Compare FD Vs RD Vs iWish

iWish is a flexible recurring deposit that allows you to save for your wishes as and when you have the funds and lets you earn better interest rates just like a regular deposit.



What makes iWish smarter than a Regular Fixed Deposit and Recurring Deposit?


Recurring Deposit
iWish- Flexible
Recurring Deposit
What is it? One time fixed
Regular but compulsory
investment in small amounts
Regular investment with
flexibility to save large or small
amount as per availability
Do I save for a wish?
Can I track my progress?
Minimum deposit
10,000 500 500
Next Deposit amount Not allowed Multiples of 100 Any Amount
Next deposit date NA Fixed date
every month
Any time
Penalty for not depositing
any month
Number of deposits
allowed every month
NA One on a fixed
date only
Any number
of times
Duration 7 days - 10 years 6 months - 10 years 6 months - 10 years
Interest rates* 4.00% - 7.10% 5.75% - 7.10% 5.75% - 7.10%
Difference in Interest
For a particular tenure, interest rate is same in all three products.
Can I save for multiple


*Subject to revision without further notice. Click here for the updated rates.