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Interest Rate and Charges

Type of Credit facility Interest Rate and charges applicable
Cardless EMI Interest Rate 9.49% to 19.95%
Processing Fee Nil
Service Charges
Repayment Mode Swap Charges ₹ 500/- per transaction
Amortization schedule charges ₹ 200/- per transaction
Statement of Account Charges ₹ 200/- per transaction
Prepayment or foreclosure statement charges ₹ 100/- per transaction
Duplicate No Objection Certificate / No Due Certificate ₹ 100/- per schedule
Pick up charges ₹ 500/-
Cash transaction charge for repayment of EMI dues at Branches ₹ 100/-
Penal charges
Prepayment Charges 5% on principal outstanding
EMI Bounce Charges ₹ 500/- per bounce
Penalty/Additional Interest on late payment 24% per annum
Non Maintenance of Mode of Payment charges (NMMP) ₹ 800/- (Charges levied on monthly basis if loan repayment mode is inactive / irregular)
Legal & incidental charges Incidental Charges are those expense that are not budgeted or specified but are incurred by ICICI Bank Limited on behalf of the Borrower. At Actuals.


  • GST and other govt. taxes, levies, etc. applicable as per prevailing rate will be charged over and above these charges at the discretion of ICICI Bank Limited.
  • Specific interest rate applicable to a customer would be dependent on segment, asset category, brand and schemes provided by Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs) and tenure,
  • The charges or fees given in above table are subject to change and the one recorded in agreement will be binding over the site.
  • ICICI Bank reserves the right to revise the rate of interest and processing fee from time to time, at its sole discretion.
  •  * or such other amount as may be specified by ICICI BANK LIMITED from time to time plus applicable taxes and other statutory levies

Interest Rate Range for Jan 2023 to Mar 2023:

Type of Credit facility Minimum Maximum Mean
Cardless EMI 9.49% 19.95% 15.36%

Note: Mean rate = Sum of rate of all loan accounts/number of all loan amounts

Annual Percentage Rate

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is a method to compute annualised credit cost which includes interest rate and processing fee.

The APR calculator does not include charges such as prepayment charges, etc.

To calculate the same, please click here to download the APR calculator.