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Sampanna Recurring Deposit

What is Sampanna Recurring Deposit?

Sampanna Recurring Deposit (RD) is an NRE Recurring Deposit scheme where you can invest a fixed amount of your earnings monthly to get a lump sum amount of INR 1 million on maturity.

Why Choose Sampanna Recurring Deposit?

Sampanna RD gives you a chance to increase your wealth and become a millionaire with small amount of instalments every month. Moreover, the interest earned is not taxable and the maturity proceeds are fully repatriable.


Features and Benefits

  • Easy funding of account: Monthly installment will be automatically debited from your NRE Savings account
  • Flexible monthly installments*: Instalment starting from INR 6300 to INR 81200


    Year Month
    0 3 6 9
    2 39600 34900 31200 28200
    3 25700 23500 21700 20100
    4 18700 17500 16400 15400
    5 14600 13700 13000 12400
    6 11800 11200 10700 10200
    7 9800 9400 9000 8700
    8 8300 8000 7700 7500
    9 7200 7000 6700 6500


    *These installment amount has been calculated based on the prevailing interest rate and are subject to change without prior notice

    • Flexibility of choosing tenure: Tenure can easily be selected and the instalment per month will be decided as per the tenure ranging from 1 year to 10 years and in multiples of 3 months
    • Easy movement: Funds are fully repatriable
    • Tax benefits: Interest earned is not taxable in India
    • Guaranteed interest rate: Your RD is locked with a fixed interest rate and the funds are protected from market fluctuations

To know more about the interest rate, please Click here

Documents Required

  • RD Opening Form
  • PAN / Form 60

How to avail the RD?

  • Existing customers
    Walk in to your nearest branch in India to avail of Sampanna RD.
  • New customers
    • Click here to open an NRI Account with us
    • Once your account opening request is processed, you can walk in to the nearest branch to avail of Sampanna RD.

Walk now in your nearest branch in India to avail Sampanna RD



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