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1) I hereby confirm that I have read, understood, agree and undertake to abide by the “Invest@Ease Terms & Conditions” as applicable to Invest@Ease services set forth on the website*. I understand that access to any changes/updation in “Invest@Ease Terms & Conditions” applicable to these services would be available on

2) I hereby agree and understand that, upon my acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and upon my successful registration to Invest@Ease facility, my savings account, (“ICICI Bank Savings Account”), shall be linked to the Invest@Ease facility.

3) I confirm that my details as available with ICICI Bank such as PAN number, ICICI Bank Saving Account number and related information such as address details, contact details, nominee details and other information as may be required for enabling the Invest@Ease access (hereinafter “Personal Details”) are true and complete; and I consent to the same being shared with Know Your Customer Registration (KRA) agencies, Registrars and such other entities as may be required from time to time for the purpose of such registration, upon my acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

4) I understand and agree that the nominee for investments made through Invest@Ease shall be the same as the nominee, if any, specified by me in the ICICI Bank Savings Account; and in the event I require a different nominee to be maintained with the KRA and other authorities in respect to Invest@Ease services, the same shall be expressly indicated / communicated by me to ICICI Bank.

5) I understand and agree that ICICI Bank has the right to reject my request for availing the Invest@Ease services or terminate my registration with Invest@Ease (as the case may be), for any reason which ICICI Bank may deem fit, including but not limited to incomplete, insufficient, incorrect or misleading information maintained by me with ICICI Bank.
I further understand that, in case the KRA verification is declined, all transactions or investments done by me prior to completion of KRA verification, shall be redeemable on my discretion, at prevailing market NAV. My access to Invest@Ease platform shall be limited to redemption of investments done by me/us prior to completion of KRA verification until necessary rectification/s, if possible, are done by me by visiting a local branch of ICICI Bank.

6) I hereby acknowledge and agree that by availing the facility of Invest@Ease services, the Invest@Ease services shall be linked to my savings account held with ICICI Bank. All communications with respect to Invest@Ease services sent by ICICI Bank shall be sent at the communication details as available in ICICI Bank's records with respect to this linked ICICI Bank savings account, unless otherwise specified by ICICI Bank from time to time.

7) I hereby undertake to keep ICICI Bank informed of at all times, of any change /alteration in my Personal Details furnished under the saving account / ICICI Bank Account form to ICICI Bank and authorise ICICI Bank to update any change / alteration in my Personal Details that ICICI Bank may be informed of by me and/or is brought to the notice of ICICI Bank and hereby authorise ICICI Bank to contact me on such changed/altered particulars. I shall be solely responsible to ensure that ICICI Bank has been informed of the correct Personal Details for communication and other purposes. However, I understand that any updation of my Personal Details made by me to ICICI Bank, shall not be updated for the purpose of Invest@Ease with the relevant authorities, unless otherwise specifically communicated by me to ICICI Bank in this regard.

8) I agree to indemnify ICICI Bank against any fraud, loss or damage suffered by ICICI Bank due to any act or omission by me or due to my providing of any incorrect Personal Details or other information and / or failure on my part to communicate the change/alteration in the aforesaid particulars.

9) I agree to indemnify ICICI Bank against any fraud or any loss or damage suffered by ICICI Bank due to my providing of any incorrect particulars and / or failure on my part to communicate the change/alteration in my aforesaid particulars.

10) I declare that all and any instruction given by me to ICICI Bank to transact business on my behalf and my use of the Invest@Ease services made available to me by ICICI Bank, shall be in due accordance and conformity with the applicable laws and regulations as may for the time being be in force.

11) I understand that I will be able to transact only those MF schemes which are registered with CAMS and / or such other registrars whose MF schemes may be offered by ICICI Bank through Invest@Ease platform from time to time. For the purpose of transacting with any MF scheme other than those made available to me on the Invest@Ease platform, I will be required to visit a local branch of ICICI Bank.

12) I understand that in the event I no longer wish to avail the facility to transact through Invest@Ease, I may request for termination of the said facility by approaching a local branch of ICICI Bank.

13) I understand that prior to terminating Invest@Ease services being availed by me I shall be required to either redeem all the mutual fund units availed through Invest@Ease services or convert the folios created through Invest@Ease services into offline folios as per applicable process.

14) Any tax implications arising out of any transactions entered in to pursuant to these Terms & Conditions or the Invest@Ease Terms & Conditions would be as per the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961, or any modification or reenactment thereof. I agree and declare that any and all tax liability will be my sole responsibility. I shall execute and deliver to the Bank, from time to time such other documents as may be specified by the Bank for compliance or updating of records if any. I have read and understood all the terms & conditions applicable to me and including those excluding / limiting your liability.

15) I have read and understood the charges as specified in the Tariff guide with the Invest@Ease Terms & Conditions available on the website of ICICI Bank. I agree and understand that these charges are subject to change from time to time and shall be updated on ICICI Bank's website only.

16) I hereby understand that by registering for Invest@Ease services, I am not provided any advisory services and all the investment decisions shall solely be mine.

17) I hereby understand that mutual fund investments are subject to market risks and that I shall read the relevant offer documents carefully before making any investments.

18) I understand that any matter/dispute with respect to nomination and/or deceased claim with respect to mutual fund units shall be settled by me directly with the concerned Asset Management Company / Mutual Fund without any reference to ICICI Bank.

19) With effect from October 1, 2013, ICICI Bank has Opted Out of transaction charges for all Mutual Fund schemes. Hence no transaction charges will be levied on purchases of any Mutual Fund products. Consequently, the respective Asset Management Companies (AMCs) will issue Mutual Fund units equivalent to the full subscription amount to the investors. The above changes are effective for both online and offline transactions initiated on or after October 1, 2013.

20) I understand and agree that, for the purpose of all the transactions made by me/us within one day from the date of me/us raising the Invest@Ease registration request, the NAV of transaction day may not be applicable; and in such cases, NAV of the next working day after the transaction day shall be applicable.

*Please click here to refer invest@ease Terms & Condition on the ICICI Bank’s website


THIS LETTER OF AUTHORITY is made by me with respect to my held ICICI Bank account.

In Favour of ICICI Bank Limited, a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956, and licensed to act as a banking company under the Banking Regulation Act, 1949, having its registered office at “Landmark”, Race Course Circle, Alkapuri, Vadodara, India - 390 007 and Corporate office at ICICI Bank Tower, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra, Mumbai - 400 051 (hereinafter referred to as “ICICI Bank”,which expression shall, unless repugnant to the meeting or context thereof be deemed to mean and include its successors and assigns).
WHEREAS I am desirous of availing of the 'Invest@Ease' services offered by ICICI Bank which shall inter alia enable him/her to place investment request or deal in any other manner in various investment products / services like mutual funds, gold, life insurance and general insurance, including but not limited to any other security or financial instrument (hereinafter referred to as 'Purpose'), that are distributed by ICICI Bank in its capacity as an Intermediary / Referrer/ Distributor/ Corporate Agent of such Mutual Funds / Asset Management Companies / Insurance Companies / Any other Third Party Companies / entity. In consideration of ICICI Bank providing Invest@Ease services and in accordance with the “Terms & Conditions governing ICICI Bank's Invest@Ease Services”, I hereby appoint ICICI Bank as my Mandate Holder/Authority Holder and confer upon it the powers hereinafter stated.,
THEREFORE, THIS LETTER OF AUTHORITY WITNESSETH that I hereby nominate, appoint and constitute ICICI Bank as my true and lawful Mandate Holder/Authority Holder to do, execute and perform or cause to be done, executed and performed, the following acts, deeds and things or any of them for and on my behalf namely:

  1. To submit applications / other relevant documents for the various investment products / services , as instructed by me, including but not limited to, mutual fund, gold, life insurance, units of any collective investment scheme or any other security or financial instrument issued by any Mutual Funds/ Asset Management Companies (“AMC”)/ Life Insurance Companies or such other relevant entity.
  2. To do all such things that are incidental to the Purpose.
  3. To have first and paramount lien on my ICICI Bank Savings Account linked with Invest@Ease or any Bank Account(s) as may be instructed by me and to exercise such lien in the event of any loss suffered/costs incurred on account of any transaction done/executed by ICICI Bank on my behalf for the Purpose, or due to any misuse of the Invest@Ease platform by me or any other act or omission, as may be applicable.
  4. To share the details of my Bank Account(s) to a third party service provider or to any of the affiliates/subsidiaries of ICICI Bank by virtue of I using/subscribing to any of the facilities/services provided either by ICICI Bank, or through a third Party service provider or to any of the affiliates/subsidiaries of ICICI Bank.
  5. To do all such acts, deeds and things as may be necessary for or incidental to provision of services and facilities to me including giving intimations, confirmation, undertaking etc on my behalf.
  6. To appoint or remove any agents or substitute or substitutes with all or any of the powers herein contained in order to enable such agent of substitute(s) to exercise all or any of the powers given by me to ICICI Bank.
  7. To retain all originals of documents executed by me.
  8. AND GENERALLY to do or cause to be done every other acts, deeds, matter or things as ICICI Bank may deem necessary or expedient for the purpose of or in relation to these presents. I hereby ratify and confirm and agree to ratify and confirm all that ICICI Bank or any of its officer or officers shall do or cause to be done in or concerning the premises by virtue of these presents. I hereby agree and confirm that this Letter of Authority shall be cancelled or revoked only upon furnishing an advance written notice of 30(thirty) days to ICICI Bank. These documents shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts in Mumbai.