from tax.
iii. Confirmation from the authorised signatory that the income of the entity is exempt under the Income-tax Act.
5. Identity proofs for all authorised signatories.
6. If documents as mentioned in point 1, 2 or the IT assessment order/IT registration certificate submitted by the applicant does not establish the communication address as mentioned in the Account opening form, separate proof of communication address in the name of the Trusts / Associations / Society / Club needs to be collected.