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Infosys Smart Card

What is Infosys Smart Card?

Infosys Smart Card is a cashless and convenient payment mechanism for your day-to-day expenses in campus. To avail this facility:

  • Register your existing employee card for this facility online. Visit
  • Transfer money to the card using the SMS Top Up, web recharge or automatic top up options method detailed below
  • Use the card for payment at the listed merchant outlets

What is the benefit of using Infosys Smart Card?

The Card has many benefits, some of which are:

  • Hassle-free transaction: Make exact payment at the counter, no need to count money or tender change.
  • Flexibility of use: Use the card at any location for purchase without limit, at your convenience
  • Safe and secure: The money is loaded on your employee card and you shall receive SMS alert against each transaction on your registered mobile number.

Who can avail the Infosys Smart Card facility?

Existing Infosys employees with a valid employee card and an ICICI Bank Salary Account are eligible for the facility.

What type of transactions can be done using Infosys Smart Card?

Infosys employees can use the cards for making purchase transactions in the canteen and other designated outlets at various Infosys Delivery Centre (DC) locations.

Will I have to pay some transaction charges?

There will be no additional charges levied to the customer on usage of the card for making payments.

Is there any charge for registration?

There will be no charges for registration.

How can I register for Infosys Smart Card?

Step 1: Visit to access the registration form.

Step 2: Please enter Name, Employee ID, Infosys Smart Card number, location etc.

Step 3: Validate the transaction by entering your Debit Card number and ATM PIN.

The card will be registered for the service in real time and you will receive a confirmation SMS after successful registration. Post that, you can begin using your card for payments. In case you face any issues in registration, please contact the helpline.

How can I recharge my Infosys Smart Card account?

You can fund your account by either of the three methods:

SMS - MYCARD to 9222208888.

Web recharge- Login to the web portal with the Debit Card number of your registered Account and 4-digit ATM PIN. Go to Recharge option and enter desired amount.

You will receive a confirmation SMS on successful credit. Maximum load per transaction is ?5,000 and minimum load is ?10, for both the methods. Standard SMS charges shall be applied for SMS recharge method.

Flexible Auto top up- You can enable Flexible Auto Top Up for your Infosys Smart Card by selecting Flexible Top Up under Recharge Methods and entering a desirable threshold, top up amount. Whenever your Smart Card balance is below the threshold amount, a top up of the amount set as “Top up amount” shall be done. Equivalent amount shall be debited from your ICICI Bank Savings Account like other recharge methods. This top up transactions are automatic and you shall receive an SMS when the Smart Card is recharged.

If you wish to discontinue the services, you can disable the Flexible Auto Top Up option at any point of time.

How can I check my transaction summary and balance?

Login to the web portal with the debit card number of your registered account and 4-digit ATM PIN. Select transaction history from the menu and choose the date range (one month/ two months/ custom) as desired.

Which services can be accessed through Customer Care?

Customer Care will help you primarily with the following services:

  • Update mobile number for Infosys Smart Card if primary contact number has been changed in ICICI Bank’s records
  • Report and resolve other issues
  • Any issue with recharge, refund, withdrawal from the programme etc.

If it’s not possible to access internet and undertake the following activities, the Customer Care may help you to

  • Check balance
  • Check transaction summary
  • Block card

Call our Customer Care on 9972022223, 18604207091 or write to us at,   between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday.

What should I do if I lose my card?

Please login to the web-portal and go to ‘Block card’ options from the menu. Once the card is blocked, it cannot be used in future, unless unblocked.

Alternatively, if you are unable to access internet, please call Customer Care from your registered mobile number to block the card. The new card will be issued through Infosys Admin. Once you receive the new card, you need to login with the Debit Card number of your previously registered account and update the Smart Card number from the website. Please unblock the old card first and then update new Smart Card number. To update, select Update Smart Card number under ‘Update Profile’ option on the left side menu.

How can I transfer funds from blocked card to new card?

Once the new card number is updated in the web portal the card balance shall be automatically mapped to the new Smart Card. In case the update is not successful, please contact our Customer Care on 9972022223, 18604207091.

What needs to be done in case of a wrong purchase transaction?

You can get the erroneous purchase transaction reversed at the outlet on the same day through the card accepting terminal. Funds will be credited to your Infosys Smart Card on real time basis. Alternatively, you may contact Customer Care.

What needs to be done to block the card temporarily or permanently?

Please login to the website at and select block Card option from the left hand side menu. Unless unblocked by the user, the card shall remain in unblocked status. A confirmation message will be shown at the webpage.

I am getting the following error message – “Dear Customer, Mobile Number is not registered as Mobile Money Customer. In case amount is debited from ICICI Bank Account same will be refunded back in 1 working day.” What should I do?

  • Step 1: Check if the mobile number is registered with your linked ICICI Bank Account. If not, you can register your number in your ICICI Bank Savings Account at any ICICI Bank ATM using ‘Others’ option or visit nearest ICICI Bank branch to update primary contact number.
  • Step 2: If your number is registered and you are still receiving this message, then follow this simple process:
  • Login to ICICI Bank Internet Banking -> Under 'Funds Transfer' click on 'Generate/ Retrieve MMID’ for the ICICI Bank Account.

    Now you can use SMS Top-Up facility. The MMID generation is a one-time activity.

    I am getting the following error message – Your number is not registered for Internet Banking alerts”. 'What should I do?

    Your mobile number is not updated for Internet Banking alerts. Please update your mobile number by visiting the nearest ICICI Bank ATM/branch or call our Customer Care. Click here for ICICI Bank Customer Care numbers.

    I am getting the following error message – “Dear Customer transaction declined due to invalid remitter mobile number”. 'What should I do?

    Please re-register your mobile number by visiting the nearest ICICI Bank ATM. Once updated in ATM, it may take up to 2 working days. Post that, initiate a transaction, if the problem persists please contact the Smart Card helpdesk.

    Why am I being asked to enter my Debit Card number and ATM PIN during registration? Is it safe?

    To register for Smart Card facility, you are required to authenticate using your Debit Card credentials. This data is being used only for system authentication. It is safe as you are using it on the bank’s portal and the information is not stored.

    Please follow to avoid any misuse.

    For any concerns, disputes regarding the Infosys Smart Card referral campaign done between September 20, 2016 and December 31, 2016, please contact Smart Card helpdesk.