Child Education Plan : Get Started for a Bright Future

Make small contributions to a Recurring Deposit for a short period and receive regular payouts for the rest of the tenure in your child’s Youngstar Savings Account.

Investments and Returns

Child is in kindergarten – Invest for the next 5 years and your child’s primary education will be taken care of.

Child in Secondary School – Invest Rs. 3, 700/ month for the first 6 years in a decade-long plan. Get an annual payout of
Rs. 1, 02, 434* for the next 4 years and fulfil your dream of seeing your child graduate from a great college.


Open an Account singly in the name of the minor under the guidance of a natural or court-appointed guardian.

Investment Phase

Invest a small monthly amount of Rs. 500 initially and thereafter multiples of Rs. 100 and watch it grow! The minimum tenure of this phase is 3 years and multiples of 3 thereon. Deposit cash, cheque or leave Standing Instructions to make banking easier.


*As per prevailing interest rates on January 08, 2010.

Benefit Phase

Earn interest on the money accumulated in the Investment Phase and receive regular equated payouts directly into the child's Youngstar Savings Account.  Minimum tenure of this phase is 12 months and multiples of 1 thereon.

Other Features

Avail of easy loans against your deposits, premature withdrawal and closure and non-applicability of TDS.


Get the contracted rate of interest in both the phases, with  a quarterly or annual payout. earn the prevailing fixed deposit interest rates for the entire deposit period.


Nominate a single nominee to your account proceeds, whether held solely or jointly. Applicants are required to fill a form prescribed under the Banking Companies (Nomination Rules), 1985.
For more details, visit your nearest ICICI Bank branch.