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Debit Card Navratri Offer – Free Rs. 1000 Central voucher

Use Coupon Code:

₹1000 Copy Code

Offer period: Till Sep 29, 2017

Offer Expired

Daily top 700 customers with minimum daily spends of Rs. 5000 using ICICI Bank Debit Card will get free Rs. 1000 Central voucher.

Offer details:

  • Top 700 spenders per day will get the voucher.
  • Offer valid between 21 September – 29 September, 2017.
  • A customer can qualify only once during the campaign period
  • ICICI Bank authentication time stamp will be considered as transaction time
  • Charges for insurance, extended warranty, gift tax, customization and other regulatory charges or levies to be borne by the customers
  • Fuel purchases, insurance/ mutual fund payments and tax payments will not be considered
  • ATM withdrawals, wallet upload transactions through cards, void transactions will not be considered as valid spends during the campaign period

Minimum Daily spends Rs.5000 using ICICI Bank Debit Card & be among top 700 spenders to win voucher of Central worth Rs.1000

Offer period: September 21, 2017 to September 29, 2017

Registration is mandatory to avail this offer. To register, please give a missed call on 0803063615408030636154

Terms and Condition

I. Definitions

  • For the purpose of these terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions"):
  • "Card" shall mean a Debit Card, which has been issued by ICICI Bank with ICICI Bank Savings and Current Account opened during the Program Period, and is valid and subsisting during the Program Period.
  • "Card Holder/s" shall mean such customer/s to whom a Card has been issued and who is authorized to hold the Card and who has received the communication of the Program from ICICI Bank with respect to the Program by way of direct mailer/ e-mailer/ SMS/notification or any other mode as per the discretion of ICICI Bank.
  • Daily Top 700 spenders get free Rs.1000 Central voucher for minimum daily spends of Rs.5000 - Maximum will be 1 voucher per customer per account.
  • "Program Period" or "Offer Period" shall mean period commencing from September 21, 2017 to September 29, 2017 (both days inclusive). "Retail Purchase" shall mean such purchase, which has been made by the Debit Card Holder/s by swiping the Card on any bank’s electronic data capture terminal or entering card details for making payments at online merchant payment gateway during the Offer Period. Cash withdrawals on ATMs will not be an eligible transaction for the program.
  • "Program" or "Offer" shall mean Retail Purchases done using ICICI Bank Debit Card to get the voucher as mentioned above.
  • “Daily 700 highest spender” shall mean Daily 700 highest spender (in terms of amount spent on ICICI Bank Debit Card) will receive Central voucher worth Rs.1000.
  • "Program registration" or "Offer registration" shall mean the activity of indicating interest in the offer by giving a missed call on 0803063615408030636154 - during the Offer Period through mobile number registered with ICICI Bank.
  • "Primary Terms and Conditions" shall mean the terms and conditions applicable to the Card in addition to these Terms and Conditions.
  • "Void Transaction" shall mean any transaction wherein the transaction has taken place but has been cancelled by the online Merchant prior to settlement with ICICI Bank

II. Program / Offer

  • The Offer is valid for select Debit Card Holder/s only who have completed Offer registration within Offer period.
  • Vouchers shall be given only for those who have registered for the Offer and made a made at least one Retail Purchases and met the offer criteria using ICICI Bank Debit Card within Offer Period.
  • The winners shall be announced within 60 days of the end of the Program Period
  • Upon the Card Holder/s fulfilling the offer requisites, as per the offer Terms and Conditions, the voucher will be sent to the customer email id linked to Debit Card within 90 working days of the end of the offer period.
  • A Cardholder will be entitled to only one Gift Offer corresponding to the total of Retail Purchases (POS or Ecom purchases) by the Cardholder during the Offer Period.
  • The Offer is applicable for the Primary Card Holder/s only and not valid for void transactions.
  • The offer is not valid with wallet upload, ATM cash withdralwa, Fuel purchases, insurance or mutual fund payments, tax payments will not be considered
  • Gift Offer is non-transferable, non-binding and non-encashable.
  • In case of a cancelled transaction, and post cancellation of transaction, the total Retail or Online Purchases by the Cardholder during the offer period becoming less the eligible spends as defined for each customer set, cashback would be debited from the cardholder’s account if cashback has been given already.
  • Acceptance of the cashback by the Debit Card Holder/s constitutes permission for ICICI Bank and its Affiliates to use the Debit Card Holder/s name, photograph, other details which are furnished to ICICI Bank, voice and comments for advertising and promotional purposes in any medium without being liable to pay any additional charges to the Debit Card Holder/s.
  • No queries will be entertained 90 days after the closure date of the Offer.

III. Other Terms and Conditions

  • The participation in the Program is entirely voluntary and it is understood, that the participation by the Debit Card Holder/s shall be deemed to have been made on a voluntary basis.
  • If the Debit Card Holder/s ceases to be the Debit Card Holder/s at any time during the currency of the Program, all the benefits under the Program shall lapse and shall not be available to the Debit Card Holder/s.
  • All disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts/tribunals of Mumbai.
  • All communication/ notices with regard to this Program should be addressed to "ICICI Bank Limited, ICICI Phone Banking Center, ICICI Bank Tower, 7th floor, Survey no: 115/27,  Plot no. 12, Nanakramguda, Serilingampally, Hyderabad – 500032, India.
  • In all matters relating to the Program, the decision of ICICI Bank shall be final and binding in all respects.
  • These Terms shall be in addition to and not in substitution/ derogation to the Primary Terms and Conditions governing the Debit Card of ICICI Bank. All capitalised terms used but not defined herein shall have the respective meanings ascribed to it in the Primary Terms and Conditions.
  • ICICI Bank shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for any loss/ damage/ claim that may arise out of use or otherwise of any goods/ services availed of by the Debit Card Holder/s under the Program.
  • ICICI Bank reserves the right to modify/ change all or any of the terms applicable to the Program without assigning any reasons or without any prior intimation whatsoever. ICICI Bank also reserves the right to discontinue the Program without assigning any reasons or without any prior intimation whatsoever.
  • ICICI Bank reserves the right to disqualify any Merchant Establishment or Debit Card Holder/s from the benefits of the Program if any fraudulent activity is identified as being carried out for the purpose of availing the benefits under the Program or otherwise by use of the Card at an ICICI Bank terminal.
  • The Program is not available wherever prohibited and/ or on merchandise/ products/ services for which such programs cannot be offered for any reason whatsoever.
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