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Quick tips for using your ICICI Bank Forex Prepaid Card better


  • Some of the ATM acquirers charge additional transaction fees for using their ATM. Please check this before usage
  • While withdrawing cash or checking balance at ATM please select “Credit/Checking” as an option of account
  • Most ATMs have the facility to check the balance and withdrawal option in the local currency other than base currency. Hence, there can be cross conversion charges applicable if such option is chosen
  • Once you receive the card, please sign on the reverse of the card immediately
  • If you happen to lose your card, report the loss by calling our 24-hour Customer Care immediately
  • SMS alert facility is available only for Indian GSM mobile phone numbers. To receive transactional alerts while abroad, you need to have International roaming facility on your number
  • Retain the customer charge slip copy with you, provided by merchant in case any swipe transaction was canceled or reversed by merchant. This can be in the event of merchant has canceled the transaction, rejected, account verification or pre-authorization


Before travelling please ensure various functionalities are enabled and their transaction limit is set


The path for enabling the same in the following is:-


  • i-Mobile – Cards & Forex > Forex Prepaid Cards > Transaction Settings > Enable Tap & Pay / Online Transactions
  • Internet Banking – Cards & Loans > Forex Prepaid Cards > Transaction Settings > Online / Tap & Pay Transactions
  • Non-ICICI Bank Customers - They can enable online transactions through self-care portal. To know more refer online account management section.
  • * ATM and Merchant outlet transactions are auto enabled


  • Do not transact with your Forex Prepaid Card for making purchases via Telephone/mail or in any other card not present situation. Do not use your Forex Prepaid Card for pre-authorisation/ initiating a rental at the time of checking-in at hotels
  • Please do not refresh/close the window while the transaction is in process during online transactions
  • Please do not share your ATM and Web PIN or any other information related to your Forex Prepaid Card to anyone, also do not write such information anywhere on your card or on any document
  • Do not keep your replacement card along with primary card for safety reasons
  • Do not handover your Forex Prepaid Card, or disclose your PIN to any third party or any person under any circumstances
  • Please do not use your card on merchant outlets who opt for DCC - (Dynamic currency conversion) option at the time of settlement of your bills while swiping Forex Prepaid card. Please ask merchant to settle the transaction in the currency loaded on your Forex Prepaid card
  • Kindly do not allow merchant to swipe the card in your absence, card should be swiped at your presence on the counter
  • In case you are using your chip card for transaction at merchant outlet, and if they are swiping the card rather then dipping into the slot . Please ask them to dip the card into the machine not to swipe

Other useful information

  • What needs to be done in case Hotel/Car Rental merchants take a Pre-Authorization? Hotels/Car Rentals before check-in/renting services etc, take a pre-auth on your card. A Pre-Authorization is essentially blocking of certain amount on your card. At the time of checking out of the hotel/settling the bill, you should:
    • Ask the executive to settle the final bill against the pre-auth that was taken
    • Ask the executive to cancel the pre-auth (credit back the amount) that was taken and settle the bill by taking an authorization for the actual bill amount
    • In the event of the Merchant not reversing back the amount, ICICI Bank would credit back the amount immediately on 31st day
    • We recommend do not use your Forex Prepaid card for pre-authorisation
  • What needs to be done in case unsolicited / un authorized transactions are found on your card?

    In the event of lost/stolen of card or if some un authorized transactions are found then you are requested to call ICICI Bank Customer Care, and immediately block your card to avoid any further misused of your card. Unauthorized transactions can be disputed within 90 days from the date of transaction by calling on customer care. Investigation process and analysis of the same will be completed in 120 days from the date same was reported to the bank. For the purpose of completion of the investigation and analysis customers are requested to available in India and should be ready with all necessary documents mentioned by Bank time to time.
  • For any unsettled POS (swipe) transaction, amount will be released on 31st day
  • For any unsettled ECOM transaction, amount will be released on 31st day
  • For any unsettled ATM transaction, amount will be released on 11th day

Contact Us:

  1. If your Forex Prepaid Card gets stolen/lost
  2. If your card does not function and you need a replacement card
  3. To report dispute/unauthorised transactions
  4. To generate a new ATM/Web PIN.

Please call our 24-hour Customer Care Number +91 22-3366 7777, or send us an e-mail through “E-mail Us” option at


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