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India's most comprehensive

Savings Account

Family 360° Banking

  • Family 360° Banking

Family 360 degree banking

Family 360° Banking

Your family’s lifelong banking companion!

  • Flexibility to maintain balance collectively across Personal, Business and Family Accounts
  • Extend programme benefits to your family members.
  • Premium Credit Card, Travel Card & Debit Card
  • Special pricing benefits on Loans, Remittances and Demat Accounts
  • Single Relationship Manager for all banking requirements
  • Tailored solutions for kids and senior citizens

Wealth Banking Savings Account

  • Wealth Savings

Wealth Savings Account

Wealth Savings Account

  • Dedicated Relationship Manager and Service Relationship Manager supported by a team of experts for investments and Business Banking
  • Mastercard World Debit Card with 2 complimentary airport lounge access(es)
  • Air Accident Insurance of ₹1 crore and Personal Accident Insurance of ₹12 lakh
  • No minimum balance requirement.

Customers maintaining a ‘Total Relationship Value’ of minimum ₹25 lakh are eligible for this account.


Savings Account for Senior Citizen

  • Family 360°

  • Senior Citizens
    Savings Account

Privilege Banking Programme

Family 360° Banking

  • Priority assistance, Doorstep Banking and more
  • Curated investment solutions with ICICI Direct, Fixed Deposits and more
  • Exclusive offers on succession planning services, elderly care and pharmacy
  • Conveniently submit Form 15H online through the iMobile Pay app or Internet Banking
  • Extend Programme benefits to your spouse, children and grandchildren

Pensioners of Civil, Defence, Railways and EPFO are eligible for the programme with no minimum balance Pension Account.    Click here to know more.

Senior Citizens Savings Account

Senior Citizens Savings Account

  • Priority assistance, Doorstep Banking and more with curated solutions for senior citizen
  • Avail Doorstep Banking facility at no additional charge
  • No charges on cash withdrawals across ATMs of all the banks
  • Minimum Monthly Average Balance of ₹4,500

Pensioners of Civil, Defence, Railways and EPFO are eligible for the programme with no minimum balance Pension Account

Savings Account for Students & Kids

  • Campus Power
    Savings Account

  • Young Stars
    Savings Account

  • Smart Star
    Savings Account

Campus Power Savings Account

Campus Power Savings Account*

  • Complimentary Manchester United Platinum Credit Card and Coral Credit Card from the first year of college
  • Education Loans at attractive interest rates with full expense coverage
  • Complimentary Alumni Sapphiro Credit Card after graduation
  • No minimum balance requirement.

*Account designed for students of select institutes.

Young Star Savings Account

Young Stars Savings Account

For children below 18 years of age

  • Account operated by the guardian on behalf of the minor
  • Complimentary Titanium Debit Card
  • iWish goal-based savings to achieve your child’s future milestones
  • Minimum Monthly Average Balance of ₹2,500
Smart Stars Savings Account

Smart Star Savings Account

For children aged between 10 years and 18 years

  • Account operated with or without guardian
  • Complimentary Titanium Debit Card
  • Minors can issue cheques from their personalised chequebooks
  • Minimum Monthly Average Balance of ₹2,500

3-in-1 Account

  • ICICI Direct
    3-In-1 Account

ICICIdirect 3-In-1 Account

ICICI Direct 3-In-1 Account

  • ICICI Bank 3-in-1 Savings, Demat & Trading Account.
  • Make your stock selections easier with One Click Equity Portfolios
  • free research recommendations on individual stocks
  • View Live share prices, share trading on NSE and BSE, Futures and Options trading, Currency Trading, Mutual Fund investments, Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Life Insurance and much more

Other Savings Accounts

  • Regular
    Savings Account

  • Basic Savings Bank
    Deposit Accounts

Regular Savings Account

Regular Savings Account

  • Titanium Debit Card with daily withdrawal limit of ₹1 lakh
  • Inter-city payments without any charges through multi-city cheques
  • iMobile Pay App and Internet Banking to manage your account digitally
  • Minimum Monthly Average Balance (MAB) requirement of ₹10,000 per month.


Basic Savings Bank Deposit Accounts

Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account (BSBDA)

  • Complimentary RuPay Debit Card
  • No charges on cash deposits, SMS alerts and ATM withdrawals from any bank
  • Complimentary Passbook facility
  • No minimum balance requirement

Digital Banking Solutions

  • iMobile Pay App

  • Internet Banking

iMobile Pay app
  • 01. Seamless transfer of money anytime, anywhere
  • 02. Pay bills from the comfort of your home
  • 03. Manage Credit Card limits, block/unblock cards, change PIN and more
  • 04. Check your pre-approved loan offers and get instant sanctions
  • 05. Apply, track and manage your investments
Internet Banking
  • 01. Real-time access to all your accounts
  • 02. Feature-rich dashboard with a seamless user interface for convenient banking
  • 03. Track and manage all your finances anytime, anywhere
  • 04. Customisable dashboard for setting up shortcuts for frequently used features
  • 05. Targeted features for your unique requirements
  • 06. Set your own transaction limit and experience an added level of security

Documentation and Eligibility for Savings Account

Documentation & Eligibility

  • PAN Card and Aadhaar Card for the account opening process
  • Indian resident of any age group

Schedule of Charges

To know about service charges for Savings Account click here

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Savings Account FAQs

What is a Savings Account?

A Savings Account is a fundamental financial product offered by ICICI Bank, designed to help individuals save and grow their money. With ICICI Bank Savings Account, customers can experience the convenience of easy access to their funds, competitive interest rates and a range of Digital Banking services. Start your journey towards saving money with ICICI Bank Savings Account today.

How to open an ICICI Bank Savings Account online?

To open an ICICI Bank Savings Account online, follow these simple steps -

  1. Click here to apply for an ICICI Bank Savings Account online.
  2. Keep your Aadhaar Card and PAN Card handy
  3. Complete your KYC.

What are the documents required to open a Savings Account online?

The following documents are required to open an ICICI Bank Savings Account online:

  • Aadhaar Card or e-Aadhaar letter issued by the Government of India
  • PAN Card.

What are the interest rates for ICICI Bank Savings Account?

ICICI Bank ensures competitive returns on your deposited funds. With a focus on financial growth and increased savings, we offer attractive interest rates from 3% to 3.50%. By opening a Savings Account with ICICI Bank, you can enjoy the benefits of reliable and secure banking.

What is the minimum balance required to be maintained in ICICI Bank Savings Account?

ICICI Bank Savings Account provides an easy way to save money and offers a fixed rate of interest. A minimum balance of up to Rs 10,000 per month is required to be maintained in ICICI Bank Savings Account.

How is the Minimum Monthly Average Balance (MAB) calculated?

The Monthly Average Balance (MAB) is calculated on a simple average of EOD balances for a calendar month. The MAB is calculated by adding the closing ledger balance of the account of each day from the start of the month to the end of the month. Then the total sum is divided by the number of days in that month.

What is the eligibility for opening a Savings Account?

ICICI Bank Savings Account is available for resident individuals aged between 18 years and 60 years.

Can I get a chequebook after opening a Savings Account?

Your chequebook will be issued only upon request after you have successfully completed your KYC verification. You can request for a chequebook by logging in to ICICI Bank Internet Banking or the iMobile Pay App.

  • iMobile Pay app: Go to Services > Chequebook Services > Issue Chequebook
  • Internet Banking: Go to Bank Accounts > Accounts > Chequebook request

Is PAN Card mandatory to open a Savings Account?

Yes. PAN Card is mandatory to open your ICICI Bank Savings Account.

Will I receive a Debit Card after opening a Savings Account?

Yes. You will receive a Debit Card at your registered address once your account is successfully opened.

How do I register for Internet Banking and Mobile Banking services?

Once your Savings Account is successfully opened, you can log in to the iMobile Pay App, set your 4-digit passcode and start exploring. For Internet Banking, you can generate your password with the User ID which was provided to you after opening the Savings Account.

How to update Mobile Number in my ICICI Bank Savings Account?

You can update Mobile Number through any of the following modes:


Visit any ICICI Bank ATM > Select ‘More options’ > ‘Register your mobile’ > Enter the mobile number. Your mobile number will be updated in 1 working day.

ICICI Bank Branch:

Visit any ICICI Bank Branch along with your original photo ID proof. Once the request is placed, your mobile number will be updated in 2 working days. To locate the nearest ICICI Bank Branch, visit

We have discontinued mobile number registration/ de-registration/ modification through our Customer Care and Internet Banking due to security reasons.

How to generate Internet Banking password for my Savings Account?

You will be able to place a request for the generation of Internet Banking Password through any of the following modes:

Internet Banking:

You can generate your password at > Click on ‘Internet Banking’ (Bottom of the page) > Get started > I want my Password

Customer Care:

You may place a request by calling our Customer Care between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. from your registered mobile number.

ICICI Bank Branch:

Visit any ICICI Bank Branch along with original photo ID proof. To locate the nearest ICICI Bank Branch, visit

What is Savings Account Portability?

You can request to transfer your Savings Account from one ICICI Bank Branch to another through Internet Banking, iMobile Pay, Customer Care or by submitting a written request at any ICICI Bank Branch.

What is FATCA declaration?

FATCA stands for Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. As per regulatory guidelines, all banks have to collect FATCA from every customer who opens a Savings Account. FATCA came into being to combat tax evasion and to ensure strict adherence to tax rules. Its main objective is to identify and prevent offshore tax avoidance by the US citizens or residents.

How do I access my Virtual Debit Card on the iMobile Pay App?

  • Click ‘Debit Card’ on the Home Page
  • Get the details of your Virtual Debit Card
  • Select your Card and click on ‘Manage All Services’.

Why do I have to add a nominee for my account?

It is important to add a nominee for all your assets so that the assets reach the right person in case of your death. The nominee you select must be a reliable person who can take care of the asset. Below are the rights of the nominee:

  • He / She has no right over your money unless specified in the will
  • A Nominee is a mere custodian
  • He / She is the contact person for the account, in case the account holder is not reachable or in event of the account holder’s death
  • The nominee directs the court on how to go about the account in case of the account holder’s demise
  • At the time of claiming the deposit, the nominee will have to provide identification proof
  • If the nominee is a minor, the guardian will sign on his/her behalf. We require the nominee’s and the guardian’s name, address and photograph.

What is the process to convert a minor account to a major account?

Visit any ICICI Bank Branch with the originals and copies of the following documents to make this transition seamless:

  • Identity/Address proof: Valid Passport/ Aadhaar Card/ Driving Licence/ Voter ID/ NREGA job card
  • Recent passport size colour photograph
  • PAN Card/ Form 60

What is a Dormant Account?

As per regulatory guidelines, if an account remains inoperative for more than 2 years without any transactions carried out by the customer, it will be classified as a ‘Dormant’ Account.

The following signs indicate that your account is dormant:

  • You are unable to transact at ATMs or through Internet Banking and Phone Banking
  • You are unable to initiate requests to change important account details such as residential address, e-mail ID and contact number
  • You are unable to renew ATM Card/ Debit Card
  • You are unable to get chequebooks/ deliverables issued.

Here is how you can reactivate your dormant account:

Step 1: Visit any ICICI Bank Branch and submit the duly filled and signed Re-KYC form

Step 2: Provide your original address proof (Voter ID/ Driving Licence / Valid Passport / NREGA Job Card/ National Population Register (NPR) Smart Card/ Aadhaar Card) along with original PAN Card or Form 60

Step 3: Initiate a transaction to activate your account.