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Trade Online

Use Coupon Code:

iPhone XS Copy Code

Offer period: Till Dec 31, 2018

Offer Expired

Transact, win and be delighted!

Experience fast and convenient trade transactions through ICICI Bank Corporate Internet Banking platform, Trade Online (TOL) and win special rewards like never before!

Yes, you can win the latest and trendiest phone in the market:

A brand new iPhone XS is up for grabs!

Trade Online promo is a special reward winning contest where you can win guaranteed Paytm movie vouchers. Every customer who transacts for the first time through ICICI Bank Corporate internet banking or Trade online platform during the contest period will be rewarded a Paytm movie ticket voucher.

Yes, this is actually true!

To know more SMS TRADE to 5676766 or give a missed call to 92 0548 0548

All you have to do is simply:

  • Login to ICICI Bank Corporate Internet Banking
  • Select the transaction you wish to process
  • Input relevant details
  • Submit the transaction for processing

Contest period: October 15, 2018 to December 31, 2018 both days inclusive

Eligible transactions:

  • Inward remittance settlement through Corporate internet banking
  • BoE regularization through Trade online
  • Export bill regularization through Trade online

Winning Criteria:

iPhone XS

For customers doing the highest number of transactions under each category as follows:

  • 4 phones for Inward remittance settlement through corporate internet banking
  • 3 phones each for Bill of entry regularization and
  • Export bill regularization through Trade online

Paytm movie voucher

  • Rs 1,500 for every new customer activation on inward remittance through Corporate internet banking
  • Rs 750 for every new customer activation on (BoE) Bill of entry regularization/ Export bill regularization through Trade online.
  • Every customer activated for the first time on any of the above 3 transactions shall get a guaranteed Paytm movie voucher.
  • Further, if a customer is activated on 2 or more of the above transactions then he/she shall be eligible to receive multiple movie vouchers.
PrizeInward remittance settlementBill of entry regularizationExport bill regularization

Paytm Voucher

Rs 1,500

Rs 750

Rs 750

iPhone XS




Terms and Condition

These terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to and regulate the Trade Online Campaign launched by ICICI Bank.

1. Definitions

In these Terms, which expression shall include all amendments and modifications made thereto from time to time, the following words and phrases have the meaning set below unless the context indicates otherwise:

Account/s” for the purpose of this Offer shall mean retail current accounts with ICICI Bank Limited (“ICICI Bank”) of constitutions code starting with E, Q, A, J and T and includes all individuals, proprietors, partnerships, private limited companies, public limited companies and others.

Transaction/s” shall mean transaction processed through Trade Online platform or Corporate Internet Banking platform.

Trade Online (TOL)” platform shall mean ICICI Bank’s internet banking platform for current account customers to do trade transactions online.

Corporate Internet Banking (CIB)” platform means internet banking platform for current account customers of ICICI Bank.

Customer/s” for the purpose of this Offer (defined later in the Terms) shall mean a person/ entity/organization who holds an Account and who has received communication from ICICI Bank by way of direct mailer/ e-mailer/ SMS/ Net Banking or any other mode with respect to the Offer.

Eligible customer/s” shall mean Customers who have not done inward remittance settlement through CIB, bill of entry regularization through TOL, Export bill regularization through TOL and are executing these transactions for the first time through CIB/TOL platform.

Offer Period” shall mean the period from Oct 15, 2018 till Dec 31, 2018 (both dates inclusive).

Primary Terms and Conditions” shall mean the terms and conditions applicable to Current Accounts as available on the site and as intimated to the Customer/s from time to time.

2. The Offer

  • Offer means as follows:
    • PayTM movie ticket voucher of Rs 1,500 for Eligible Customers doing inward remittance settlement through CIB for the first time during the Offer Period.
    • PayTM movie ticket voucher of Rs 750 for Eligible Customers doing bill of entry (“BoE”) regularization and/or export bill regularization through TOL for the first time during the Offer Period.
    • Iphone XS mobile phone for top 4 Eligible Customers doing highest number of inward remittance settlement through CIB with a minimum threshold of 5 inward remittance settled online within the Offer Period.
    • Iphone Xs mobile phone for top 3 Eligible Customers doing highest number of BoE regularization through TOL with a minimum threshold of 5 BOEs regularized through TOL during the Offer Period.
    • Iphone Xs mobile phone for top 3 Eligible Customers doing highest number of export bill regularization through TOL with a minimum threshold of 5 export bills regularization within the Offer Period.

3. Eligibility Criteria: .

  • In case there is a draw between Eligible Customers and/or Customers for the highest number of Transactions, the winner of the Offer shall be declared as the one having the highest total value of Transactions.
  • Customer/s and Eligible Customer/s with 1st time activation in inward remittance, BoE regularisation and export bill regularization will be eligible for the Offer.
  • Customer/s of ICICI Bank who are also currently employees of ICICI Bank shall not be eligible to participate in the contest.
  • The Customer/s and Eligible Customer/s must have a registered mobile number/email id with ICICI Bank, to be able to avail the Offer. A Customer can register/update his/her mobile number/email id by visiting an ICICI Bank ATM or any ICICI Bank branch.
  • If a Customer’s and Eligible Customer’s mobile number/email id is not registered with ICICI Bank, then he/she will not be eligible for any of the participation prizes or rewards.
  • PayTM movie ticket vouchers will be shared over registered e mail id/ mobile number, within 30 days from the end of Offer Period.
  • Iphone Xs winners shall be also declared within 30 days from the end of Offer Period.

4. Terms and Conditions of ICICI Bank

  • Customers’ participation in the Offer and opening of Accounts by the Eligible Customers is entirely voluntary. It is further understood that the Accounts opened by the Eligible Customers is not solely for the purpose of the Offer benefits.
  • An Eligible Customer shall be entitled to receive Paytm movie ticket vouchers in each of the 3 categories i.e. inward remittance settlement, BoE regularization and export bill regularization.
  • Winners of Iphone Xs mobile phones however, shall be eligible only for 1 mobile phone each irrespective of the number of categories that they have been declared winners for.
  • The participation in the Offer shall be deemed to be acceptance of all the terms and conditions governing the Offer, including Primary Terms and Conditions.
  • The Offer benefits are subject to applicable Indian laws and such other terms and conditions as may be stipulated by ICICI Bank.
  • The Offer can be altered, modified or terminated any time at sole discretion of ICICI Bank without any intimation to the Customers and/or the Eligible Customers. The decision of ICICI Bank in this respect shall be final, conclusive and binding on the Eligible Customer.
  • ICICI Bank will not be liable in any manner whatsoever for any loss/ damage/ claim/ injury that may arise due to withdrawal or change in the Terms or Offer itself. ICICI Bank shall not in any way be deemed to be making any representation whatsoever about the usefulness of the Offer and shall not be responsible in any way whatsoever for the same.
  • If the vouchers/prizes are unavailable, then ICICI Bank, in its discretion, reserves the right to substitute the original prize (or that part of the prize) with an alternative prize, unless doing would be prohibited by law. No substitutions or exchange of the voucher/ prize, other than what is detailed in the communication allowed.
  • All images/visuals of the vouchers/ prizes in the communications are indicative only.
  • The Terms contained herein shall be in addition to and not in substitution/ derogation to the Primary Terms and Conditions governing the Account. However, in case of any inconsistency between Primary Terms and Conditions governing the Account/s and these Terms, these Terms shall prevail at all time.
  • ICICI Bank does not guarantee and make any representation about the usefulness, worthiness and/or character of the discount / benefit or of the merchandise under the Offer provided by the allied partner.
  • If the Customer/Eligible Customer ceases to hold an Account at any time during the Offer Period, all the benefits under the Offer shall lapsed with immediate effect and shall not be available to the Customer/Eligible Customer.
  • The vouchers/prizes are non-transferable, non-binding and non-encashable.
  • The vouchers/prizes issued cannot be clubbed with any other offer that may be made available to the Customer/s/s by the allied partner.
  • Any tax or other liabilities or charges payable to the government or any other statutory authority/ body or any participating establishment, which may arise or accrue to the Customer due to provision of the Offer, shall be to the sole account of the Customer.
  • ICICI Bank is neither liable nor responsible for products and/or services being provided under this Offer.
  • Any disputes in respect of the said Offer shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of courts at Mumbai and with applicable laws being the Indian Law.

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