Do's and Don'ts


  • Carefully check the IFSC code of bank and account number of beneficiary before making any payment.
  • Clarify any doubt you have regarding mRupee from the nearest mRupee agent or by calling customer care at 09222251111.
  • Inform customer care immediately if your phone has been stolen or if you have lost it.
  • View the confirmation SMS post any transaction to ensure the correctness. If you do not receive a confirmation SMS within 15 minutes of transaction inform the customer care.
  • Wait for 15 minutes before making repeated transactions to same beneficiary of same amount.
  • Check fee for any transaction, displayed in the stores of mRupee agent before making any payment.
  • Report any malpractice by mRupee agent to customer care center.
  • Verify the transaction amount and beneficiary details in all the SMS received. If the details are incorrect then please do not share the One Time Code (OTC) and inform the mRupee agent of the not-error for necessary correction. Once the OTC has been shared, it would be assumed that all details in relation to the transaction are correct and confirmed by the customer.


  • Don't leave mRupee agent till you receive an SMS confirming your transaction.
  • Don't sign any blank application form, to be filled in by an mRupee agent later.
  • Don't hand-over copies or original documents containing your personal information like date of birth, PAN number, address proofs, etc. to anyone claiming to be mRupee agent. Visit only authorized mRupee agent for any transaction.
  • Don't respond to any e-mails or phone calls that falsely claim to be from ICICI bank or from MMPL and ask you to disclose your personal and confidential details. We will never ask you to share your personal details other than mobile number, name and address.
  • You are not authorized to use any of the logos of mRupee and/ or ICICI logo in any manner.