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  • Corporate Internet Banking

    Execute critical bank transactions instantly from your office locations with not time lags

  • Online Tax

    Pay Direct Tax and Indirect Tax Online conveniently.

  • Integrated Payment System

    ICICI Bank offers payment solutions that cater to all the requirements of a corporation

  • FXOnline

    Experience a real time platform with competitive forex rates

Corporate Care
Corporate Care

At ICICI Bank we are always committed to meet all your banking needs.

We have a large network of branches, dedicated Account Managers (AM) and Customer Service Managers (CSM) to meet all your requirements.

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General Banking

The Current Account product provides a host of services like Anywhere Banking in India (also anywhere in the world), which enables the customer to operate from any branch, provides for faster collection of upcountry cheques, doorstep banking which provides for delivery and pick-up of cash and documents, Internet Banking which enables online tracking of the account, execution of transactions and so on. Multiple variants of current accounts are offered by ICICI Bank to suit your specific requirements.

General features of Current Account include

  • Multi-location Funds transfer  
  • Anywhere deposit and withdrawal  
  • Mobile banking   
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Corporate Internet Banking  
  • Customer Care
  • Periodical e-mail statements in multiple formats, including MT940, Multicash, Excel, text, pdf, etc.

To know more, visit our FAQs Section.